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5 Pop Up Camper Remodel Ideas that Will Inspire You

Camper Remodel Ideas
A pop up camper should be a comfortable place where you can relax when going on trips. Even if this is just a place where you would spend a night during trips to the woods and lakes, it should also be renovated to give you more comfort. Also, there are a lot of pop up camper remodel ideas that will improve the aesthetic appeal of your camper, which is quite important in keeping you relaxed during your trips.

Hence, if you think that your pop up camper could use some remodeling, you should start planning for it. This way, you can make your camper a better place to stay at.

Camper Remodeling Ideas

Listed below are some ideas that will inspire you. These will give you motivation and ideas to make your camper a better one so keep these in mind:

  • Add lively colors to the furniture in your camper.

A simple addition of color will boost the look of your pop up camper. By adding pillows that have colorful covers, you are adding beauty to your camper while making it more comfortable as well. You can also paint cabinets with vibrant colors to make the camper look lively.

Just make sure that you won’t overdo adding a splash of color onto your pop up camper. Making it colorful is one of the best and simplest things that you can do but it should also be in moderation. You need to choose parts of your camper where you limit color. Cabinets with colorful doors should have a muted countertop. This way, the colors that you will add will pop out of the furniture instead of making everything mix up.

  • Create a theme that will help you relax and be inspired while on a trip.

If you love going to the sea, a sea palette will make your pop up camper look really soothing. This will remind you of your favorite beaches to explore, which will encourage you to travel more and enjoy nature. If you are fond of the woods, a palette with browns and greens and other earthy colors will make your camper look great.

Adding furniture that will match the theme that you want will also make things even better. It will also allow you to go green especially when you choose furniture and fixtures from natural sources.

  • Get a vintage feel in making your pop up camper old fashioned.

If you are into the vintage feel, you might want to turn your pop up camper into an old fashioned one. Camper owners who want to feel the early 1900s, which is the time trailers are being introduced to the masses for the first time, would turn their campers into vintage-looking ones.

This is one of the ideas that you can follow if you want to go vintage and get back in time when pop up trailers are being introduced and have been designed slightly differently than the ones used today. This will make for a good conversation with friends and people that you meet during your trips since vintage pop up campers are a sight to behold.

This may be a bit expensive to do, especially if you are planning on getting materials and products that are no longer sold on retail stores. But if you are lucky enough to find products that look like vintage ones, even without being an authentic traditional product.

  • Adding useful smart storage is a simple yet efficient remodel idea for a camper.

If you are after efficiency, you can add smart storage to your pop up camper. This will not only give you more space to store stuff but will also allow you to have a safe place to put important items such as wallets, mobile phones, laptops and documents.

You can either purchase a smart storage that you can install on your camper or you can hire a contractor to build a smart storage for you. Depending on your skill level and needs, you will be able to determine whether hiring a professional or doing things on your own would be better.

  • Install an air conditioner to make trips more comfortable.

Last but not least on this list is adding air conditioner on your pop up camper. It may look a bit odd but adding an air conditioner is actually a brilliant idea as this will make your trips comfortable. This is especially true if you love travelling to humid areas.

This will also be quite useful during summer, when travelling is quite ideal but the weather is just too hot.

When planning your pop up camper renovation, consider your needs before hiring a contractor to do the remodeling for you.

Discuss everything with the company that will remodel your pop up camper before agreeing to the renovation plans to ensure that you will get the best results. Give your suggestions and provide accurate descriptions of what you want to ensure that everything is followed. This will not only save you money but will also save you a lot of time since you won’t have to redo the remodeling later on. Share your ideas with the company you choose so they can tell you which ones are more compatible with your camper, which will make things a lot easier for both parties.