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How much does it cost to install an invisible dog fence?

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Installing an invisible dog fence in your yard to keep your dog on your property

What exactly is an invisible fence, and why would you consider getting one installed in the first place?

An invisble fence is also known as an electric fence, or an underground fence, which is used in order to keep your dog in the garden, but without having to visually see something that sticks out of the ground. Some people may like it, others would rather not expose their dog to the electricity once it approaches the border it’s allowed to stay within.

Some of the benefits

dog lying down on a lawn

You may know that certain types of fences require more maintenance than others. One of the big advantages is that they are a lot less expensive than their alternative options. This is both when it comes to installing it, but it also means that you don’t have something in your garden which you need to be maintaining continuously. There’s staining and finishing, and if you look over the life-time of the fence you choose to go with, an invisible option will easily end up being cheaper.

Additionally, you don’t need to limit yourself in where you choose to use it. There are vulnerable parts of your garden which you may not which to have destroyed by a playful dog. One example could be your flowerbed.

A challenge you will be facing trying to install a traditional fence is that there may be parts of your garden that aren’t too easy to fence off, and traditionally when it’s hard to do, this is also when the cost racks up. An invisible solution will be easy to install anywhere you may want it.

Some people also don’t have the liberty to install a traditional fence, because their homeowner’s association isn’t being too cooperative. Well, with this option there won’t be any visual complaints, yet you can still keep your dog within the confinements of your property.

Disadvantages of this type of fence

If you have a dog at home, you have probably seen how eager they can get when they all of the sudden see a thing they’re truly attracted to, and your pet just seems to run as fast as it possibly can in the direction of the object. If you have a sizeable and determined dog, you also know that it takes quite a bit of force to stop your dog, and you probably figured that it means that the electrical current needed to get the job done will need to be significant. Not all homeowners want that, but chances are that your pet will learn sooner rather than later where it can and cannot go.

The way it in fact works is by having a wire installed in the ground that determines the perimeter the dog is allowed within. The amount of electricity that is given to your dog when it is testing the boundaries depends on how big it is, as well as its stubbornness level.

The Cost

PetSafe, High Tech and Havart are some of the companies that actually produce the invisible fence systems, and the cost to have it installed will depend on which one you choose, as well as the contractor who comes out to install it for you. The low end system may be installed for as little as $400, but if you opt to go for more extensive solutions, or maybe you have a big property, you may end up spending as much as $1,600, the average being somewhere in between those two numbers. As you can imagine, a contractor is likely to charge you on a per foot basis, since the amount of digging that needs to be done will directly correlate with the cost of installing it.

The more sophisticated systems may even communicate with a mobile phone application and give you a lot of information on your dog’s activity, when the batteries need to be changed, and more. If you’re wondering if you should go about installing the system yourself, you may want to reconsider, as it can take upwards of 16 hours to install it by yourself, and you may not have the tools to dig the required holes very quickly. If you do choose to get professional help for the task, make sure to request free quotes for the job. All you need to do is scroll to the top of this page. It won’t cost you a thing, and you’re not obliged to go with any of the contractors, if you are unhappy with the quote that you received.