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5 Ideas for a Raised Ranch Remodel

The raised ranch is an atypical way of building a home, and whether you like it or not, creates some challenges when you are working on remodeling it. You start off with a high foundation, and a ranch is then added on top of it, which is where it got its name from. While part of the lower level is usually slightly underneath the ground level, it makes it a two storey-home that is not quite as tall as the usual type. People have been known to be unhappy  with the way their entryways are usually made with this type, as it can sometimes leave very little room to close the door behind you.

The advantage of such home is that certain projects may be easier to do than they would be with a normal two-storey home such as roof, siding and exterior cleaning work.

While it is sort of a two-storey home, when you make alterations to it, there are certain things that need to be taken into account, since the main entrance is not on either floor, but rather between the two. You still want to create a space where the upper and lower levels fit together in terms of style, but the main entrance can be somewhat hard to work with. The main principles behind remodeling still apply, if you don’t have other limitations.

monious. But, in terms of remodeling costs, there are no major differences unless you have special instructions on your raised ranch remodel project.

Remodeling Ideas for a Raised Ranch House

When you think it’s time to give your raised ranch home a new feel, remodeling it can be an option. These ideas will hopefully give you some inspiration for what you could turn your home into instead.

We wrote a very extensive guide on making the process of transforming your garage into living space instead, which you should consider reading. Since a lot of raised ranch homes were made with 2-car garages, you can reconsider using either one of those two spaces or both of them for something else instead. If you find yourself not parking in the actual garage, or you simply like additional space, remodeling it will provide you with that. It is quite an extensive program, and you will need to install new floors among other things too. Depending on whether you want to keep one garage or not, you can either just transform half or all of it. If you decide to transform all of it, make sure that you have space to store the things you have currently stored in the garage.

While a home addition would be a very expensive endeavor, making better use of the space you already have is a great compromise. The garage also already has electrical installations, which you would otherwise have needed to add, and this means that you do not need to open up the walls and have it installed. You may need to rewire the garage to better accommodate where you will be needing the electrical outlets, but it will still not cost as much as having to install the system from scratch.

How many lovely nights have you spent on your porch? It not only allows you to see who is driving up to your property, but provides a cozy area to relax. It is truly the first place guests will walk through before stepping foot inside the home.

Changing the look of your porch can be as simple as repainting it to give it new life, or maybe changing out the different materials. Painting is one of those cheap options you can easily have done, which will give life to otherwise worn parts of your home. If you are selling your home, painting it is one of the first things that a real estate agent will tell you to do, or have a painter come by and do it for you.

  • Paint the overall house

From the previous section you know that a good layer of paint can go a long way, but it is not just your front porch that could make use of it, it’s your whole house. Chances are that the colors you painted your home with last time are no longer in fashion, and maybe it would even be a good idea to add some lighter colors to make the home seem more welcoming.

Since there are two levels to your home, you should work to find color combinations, patterns, wallpaper and decorations that create unity rather than make an awkward transition between the two spaces. While you do not need to have the same colors all over, choosing a very contemporary style for certain parts and more traditional ones elsewhere will just not seem right.

When you’re standing in the entrance, you will not just look towards your main floor, the top one, but also be looking into the lower one, and going with an option where the two complement each other is a safer bet.

  • New Windows

Installing new windows in your raised ranch can provide several benefits. First of all, you may have old windows installed that now seem like they have a lot of difficulty opening and closing, but if they were installed a long time ago, they are probably not very energy efficient either, and an upgrade to them could mean you’re throwing away less money on heating and cooling your home.

You may also simply want to install bigger windows to allow more sunlight to enter your home.

  • Have new siding installed

Siding needs to be repaired once in a while, and replaced less frequently, however it still needs to happen at some point. If that point is now, make sure to contact siding contractors and have them help you with the job. The roof and the siding combined make up the vast amount of your home’s exterior surface, and will define what people think of your home from a distance.

While the layout of a traditional raised ranch home does create certain challenges, it still is a type of home you can find spread out over the United States. If you go ahead and work with a good contractor, they will be able to make your wishes come true. To very easily get quotes from screened contractors, all you need to do is fill out the contact form with the details of your project and they will reach out to you and work with you to make your wishes come true.