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5 Ideas for a Raised Ranch Remodel

A raised ranch house is an interesting structure since it provides more living space without using a lot of land. This type of house is also not too high since the lower level is often partially below ground level. This means that the roof is lower than regular two-storey homes, making it easier to access during cleaning, renovation and repairs.

Remodeling a split-foyer house is a lot like remodeling a two-storey house but more considerations are needed since the two levels merge on the entrance. This means that the themes of the lower and upper levels of the house need to complement one another to look harmonious. But, in terms of remodeling costs, there are no major differences unless you have special instructions on your raised ranch remodel project.

Remodeling Ideas for a Raised Ranch House

If you are planning on remodeling your raised ranch home, read the ideas below. These will help you have a successful renovation without spending a fortune on your project.

Most split foyer houses have a 2-car garage. If you only have one vehicle, you can transform your 2-car garage into more living space by adding an additional room into half of the garage to allow a single vehicle to park on the untransformed garage area. This will allow for more space for an additional bedroom or an entertainment room without the need for a house extension. Extending a house would be too expensive and it will defeat the purpose of a raised ranch home, which is to maximize the living space without consuming a lot of space on your land.

Since there is already electric connection in your garage, the renovation will be easier since you don’t have to have your walls opened to allow for additional connection for the added room. Rewiring the electrical system in the added room is the only thing needed, which is cheaper to pay for than having a professional electrician add connection from your main line.

Your front porch is a vital part of your raised ranch home since this is where the two levels of your house meet. Updating the look of your entrance both on the inside and the outside will allow your home to be dramatically improved in terms of appearance and purpose.

You can replace your front porch’s flooring or repaint the walls and the porch posts to revamp the look of your entrance. This does not cost a lot but the improvement is tremendous. Adding plants, chairs and a small table will also be effective in making your porch more welcoming. It is an ideal project whether you just want to update the look for your split foyer house or when you want to resell it in the near future at a higher price.

  • Update the paint and color combination of the house.

Sometimes, all you need to do to enhance the overall look of your home is to repaint it. A raised ranch house is already very appealing; all you need is to change the color of the walls to unleash its beauty.

Choose color combinations that will complement both levels of the house. This is important especially in the area where the lower and upper levels meet, which is usually the entrance. Since a raised ranch house has a split foyer entrance, the two levels are seen right after entering the house. Because of this, the colors of the rooms or hallways of the levels nearest the entrance should complement one another. This will prevent the house from looking messy or disorganized.

  • Turn the deck into a living area for more living space.

Another remodeling idea for raised ranch homes is turning a deck at the back of the house into more living space. Since the main purpose of a split foyer house is to allow more living space within a smaller property, it is only sensible to maximize the living space in the house.

Decks that are remodeled into living spaces are often turned into bedrooms. Since decks at the back of the house are often away from the living room, the bedrooms in these areas are quieter. This is ideal if you want to have an additional bedroom where excess noise won’t bother the room owners.

It is also ideal to add a home office in place of the deck. A quiet office located at the back of the house would be ideal since kids in the house won’t likely budge in during play time. This is ideal for people who work at home and those who need to constantly review at home due to studies or work.

  • Window and siding upgrades can make a big difference with minimal effort.

A window upgrade would be ideal for a raised ranch remodel project. The upper part of a split foyer house is often heavy-set. This means that the roofs and windows are bigger on the upper part of the house and the lower level is subdued.

Hence, if you are planning on upgrading the look of your raised ranch house, you might want to focus on these points. These can be the focal point of your house since windows bring character to a home.

Changing the color of the siding will make a big difference on the current look and style of your home. Complementing the new siding color with newly painted windows will also do the trick so you won’t have to install new windows or sidings. This will save you a lot of money that you can use on other remodeling projects around your home.

Remodeling a raised ranch house is not actually difficult. The different style of the house compared to regular two-storey homes adds character to it, making it both a challenge and a pleasure to renovate with the help of local raised ranch remodel contractors near me. Since your house is already quite unique, especially if you are living in an area where standard two-storey houses are common, you do not need to do a lot of remodeling to make your home stand out.

5 Ideas for a Raised Ranch Remodel

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