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The Local Lawn Irrigation Companies Near Me Can Install the Latest Lawn Irrigation Systems

Homeowners, especially those who live in the dry western areas of the United States, are increasingly concerned of the scarcity of water. This is the reason why the latest irrigation and sprinkler systems are designed to maximize water usage and minimize water wastage and runoff. The designs of these lawn sprinklers and irrigation systems have involved careful timing in order to prevent watering during the rain showers. A lot of these systems have also incorporated drip irrigation system for trees, vegetables and other vegetation.

To achieve an ideal irrigation system design, it is important that you understand the water supply in your area and understand the kind of climate that you have, including its size, shape and yard composition.

Water Supply

Before you hire the local lawn irrigation companies near me to design your ideal lawn sprinkler system, you must first determine the water pressure, size of water meter as well as the flow of water. If you will be using well water or another variety of pumped water, you must first determine the pump’s capacity. Intricate designs of lawn irrigation systems cannot help if you do not have enough water to irrigate.

You should be able to compute the water pressure with the use of a pressure gauge right after you ensure that no water is running outside or inside your house. You can also get in touch with your local water company to determine the water pressure. The size of the water meter must also be marked. Finally, calculate the flow of water by timing how long it will take to fill in a bucket with a capacity of five gallon.

Divide in 300 the number of seconds that it has taken to fill the gallons per minute. The general rule to follow for the design of the law sprinkle is 20 gallons per minute for every acre, so you need to make sure that there would be enough water flow in order to maintain healthy plants and vegetation in your lawn.


The irrigation systems on areas that have freezing temperatures usually make use of the polyethylene sprinkler tubing. On areas with warmer climates, the PVC might just be a much better choice. It is also a good idea to consider the local watering regulations when it comes to setting the timer on the overall design of your lawn irrigation or sprinkler system.

It is also a good idea to go for a sprinkler system that comes with timers that you can easily adjust each month, depending on the pattern of the weather. This can help to maximize water savings on your lawn irrigation system. The timers must be set to operate early in the morning right before midday evaporation will set in so as to avoid plant diseases that are often a result of evening watering.

Take a Measurement of Your Yard

A smart irrigation system design should account for landscaping, trees, patios and other structures, as well as the need to keep water far from your home foundation. Thus, it is important that the yard is measured carefully and the shrubs and pants must be sketched out, including all other features that could get in the way of the lawn irrigation system.

It is highly recommended that the sprinkler will come with sprinkler heads that will rise up above up to four inches above the lawn. This should allow you to keep the grass to stay taller without having to disrupt the sprinkler spray. Taller grass are also often much healthier and will therefore not require a lot of water.

Watering your Lawn Efficiently

As more and more people are becoming more aware of the impact of water wastage on the environment, the need to use water more efficiently has been on the rise. Using water efficiently when watering your lawn will not only save you money but is also good for the environment.

Unfortunately, a lot of homeowners tend to overwater their lawns, thus, the most important thing to do is to learn how much water our lawn will need and determine the best time and method to water. So how can you keep your lawns properly watered while still conserve water resources? This is where a lawn irrigation company can help you.

Another way to ensure that your lawn will get enough of what they need and to get them when needed the most is to install a lawn irrigation system or sprinkler system. If designed well, the system can help to prevent water waste and ensure that each and every area of your lawn will get enough water as it needs. The systems also help to promote water conservation efforts and help to make things easier for everyone to save water.

How to Determine the Moisture Level of your Soil

The goal of watering the lawn is to come up with deep and drought-resistant roots. Generally, the grasses will need about ¾ inch up to one inch of water each week in order to maintain its growth and color.

In order to check the level of moisture in your grass, it is recommended that you dig about 12-inch deep of wedge of soil from your garden or lawn. Then observe the amount of moisture and water the lawn only when the top six inches of the soil is dry.

Watering your Lawn Efficiently

Minimizing water waste by watering after every 15 to 30 minute session every other day instead of doing it in one long continuous session is one of the ways to efficiently water your lawn. The best time to water the plants in your lawn is between 5 am and 10 am.

During the afternoon, there is a tendency that water will be lost because of the wind and due to evaporation. Watering at night will also promote the growth of fungus that can destroy and kill your plants.  The second best time to water your lawn is between 6 am and 8 pm.

When watering your lawn, make sure that the sprinkler heads are adjusted properly. Check the sprinklers regularly and ensure that there are no clogs and that it is free from any tears or holes along the lines. Spread the water evenly all throughout the entire lawn. Sprinklers tend to vary the pattern of distribution and might require an overlap of spray in order to achieve a uniform coverage. Placing coffee cans or other straight-sided containers at the lawn can also help to measure the application rates of water.

You should avoid flooding your lawn or missing some spots. On heavy slopes and clay soil, watch out for excessive runoff. It might be necessary that you sprinkle water in various applications in order to achieve adequate amount of penetration.

Start watering your lawn as soon as the grasses begin to wilt and discolor. If you are not able to keep the grass stay green, water your lawn at least half an inch of water after every 7 to 14 days, so as to help keep the plants to stay alive even if they are dormant.

Some homeowners tend to collect rainwater from their roofs with the use of a barrel and other large container and will just keep it covered with a screen. They will then use the water to water the lawns.

The Local Lawn Irrigation Companies Near Me Can Install the Latest Lawn Irrigation Systems

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