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Everything You Need to Know About Raised Ranch & Split Level Additions

The World War II has greatly altered the landscape of the American suburbs, and with this comes an influx of functional and affordable houses that feature more elaborate and custom designs, providing habitats for small families.

Two of the most sought after architectural configurations are the raised ranch & split level additions. Both of these variations feature a bi-level theme. Those with the multiple level theme gives off an illusion of having some privacy, ideal in a densely packed neighborhood and can manage to fit in various houses in the most modest lot.

Raised Ranch Homes

The popularity of raised ranch homes is expected. With this design, you can walk at the front door as well as the ground level and then climb up the stairs in order to get into your dining room, living room and the kitchen.

The bedrooms are usually located in half of the raised level.  The lower level on the other hand, can be reached by another set of stairs at the entry point and is just partly under the ground level, where it is equipped with a finished basement that can also work as an office, a den or playroom.

The garage will then be attached and this is usually found right below the bedrooms. The raised ranch design is a bit tricky to decorate and the constant climbing in the stairs can actually depress its value. This is also great news for those who are searching for an economical home, and one that is situated in an established neighborhood that has a mature landscaping.

The raised ranch houses were built during the mid forties until the seventies and are occasionally built even today as individually customized homes. These houses are usually built on those areas that have high water tables and those that have lots of stone ledge close to the surface or those areas that are on a hillside.

Just imagine creating a single story house that is of ranch style design and comes with a full basement instead of sticking it into the ground up above the foundation where you set it in a flat spot that is carved to the ground anywhere between one and four feet in depth. This will result in a two-story house with living space that is mostly above grade and has full height windows at the basement in order to provide you enough sunlight and airflow.

Due to the location of the foundation, you can enter at the front door right directly on the same grade as that of the driveway at the basement level and will have to go up into the main living room level.

You will have to enter into the level that has a family room, bathroom or laundry room, utility or mechanical room, and possibly a garage or another bedroom. There will be a full set of stairs at the side of the front door that will take you up into the main living level where you will find the dining room, kitchen, living room, bedrooms, as well as one to two full and half baths.

Ranch Dressing

Half of the living floor is usually a common area and another half is used as a private bedroom space. The raised ranch interiors will have, or easily convert into an open plan design. Simplicity can serve as the guiding principle when it comes to decorating a raised ranch house. The Scandinavian style, along with its clean lines as well as mellow wooden tones can help to flatter an open floor.

For a minimalist décor in order to be successful, you will need some renovation in order to replace the period hardware, window frames, doors and outdated kitchen and bathrooms. You can perhaps opt for the Pop Art contemporary design to complement with the ranch dressing design.

A gallery inspired interior that features a collection of primitive antique will work against several light colors and whites. The only rule to follow in decorating the raised ranch is to always keep everything light. There should be no clutter, dark, heavy furnishings and lean open spaces.

Split Level

The low and boxy ranch designed house can be converted into a split level that can accommodate the increasing needs of growing families, providing more room and personal space in a modest and economical way.  At the midsection part of the house, it will divide into a double height that comes with a garage underneath and bedrooms up above, as well as a slightly lowered section that contains the living room, front entrance, living room, kitchen and dining room.

The main living room is typically built within a sunken basement. All of the split levels feature three to four levels and come with short stair flights coming from the main living room up until the bedroom areas and into the garage, basement and den.

The split level houses are actually a variety of raised ranch style and are sometimes called the split foyer, splits and bi-level houses. The splits are built in such a way that the foundation sinks deeper than the raised ranches, which is usually about four to six feet below the ground, while the driveway is excavated in the same level at the bottom of the foundation. Unlike the raised ranch design that comes with the full height window design, the lower level usually comes with a shorter window design.

For the split level design, you often have to go up a half flight stairs or even more through the exterior stairs or in a sloping walkway coming from the driveway level before you can enter the door through a landing or into a small foyer. The doorway is usually recessed and sometimes, the house’s main level is cantilevered into the basement level, which creates a natural indentation and a clear way of finding through the front door.

Once you are inside the house, you will have to decide on whether to go up half flight or go down half flight, thus, the term “split level”.

Just like with the raised ranch, on the upstairs of the split level, you will find the formal dining area, kitchen, living room, as well as the bedrooms and bathrooms. In most of these homes, the homeowners will usually open the original up in between the living room and the kitchen area in order to provide them with a wonderful flow.

Whether you will go for the raised ranch or the split level design, you need to make sure that you hire only the contractor whom you can trust when it comes to raised ranch & split level additions. They should have experiences in handling the remodeling of these designs so you can be assured of excellent result.

Both the raised ranch and split level addition are very practical. They work well in today’s economy, due to their practicality and they normally have lower asking prices. They make great use for all available spaces in your home and can accommodate your growing family. So if it is the raised ranch or the split level addition that you are looking for, you should now start your search for the best contractor to hire.

Everything You Need to Know About Raised Ranch & Split Level Additions

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