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Hire the Local Leaf Removal Services Near Me If You Have Problems Raking Leaves

You should consider hiring a leaf removal company for leaf removal services especially if you are having troubles in raking the leaves off your huge yard. But before you decide to hire a professional for this service, you must first find out how much it costs and what you can expect from it.

Autumn is definitely a nice change of pace after enduring the hot and long summer days. In various areas all over the world, the benefits of autumn includes having a cooler and more comfortable weather, which means more time in the outdoors picking apples and enjoying a game of football.

Of course, seeing the leaves changing its colors from greens to beautiful yellows, reds and oranges is a treat in itself. However, when these leaves start to fall, lawn care and maintenance can become a chore.

Raking leaves off your lawn is truly a time-consuming process and can leave you with a sore back and if you’re not lucky, you might end up with some blisters in your hands. A lot of homeowners will choose to sweat it out and will do the removal on their own. But if you do not want to go through the hassles, you might be better off calling the local leaf removal services near me.

Leaf Removal Companies are Efficient

A lot of the lawn care companies provide leaf removal services and most of them are truly efficient. One of the most common methods they use for lawn cleanup requires mobile vacuuming, where the professionals will run a powerful machine to remove even the tiniest leaf particles off your lawn.

These companies are equipped with the right equipment, such as a large vacuum, rakes and backpack blowers. They will efficiently rake off leaves in a tarp and will haul these away as well while also blowing window wells and beds.

Usually, the leaf removal specialists will blow the leaves into piles and with the help of high-powered vacuum, will rake them into a tarp in order to be hauled away with a trailer. Most of the leaves are being recycled to mulch at a later time or being placed into compost either at the company’s site or on other companies that specialize in the recycling of compost yard wastes.

Another option is to hire lawn care companies that will turn the leaves to fine mulch that will be left to stay in the lawn and will serve as compost.

Excess Leaves Can Kill Grasses

A lot of homeowners will require a straight fall clean up for their lawn and this means that the leaf removal company will go out late in the fall and will take all the leaves out. Others, most especially customers who will use the company for mowing services, might request for a progressive cleaning all throughout the fall season and this can include as much as eight rakings. Experts have suggested that it is a good idea not to let the leaves accumulate in the ground for too long.

Accumulation of leaves in the lawn could block sunlight and reduce the evaporation of water as well and will therefore lead to molds, fungus and other plant diseases. All these things could wipe out an entire lawn in just a year or two even if the lawn has been cleaned up in spring. And just like anything else, a healthy lawn could take a hit and bounce back, however, a stressed lawn can be sent through the edge with the leaves being allowed to accumulate there for a certain period of time.

Allowing the leaves to accumulate can lead to a reseeding during spring. Furthermore, wet and decomposing leaves can also serve as a breeding ground for insects and mosquitoes. There are also certain plant diseases that get recycled back to the plants as the leaves will start to decompose into the soil right at the base of the plant.

Cost of Hiring Leaf Removal Professionals

Some of the leaf removal specialists will charge a flat fee for removing leaves in your lawn. The flat fee will cover the cost to come out and make use of the leaf removal equipment. Some of the companies will also charge an hourly rate per worker. The typical cost of a 10,000 square foot lawn is at $45 per hour per person, plus disposal and hauling fee of about $50 to $100. The grand total will be around $300 to $375.

It is hard for these specialists not to get the exact estimate without seeing the job site since the volume of the ground will change too often. Usually, they are left open ended and some specialists will try to ballpark the numbers.

For most homeowners, some of the leaf removal companies will usually perform two cleanups, one before the Thanksgiving and another before Christmas. Those who wanted to achieve a perfect lawn will even have it done weekly, about seven to eight cleanups.

There are lots of lawn care companies that you can choose from these days, which offer leaf removal services. So it is a good idea that you take your time when looking for the right company to hire. Do not call the company before any of the leaves have fallen and do not just agree to an estimate base on the number of leaves that might fall. They must be able to provide free estimate when the trees have all become bare so they will be able to assess accurately all the necessary work involved.

The biggest benefit of hiring a pro for the leaf removal is on not having to do the task yourself, which saves you lots of time and hassles. The way that your lawn is left during the fall is how it will appear all winter long. As you know, winter is depressing enough without having to leave a pile of leaves that will appear after the snow has thawed. Aside from your lawn looking worse during the winter months, there are also several other issues that you could encounter in the following spring – damaged and dead grass, not to mention the higher cost of cleanup.

When you consider the cost and benefit of having a professional remove the leaves from your yard, it might seem like a relatively cheaper home improvement job. In general, there is really no long-term benefit of having the leaves taken out of your property. But you can definitely prevent lawn damage that could occur when the leaves start to rot. Removing the leaves from your yard can help to enhance the overall appearance of your home property, making it to become more attractive to any prospective buyers along the road.

You can also choose to have your leaves removed from time to time, or at least once in a year at the end of the fall. Depending on the number of trees and the type of trees in your property, you might need to have the leaves removed several times all throughout the entire year.

If the trees in your yard will not drop their leaves too often, then you can probably just have a single cleanup once for each year. To ensure that the job is done right, look for a company that has been in the business for many years.

Hire the Local Leaf Removal Services Near Me If You Have Problems Raking Leaves

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