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The Local Lawn Irrigation Companies Near Me Can Install the Latest Lawn Irrigation Systems

If you live in a part of the United States that is very dry, and where there are or have been limitations on the usage of water, you will also know the importance of using it efficiently, and not wasting anything. Because of this irrigation and sprinkler systems have been made so that you will get the most and best watering from the system you buy. You don’t want the water to evaporate or simply runoff. This is why you need to consult with local lawn irrigation companies near me to find out what system is needed for a property like yours.

For you to get the most out of your system, it needs to be make sure that it doesn’t water when it rains, because this might instead just lead to pools of water forming in your backyard. The system should also be designed so that it won’t water during times when it is likely to just evaporate. If you have a lot of trees, vegetables or other plants, there should be a drip irrigation system that works according to the patterns they require water in.

Watering and maintaining your yard and plants is a complex process that requires that you know the best practices for the climate you are in, and what plants need a lot of water, while others might only need a little.

Types of Systems

There are different systems for you to consider.

Soaker hoses

It is a simple system. All it does is spray water from the hose through the small holes along the hose. It does not account well for the fact that different parts of your yard may require different amounts of water.

Drip system

If you have different plantings that need different amounts of water, this is the most efficient way to get it done. While the soaker hose may get the job done, when it is a very simple process, the drip system will be tied to submain line, which acts as the main water hose dispenser. There will then be arms, that leave the submain line and at the end of those will be a valve that send out the appropriate amount of water for that specific type of plant or yard. Before the valve, there’s a backflow preventer that stop still water from going back into the system, as well as a pressure regulator.

If you have a soil that is full of clay, it is important to get a drip system that is able to dispense water at a lower pressure, since it takes a lot of time for the water to sync in to clay ground. If you don’t do this, you will simply end up wasting water as it will runoff.

The part that dispenses the water directly to the plant also varies according to your needs, and you have different types that include micro-sprayers, soakers, bubblers and drippers. Each system has its own purpose. The different options will dispense water at different rates.

Pop-up spray heads

These can either be adjusted to spray 1/4, 1/2 or a whole circle. The issue is if the water comes out of it faster than the soil can absorb it, you will be wasting water, which may very well be the case.


The development of better rotor systems means you can adjust the radius of the water that gets area, which can be convenient depending on where you place it. The advantage of the rotor over the pop-up spray head is that it rotates, thereby only spraying one area at a time, allowing the soil to better absorb all the water that is dispensed. Even if it is more efficient, it is still not quite as efficient as the drip system.

Devices that will help you save water

Some of the systems that will help you save water are the following:

  • Moisture sensors – if your soil already has all the water it needs, the irrigation system will not be turned on.
  • Manual hose bib timers – when your irrigation system has been on for a pre-determined amount of time, they will shut it off automatically.
  • Rain sensors – if it rains, it shuts off the irrigation.

Water Supply

Do you have access to enough water for the system you are thinking about installing? Local lawn irrigation companies near me will not only help you in designing the most effective system for your yard, but they can also help suggest solutions that increase your accessibility to water. People that rely on water that has been pumped from a well will need to figure out if there’s enough water in the well, and if the pump has the required specs to pump out the needed water. The supply of water is a crucial factor in getting an irrigation system that keeps your lawn nice and green.

Use a pressure gauge to measure the water pressure in your home. Start off by turning off any running water, both inside and outside, and then measuring it. You can also get the pro to do this for you, if you do not want to do it yourself. Doing it is pretty simple. You need to find a good size bucket that has volume measuring on the side. When you know the amount of water that can be inside of it, you now need to turn the water up as high as possible, and when it’s turned on completely start the timer as soon as you start filling the bucket. As soon as the bucket reaches its maximum capacity, stop the timer. If you have a 5 gallon and it takes you 10 seconds to fill it, you need to divide the size of the bucket by the number of seconds it took to fill up the bucket. In the case mentioned above, the water pressure is 30 gallons per minute.

The amount of water you will need depends on the irrigation system you have and the size of the place you’re trying to water.


The climate that is best depends on whether or not your area reaches freezing temperatures. If it does, it is best to get a polyethylene sprinkler tubing system. If your area never freezes, PVC is a better choice to go with.

Different areas will have different watering regulations on a local level. In order to ensure that you do not end up with a fine, make sure to check what the regulations are or ask the lawn irrigation contractor near me as they will know.

The good systems will allow you to set the timer depending on what month it is in, which may have a great effect on the weather patterns of your area, which eventually ends up meaning that you are going to be using less water. Ask your contractor for their recommendation on whether you should go with early morning watering or evening one instead.

Knowing the size of your yard

The size of your yard and the landscaping it has, including trees and vegetable garden will play a role in how the system will be designed, and how much it will cost. You might also know about the possible issues of watering too close to your home’s foundation, which you will want to avoid.

An accurate overview of your property including the different plants and their watering patterns is important to have an efficient system that won’t be wasting water or causing other unintended consequences. Creating an accurate sketch is therefore the first step the pro will take.

Watering your Lawn Efficiently

There are different factors that will help you water your lawn as efficiently as possible. One thing is to do it in intervals, if you don’t have a very sophisticated system. That way it will better allow the soil to soak the water. However, if you get a drip edge system, that should not be needed.

A lot of people recommend watering between 5 am and 10 am when there’s less wind and sun, which will not only make sure that the water isn’t blown off from the wind or evaporated from the sun.

If you water in the afternoon, you will lose quite a bit of water doing so. If you can’t water at night, do it between 6pm and 8pm to avoid the potential fungus that can happen when you water too late in the evening.

You should make sure to check that nothing has clogged up and that the water is dispensing the way it’s supposed to.

To make sure you don’t only get the right system installed, but that it is done at the right price too, go ahead and fill out the form at the top of this page to receive quotes and help from up to 4 local lawn irrigation companies near me. There’s no obligation once you get the quotes, and if you like one of the companies, you can sign with them at your discretion.