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Pergola Ideas to Make Your Pergola Look and Perform Better

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Pergolas are a great addition to your outdoor space. They are usually made from real wood, which provides for a warm and welcoming ambiance. In addition, it shields you from the sun and gives you some privacy while you enjoy the great view outdoors. So if you are planning to build a pergola in your backyard, here are some great ideas to guide you through.

Design Ideas

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Whether used as a shade or as a structure, pergolas can certainly help to enhance the aesthetic looks of your outdoor space, while improving its functionality. They are available in different designs, colors, shapes and materials. It’s important that you choose the design that can best suit your needs, as well as your outdoor landscape. So here are some of the best ideas that can help you in designing your pergolas while bringing interesting character to your outdoor space.

  • Working with landscape – a lot of times, pergolas will always have a natural spot. However, there are certain landscaping elements that are also essential. Fortunately, the flexibility of the pergola designs will make it possible for you to tweak the design in order to best suit your needs and preferences. For instance, if you are planning to install it beside a tree, then you can consider building the roof around it. That way, the tree can also help to provide additional shade on your pergola.
  • Used as transitions – there are some designs that are more decorative than functional. For instance, if you have a seaside home, you can install the pergola in front, which will provide for a beautiful accent to the home’s front facade. The use of textural materials on the home exterior can be mimicked in the pergola. This design provides for a welcoming and softening transition between the house and into the deck areas.
  • Integrate with a deck or patio – you can have it to stand on its own, however, it can also work great if you integrate it with another structure, such as a deck or patio. The placement of the structure can help to delineate traffic zones from the seating area. The design can also come with a comfortable lounge area that can serve as a welcoming retreat after a hard day’s work. The use of built-in benches and outdoor couches is ideal for this design.
  • Hardscape use – pergolas are a great fit on expansive landscape designs, most especially if you integrate it well with your outdoor living space. For instance, you can fit it in a fireplace made of stucco. The massive beams of the pergola complements with the stucco used in building the fireplace. You can complete the casual look by installing casual seating that can serve as a defining edge of the structure.
  • Open and closed side – although most designs come with four sides that are open, you can make it more stylish by having one side closed. This design can also provide more privacy by increasing seclusion. You can have one or multiple sides closed, depending on your preferences. Consider the use of trellises to close one side, which is a great way to maintain its openness and connection to the outdoor landscape.
  • Hardscape transition – a great way to ease the transition from your house towards the hardscape amenities is by installing a pergola right beside your home. For instance, if you have a pool or kitchen outdoors, you can use the pergola to provide shade for these structures. You can space the roof boards as needed in such a way that it can fully shield the place from the sun’s harmful rays.
  • Used as accents – space constraints could limit how big or small the pergola that you can build for your outdoor space. But even if you will go for a smaller design, that should be enough space to provide your patio with a beautiful accent. If done right, it can also serve as an interesting backdrop to an ordinary looking home facade. Adding a trellis on one side can help to prettify the space even more and can serve as an interesting backdrop for the seating area.


covered porch

By definition, a pergola is a type of outdoor structure that does not come with any roof. Thus, the term “pergola roof” is a bit oxymoron. However, this idea no longer applies in this day and age where people have been looking for practical solutions to make their outdoor space as comfortable as possible. These days, you will find several different covering options for pergolas, and here are some of the best options you might want to consider.

  • Static fabrics or panels – one of the best options for pergola roofing is the use of clear plastic that is either made from acrylic, Plexi glass or polycarbonate. This cover rests just above the rafters and it can only protect you against the rain and nothing else. Since it’s transparent, sunlight can still shine through it. Moreover, dusts and debris that have accumulated up there can be visibly seen and could potentially affect the aesthetic value of the pergola. Nevertheless, this is an inexpensive covering option for those who live on areas that often receive rain showers. Depending on the plastic material that you will go for, this covering only costs less than $2 for every square foot.
  • Fixed roofing – fixed roofing is something that you cannot retract. This option is often made from a fabric that’s installed in a tension rod, stretched fully into the rafters. This covering keeps the space protected from the rain and the sun, most especially if you will go for the waterproof fabric. Unfortunately, this option also comes with some drawbacks. The fabric could accumulate too much water and this will cause the material to stretch out and will eventually get damaged. Yet, this is another inexpensive covering option that only costs less than $5 per square foot for high quality water resistant fabric.
  • Louvered roof system – the louvered roof system is made of metal and is well capable of protecting you from the rain and the sun, although it is not retractable. It can be adjusted by simply tilting the louvers, allowing you to easily open or close the covering. You will find this option in various home shops and since it is made from a durable metal, it could withstand the harsh weather outdoors. However, this durability also comes with a price. It is a bit too expensive, costing more than $20 per square foot and the contraption will require a full box frame, which makes it all the more expensive.
  • Roll retractable awning – these retractable awnings are among the most common and popular covering options for pergolas. In fact, the awning industry has presented the product to be an ideal choice for all your sun protection needs. It can be used as a covering to almost any kind of outdoor space. It’s easy to install and does not cost a lot of money.
  • Retractable canopies – if you want a practical, long term and attractive covering option, then go for the retractable canopies. With this covering, you will have two options – multiple tracks and single track. The multiple track system makes use of multiple fabric panels in covering a huge area, but will not protect you against the rain. This may not be the best solution if you live in areas that receive a lot of rain showers. The other versions of the multiple track system make use of four-sided aluminum frame in order to keep everything in parallel. They can spread wide and keep a wide area protected from both the sun and the rain. However, having an aluminum frame is a bit unsightly, not to mention that it’s a bit hard to install.
  • Single track ShadeFX – the other option for retractable canopies is the single track ShadeFX. It keeps the structure protected from above and it’s hard to see if retracted since it also makes use of a single-track actuator. If the covering is extended, it will go above the rafter and the woodwork, thus, the beautiful intricacies of the pergola can be visibly seen, which somehow helps to enhance its aesthetic beauty. The great thing about this retractable covering is that it allows for certain accessories, such as TV sets, fans and speakers to be mounted, so you can also use the outdoor space for entertainment purposes.

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well lit porch

Pergolas are no doubt a beautiful addition to any outdoor space. They can help to define your outdoors, making it look even more dramatic and beautiful. If you want to further enhance the look of your outdoor space, consider installing some lighting fixtures on your pergola. The reflection of lights can make the outdoors feel even more romantic and relaxing at night. But how do you decide which lighting you should go for? Read on to find out some of the most recommended lighting options.

  • Stringing lights – the stringing lights are perfect especially during the holidays. You can string white lights on the trees near the pergola or simply hang them on the roofing area. Stringing the lights all over the beams can provide for a cozy and dreamy ambiance. This is a great option if you have freestanding pergolas that are near the outlets. Stringing lights is often the most recommended lighting option when it comes to outdoor spaces.
  • Built-in lights – another great way to illuminate your outdoors is to include built-in lights that can also work as background lighting for the structure. The lights produce soft glow for a more romantic ambiance. There are different kinds of built-in lights that you can install on your outdoor space. For instance, you can use small bulbs installed at intervals in every beam or you can go for a slightly bigger fixture that you can mount at the corner. The electrical wirings can be run at the top of the beam, where it is not visible and could not affect the aesthetic value of the structure. Built-in lights are ideal for pergolas that are attached directly into the structure of the house, which allows for a more discreet and easier wiring installation.
  • Hanging lights – the hanging lights add a unique and interesting look to your pergola. Whether you have a small or spacious structure, the hanging lights are capable of providing illumination to the space, while still making it to look stylish, finished and well refined. Installing the lights in clusters is possible since they usually consist of smaller fixtures. The lights create a soft and wonderful ambiance to the larger lighting fixtures and are perfect to be hanged on outdoor dining spaces. Just like the built-in lighting, the light fixtures can work best on those structures that are installed beside electric outlets.
  • Mounted lighting fixtures – mounted lighting fixtures can serve as guiding lights towards the outdoors, while also providing dim lights all over the pergola. These lights can come in the form of a lantern that can be mounted at each of the four posts that provide support to the structure. You will find a wide variety of fixtures and styles that can blend well with the overall design of your outdoor space. You can go for the traditional designs, contemporary and eclectic. The important thing to keep in mind when using this lighting option is that it can be time consuming to install and that you need to observe precautionary measures right from the start so as to avoid any wiring problems that could lead to fire.
  • Up lighting – from the name itself, up lighting is a lighting fixture that can be attached at the bottom of the structure in order to provide illumination to the area up above. The lights are usually attached at the flooring or at the ground below the structure. In most cases, upward lighting produces a dim and soft lighting that’s naturally appealing. This option will however require a bit of effort for the installation and it is best to have a professional to do the installation. When done right, the lights can provide for a relaxing and romantic atmosphere in your outdoor space.


modern backyard

You’re probably one of those people who love to spend most of their time outdoors while enjoying the beautiful views of nature and inhaling a breath of fresh air. In this case, you need to have a pergola installed. But it is not enough that you simply put up this structure. You must also decorate it and make it look as appealing as possible. A well-decorated pergola will not only provide for a welcoming place to relax, but it can also help to increase the value of your property. So here are some decorating ideas that can serve as your guide.

  • Curtains – it’s pretty amazing what an indoor decor can do to improve the look of your outdoors. By simply hanging some beautiful curtains on your pergola, you can instantly enhance the look of the space without blowing your budget. When choosing the curtains, opt for the weather friendly designs so you can enjoy the space despite the harsh weather outside.  Of course, you should choose those curtains with patterns and colors that complement with the decorative elements in your pergola. For instance, you can have a curtain with the same pattern as the pillows and cushions in your seating area. Go for vibrant patterns if you want to give your outdoor space a pop of color.
  • String lights – string lights are another way to make your outdoors to stand out at night. In fact, the use of string lights in decorating pergolas is pretty common. The lights can be hanged into the beams to give the space a lovely and soft lighting. There are different types of string lights that you can choose from. These lights are pretty common especially during the holidays. They produce different colors and have a really lovely glow that will make the place to feel even more romantic and inviting. They are easy to install and will not cost a lot of money.
  • Swing – the best way to enjoy your outdoor space is by sitting on a swing. Thus, if you are looking for a wonderful seating option for your pergola, consider hanging a swing. A durable swing made of wood can provide for a cozy place to relax with a glass of wine after a long day at work. You can choose to buy readymade swings in different designs, but if you are trying to save money and you have a bit of DIY skills, then you might as well build one yourself. With the right tools and materials, building your own outdoor swing should be easy.
  • Potted plants – another inexpensive way to decorate your pergola is with the use of potted plants. If you have a green thumb, then this option can work well for you. You can have flowering plants that produce colorful blooms. If your pergola has a trellis, then take advantage of this by growing vines and other climbing plants. Aside from helping to enhance the look of the structure, the vines can provide more privacy into the space. They can also help to shield you from the harmful rays of the sun. While the use of plants for decorating is cheap, it does require lots of your time since the plants need to be fed and taken cared of.
  • Awning – if you are going to decorate some shady plants in your pergola, then you need something to provide the structure with a shade. In this case, you can greatly benefit from the use of a removable awning. The awning can help to keep these shady plants protected while also allowing you to enjoy the place even during the sweltering hot summer days. With a retractable awning, you can host picnic parties or serve lunches for friends and loved ones. With this covering, you do not need to wait for the sun to come down in order to enjoy the place.
  • Chandelier – for a more romantic outdoor experience, consider mounting a chandelier in your pergola. This is especially a great idea if you are using the space for outdoor dining. Having a chandelier over the dinner table can surely enhance your outdoor dining experience. You can use the chandelier as a primary lighting and you can further enhance the look of the space by installing accent lights. So if you want to achieve a great alfresco dining experience in your outdoors, install a chandelier in your pergola.
  • Hammock – another decorative element that can help to make your pergola look even more welcoming and relaxing is a hammock. In fact, if you want to give the space a feeling that you are in the beach, you can simply hang a hammock in it. Simply drill hooks on two sides of the structure and hang the hammock. Scatter some gravel and sand on the ground to complete the beach vibe look.

Easy Ideas

Building a pergola for your outdoors does not necessarily need to be complicated. Although there are professionals that you can hire to build one, and in fact, you can purchase readymade designs, building your own is definitely possible. Building the pergola by yourself will give your outdoor space a personal touch, while also saving money in the process. One of the easiest pergola designs to build is the one that attaches to an existing deck. Here are the steps on how to build this kind of pergola.

  • First, take measurements of your existing deck and then sketch out a design for your DIY project. The posts in your deck as well as the frame of your roof should be able to provide support to the pergola beams. If you will opt for the louvered roof system for the structure, then you must first figure out the finished size of the louvered panels before you start building in order to ensure that everything will fit securely.
  • Using a pry bar, remove the panels of your deck from its posts. You can make use of a reciprocating saw in cutting through the nails if necessary. Never cut into the panels, since the panels can still be reused for the new posts. Take everything that’s being attached into the posts, including the swings, benches, table, etc. Then grab the pry bar again in order to take off the posts. To avoid injuries, use a hammer in bending down those nails that are sticking out from the posts before you set them aside.
  • Measure and cut the posts that you will be using to support the new structure. Then take measurements of the notches on the old posts and mark the notch lines of the new posts. With the use of a circular saw, cut the notches and then grab the reciprocating saws and use it to produce clean lines within the corners. To create an angle above the new posts, use a miter saw for this. Doing this will allow for the new posts to complement with the style of the old posts.
  • Ask a helper to hold the new post. It must be held well in position while you drill two holes into the frame of the deck. Next, drive the lag bolts within the holes and tighten the bolts using a socket wrench. Loosen or tighten the bolts if necessary, just to ensure that the posts are secured well.
  • Next, take measurements of the center post and then cut the posts in order to support the roof frame. Make sure that the posts are long enough to be able to sit flush within the bottom of the floor joist, just below the deck. Grab a spade bit to drill a hole at the deck, which is just beside the flooring joist. Make the holes large enough that the post will be able to fit snugly well. Then slip the post into the hole and line it up along with the bottom of the joists. Ensure that the post is plumbed and tightened well using a socket wrench.
  • Next, measure the cedar lumber and cut it into 2 x 8 inches each and use it to frame the exterior area of the posts. Place a pair of the 2 x 8 posts in the center of the posts. If you are using louvered roof, you can fit in the louvered panels in between these frames. With the use of a jigsaw, create a decorative edge from the long beams and then attach these beams into the top of the posts using lag bolts.
  • Use galvanized screws in reattaching the panels of the deck, including the other accessories and benches that you have recently taken off. After this, the frame and posts should now be ready for the roof attachment.
  • The next step is to build the frame. Use the 2×4 cedar posts in building a large and square frame that’s capable of holding the four sets of louvered panels. Square the corner up and then attach the boards using galvanized screws.
  • Cut 2x4s to fit snugly across the center of the frame and then use screws to attach the posts. Cut more 2x4s to use in dividing the frame to half. When you’re done, the frame should now be divided to four parts.
  • Use screws in installing the louver’s track system inside the frame. Ensure that the tracks are leveled well and that they are perfectly lined up with each other.
  • Next, fix the brackets within the track system using screws. Make sure you carefully check the dimensions before cutting the cedar slats to be used for the louvers. Screw them well into the bracket. Refer to the manufacturer’s instructions in attaching the control strips that will allow the louvers to be able to move together.
  • Finally, it’s time to lift the panels in place. Fix the support where the long planks should be resting into the deck. Lift the panels just above the frame and then hammer them into place. Use a piece of wood when doing so in order to avoid causing damage on the panels. Then attach the panels within the framework using lag screws.

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Pergolas can help to enhance the aesthetic value of your outdoor space by simply adding it to your existing landscape. Again, it is not enough that you simply install a pergola in your backyard. You must also make sure that it matches with your landscaping, as well as the overall architectural features of your home. So here are some landscaping tips to guide you through the installation of pergola into your outdoor space.

  • Add personality to the space – asymmetry can help to provide for an interesting style to your pergola. You can open one side of the structure while the other can be bordered with a lattice fence.  Hang a massive lighting fixture in the middle in order to provide illumination to your outdoor space at night. Surround the structure with flowerbeds to soften the geometric edges of the paved flooring area. This structure can be installed at the backyard, right beside the wall of your home structure. Elevating the paved surface a bit can give the pergola a distinctive presence in your overall landscape design.
  • Block party – most pergolas are often made of wood, but you can include unusual materials in it, such as glass, to make it look even more sophisticated. Glass blocks in a random pattern can make for an interesting wall structure for your pergola. The glass blocks can be installed in a random pattern to add visual interest into the space. Leaving some blocks opened will allow for the air to be able to circulate. Paving stones can be used as flooring. They can be elevated a bit from the ground using a wooden structure.
  • Natural extension – a pergola and a shed can actually work hand in hand. For instance, you can have the structure attached into your existing shed, which will provide for a charming facade for the shed. It can also serve as a perfect open air seating, which you can furnish with outdoor tables and chairs. The structure can also provide for a visual relief to the overall facade of the garden shed. For this design, you can have a basic structure that can be constructed using two 4×4 posts as well as eight 2x4s attached to each other, along with decorative notches at the end.
  • Resting place – the pergola can also provide for a perfect place to get some shuteye. Most designs are usually freestanding and can be separated from other structures. You can straddle it off the fence to provide for a nonchalant addition to your backyard. Although the fence is not part of the main pergola structure, it functions as a wall, providing you with some privacy while you get some shuteye. The curving notches can also add a carefree vibe to the structure. Wisteria and other crawling plants can then be hanged right above it to shield the space from the sun.
  • Casual curves – a pergola can also come with a curved roof, which offers visual interest to the structure. The short intervals in between the roof materials means more shade will be given for the space. A gentle curve on the roof will provide for a departure from the usual horizontal cover that is typical among pergolas. Vines can also be trained to grow up the columns. Moreover, tall evergreens can be grown on the surroundings in order to integrate greenery to the vertical elements of the landscaping.


If you love hosting barbecue parties and dinners on your outdoor space, then building a bar in your pergola is a great idea. In fact, a beautiful outdoor bar can help to enhance the look of your outdoor space. It’s a great way to entertain friends and have a good conversation while enjoying barbecues fresh from the grill. So here are some interesting ideas when it comes to your pergola bar.

  • Use complementary details – just like with any outdoor addition, your outdoor bar can blend more effectively with the pergola and your home’s architectural design if you will use complementary materials. For instance, you can have the bar made of stones to complement with the paver stones of your pergola’s flooring surface. Having a fabric sunshade that has similar color with that of your window curtain is a great way to protect your guests from the harmful rays of the sun.
  • Opt for low key and casual design – you can have outdoor bars with ornate designs, but it should go well with the rest of your landscape design. If your pergola has a simple basic design, then you should go for a low key and casual design for your bar. Aside from the counter, you can have bar chairs and some storage. Give the space a pop of color in the form of potted plants, umbrella and wall hangings. As for the material, focus on the use of wood, since this is usually the material that pergolas are made from.
  • Create multiple bar zones – you can have multiple spaces in your outdoor bar, aside from the usual counter and a fridge. If you have ample space in your pergola, you can encourage your guests to spill all over the place for a more relaxed and intimate conversation. This can be achieved by supplying interconnected spaces that will indicate different functions. For instance, you can have the countertop seating to flow into the dining table and not just settled on the bar counter.
  • Add some extras – there are so many ways on how you can make your pergola more enjoyable to use even for a longer period of time. Along with the bar, you can have lights, ceiling fans and outdoor heaters installed. You will find weather safe rated options for these fixtures and you can get them in a wide range of styles. Moreover, weather resistant outdoor drapes can be hanged on your pergola in order to shield your guests from the intense summer heat.
  • Add built-ins – even if you have a small space in your pergola, you can install some built-ins along with the bar. This is especially necessary if the space is used for several other purposes. For instance, a fridge can be placed on your cooking bar, while also providing more space to accommodate drinks and frequently used condiments. If you’ve got two separate areas, then place the fridge in a central location for easy access.


evening outside

In order to make your stay in your pergola more relaxing and comforting, you should furnish it with comfortable and durable outdoor furniture. But aside from comfort and durability, you also need to consider the style and aesthetic value of the furniture in order to further enhance the look of your outdoor space. Here are some great ideas to guide you in choosing the right furniture.

  • Outdoor living room – you can bring your living space into your pergola by installing an outdoor fireplace along with a comfortable sitting area. If you have ample space, you can create an outdoor kitchen beside it to make it feel like an extension of your home. A weatherproof furniture set, which comes complete with a coffee table, couch and an ottoman, can help to create a relaxing ambiance into your outdoors. Installing colorful area rug on the paved flooring completes the look, while helping to define the space. Vibrant colored pillows and potted plants can give a pop of color to your outdoor space.
  • Tranquil space – if you have small space in your pergola, you can create a cozy and more tranquil space by decorating it with only a few furniture pieces. Incorporate the design with colorful flowers, rocks and fountain for a more natural feel. For instance, you can opt for a simple wooden chair and a wooden coffee table. Place a woven rug in the middle and decorate a vase of flowers in the table. This is a perfect retreat if you want a calm and comfortable place to hang out after a hard day’s work.
  • Poolside furniture – if your pergola is right beside a pool, then you should decorate it with poolside furniture. But when it comes to this, make sure that you go for furniture pieces that are made from weatherproof materials and fabrics. They must also be chlorine proof. Outdoor furniture sets that are made from metal are the safest choice, since they will not rot despite of the constant exposure to outside elements, including chlorine. You can also opt for movable lounge chairs with wheels so you can easily move it from the pergola to your poolside, or the other way around.
  • Add ambiance – you can come up with an intimate setting on your pergola by incorporating candles with beautiful flower arrangements and some hanging lamps. You can make the space feel even more welcoming by using interesting patterns and bright colors on the pillows and cushions on the lounges.
  • Simple seating – place a low and streamlined table in your pergola if you want a simple but quaint dining space for the outdoors. You can pair the table with double stacked cushioned chairs, instead of actual chairs in order to make the space feel more relaxing and intimate. Wooden art pieces can be hanged from the pergola beams to give more interest to your outdoor dining space.
  • Wheel it away – streamlined table and chaises placed on durable casters can be repositioned to go with the sun’s rays or to provide shade. By attaching wheels on each and every piece of the furniture, you will be able to easily and quickly adjust the furniture to whatever arrangement you want. To provide more control, consider the use of casters, which sometimes come with brakes.
  • Wicker furniture – when it comes to outdoor furniture, you can never go wrong with wicker furniture sets. These are made from sturdy vines and stems that are woven to intricate patterns that invoke the feel of nature. The material is perfect for your pergola since it is lightweight and has airy qualities. Moreover, they are available in a wide variety of colors and designs, so you can choose whatever suits your outdoor landscape best. Synthetic wicker is a bit more expensive than the natural wicker, yet it is more versatile especially for outdoor use.
  • Outdoor kitchen – if you are planning to have a mini kitchen in your pergola, decorate the space with full fledged kitchen furniture set. For instance, you can have a stone countertop along with cabinetry and seating areas to create a perfect place for preparing delicious meals and for eating. The materials that the outdoor kitchen furniture is often made of are the same as the indoor, except that they have to be more durable so it could withstand the weather.


One of the most effective ways to pretty up your pergola is to decorate it with an outdoor swing. Aside from improving the look of the space, the swing can also provide for a comfortable seating area where you can relax and perhaps read a good book, while enjoying the outdoors. The swing can be made from different materials and have varying designs. If you need inspiration for your pergola swing, here are some interesting ideas to check out.

  • Sweet setting – a rustic inspired wooden swing is just the perfect accessory to prettify your pergola. Since it’s made from natural wood, it can go well with the outdoor surroundings. Simply hang it into the beams to create a statement piece to your outdoors. You can choose to paint it in white for a more sophisticated look. A white wooden swing will be a perfect seating area amidst the lush green landscape with some colorful flowers in full bloom.
  • Swing bed – a custom designed outdoor bed that’s mounted into a pergola can make for a perfect space for relaxation outdoors especially if you want to get some shuteye during daytime. To make the bed feel more inviting and comforting, decorate it with colorful pillows. Drape a vibrant colored fabric on one side of the pergola so you will have a shade and enjoy some privacy while reading a book or taking a nap.
  • Wicker swing – as mentioned, the use of wicker furniture is perfect for the outdoors. It gives off a rustic feel and blends well with the look of nature. So when it comes to your swing, a wicker swing would be a great idea. Opt for a design that could accommodate two people that can serve as a cozy love seat, a perfect seating area for when you want to have some quality time with your loved one. A whitewashed resin rattan swing can also work well for a shabby chic pergola. Don’t forget to decorate it with pillows and cushions in vibrant shades.
  • Ultimate outdoor haven – you can transform your pergola into an ultimate outdoor living place by installing a deep seating outdoor swing. It features a classic slat design, which is perfect for an evening of relaxation, when you cozy up to a thick blanket while reading your favorite book. To complete the cozy look, hang intricately designed lanterns that can help to illuminate the space at night and make it feel even more romantic. Decorate a coffee table in the middle that’s made of wooden materials to suit with your outdoor swing.
  • Bronze seating – if you fancy bronze pieces, then you can use the same material for your outdoor swing. A swing that’s made from bronze iron is not only durable, but aesthetically pleasing as well. What’s great is that it is coated with an outdoor rust protection, so even if your pergola is not covered, you can be guaranteed that the swing will last for a long time. Consider hanging two of these swings to come up with an ideal space where a group of friends and family members can hang out. To complete the look, invest on other furniture pieces that are also made from bronze, such as a bronze coffee table. You can give color to the space by hanging some potted flowers to the pergola beams.

With these many options, you can surely find the idea for the best pergola that you’d want and need, and you can even build it yourself, if you want.