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The Local Laminate Flooring Repair Contractors Near Me Can Fix Any Damages on Laminated Floors

Laminated floors give your home that beautiful, decorative and trendy look. But sometimes, due to the daily wear and tear, the laminated floors could get damaged. The good news is that there are professionals who specialize in the repair of all kinds of damages in your laminated flooring.

The laminated floors have gained so much popularity in the recent years. This is due to the various advantages that it gives to homeowners. Although the floor is made from synthetic materials, they have the same looks of natural wood and marble.

Unlike wood, however, the laminated floors will not require regular maintenance and care such as staining, waxing and oiling. The flooring material is known for its durability as well and it is resistant to dents. Some other brands of laminated floors also come with water resistant coating and therefore, they can be used as flooring for the bathroom or kitchen. But despite its superior quality, the laminated floors can also get damaged eventually.

Repairing Minor Scratches

Among the most common problems that you could encounter with your laminated floors are scratches. These scratches are usually a result of the dust and sand particles that will get into the floors. Moreover, heels of pointed shoes can also trigger scratches on the floor.

An easy remedy to minor scratches on laminated flooring is with the use of wax crayons. The crayons are usually created specifically for this purpose and you can get them in different shades and color and you can easily get them at your local hardware stores. You just make sure that you choose the right color that will complement with your existing floors.

Before you apply the wax crayons, make sure to clean the surface well and that it should be free from any dust and debris that could scratch the area, which will make things even worse. After removing the debris, apply the crayon on the affected area and you will see that the abrasions will slowly disappear. Make sure to clean the crayons that will spread outside the scratching with clean and dry cloth. You can also purchase a floor repair kit that contains a solution that can fix the scratches although the best solution is to hire local laminate flooring repair contractors near me.

Repairing Deep Scratches

Deep scratches could develop due to a repeated pulling of heavy objects right across the floor. The use of wheeled objects can also trigger deep scratches.

You can also make use of putty in repairing the damages. After this, clear off the dust from the area and fill the damaged portion with a generous amount of putty. Smoothen the area with the use of a putty knife. Wipe away any extra putty dough with the use of a clean and moist cloth and then rub the area off with water using a soft and dry cloth. Make sure that you keep the area untouched for at least an hour.

Repairing the Peaks

Peaks are developed because of the expansion of floor panels. This usually takes place as a result of the weather condition. Usually, peaks happen because of the prolonged use of the flooring. The best solution to this problem is to minimize the tension of the panel in order to have enough space to expand without the need to raise the level of the floor. You can then fix the peaks by taking the spaces that are found in between the wall of the floor and rooms. If there is not any spacer, take the panel out that is nearest to the wall and cut around half an inch on the width side and then put it back to its original position.

Special care must be observed in order to clear the laminated flooring with spots that are usually due to the spilling of liquids, such as molten candle wax, paints, etc. Improper cleaning techniques can also lead to bruise marks. The best option is to wipe the liquid off immediately. Or else, you may have to clean the marks with the use of warm water. A nail polish remover can work so well in getting rid of the paints. Wax and gums must be scraped off gently.

Other Common Problems with Laminate Flooring and How to Resolve Them

Attractive flooring can help to give your house an elegant look, no matter how simple the decorations are. One of the most elegant flooring materials today is the laminated floor. As mentioned, this flooring comes with so many advantages. Aside from being elegant looking, it is easy to install and it is highly durable as well.

But despite of its various advantages, there are also some problems that come with this flooring. Some people will not prefer laminate flooring since they know that this is not made from real wood, although it looks really like it.

First of all, laminate flooring is prone to moisture and this can lead to the distortion of the floor tiles. When installed on areas where there is too much exposure to water, the laminate flooring will have the tendency to get damaged. It could also warp due to pressure and heat.

The surface of the laminated flooring is also very smooth and this can make the surface slippery. One could slip and fall into it when walking especially if it’s wet. It also has a higher risk of becoming chipped.

High heeled shoes and sharp objects could also cause damages on laminate flooring and scratches could develop. Moreover, moving heavy furniture and appliances on the floor can also make the surface to develop so many scratches.

It has also been observed that laminated flooring could raise, most especially those on the corners. As mentioned, this is also called peaks. Changes on the weather can also lead to spoiling the laminated flooring.

Another downside of laminated flooring is that it cannot be sanded. Thus, you will not be able to refinish or sand it. The laminated flooring also has disadvantage over wood flooring since it has a much lesser resale value and has a much shorter lifespan. Improper installation and using low quality laminate can also lead to so many problems.

Tips To Avoid Problems On Laminated Flooring

It is also not advisable that you install laminated flooring on the bathroom, basement and laundry area. Moreover, you should not move heavy objects frequently on this kind of flooring. If there are any liquid or water spills on the flooring, it must be wiped immediately so as to prevent it from accumulating moisture. In order to avoid problems that are related to moisture, you should not clean the laminate flooring with wet mops and water.

A lot of manufacturers are also trying to find ways to make the laminated flooring less slippery. It is also highly advised that you cover the entire flooring with rugs as much as possible. It can also help to prevent falls and slips. There are also repair kits that you can use to repair laminated flooring that have damages. If the tension on the panels can be minimized, the peaks that will occur with the laminate flooring can be greatly avoided as well.

If you adhere to the simple tips in maintaining your laminated floors, then you can certainly make the tiles last longer.

The Local Laminate Flooring Repair Contractors Near Me Can Fix Any Damages on Laminated Floors

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