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Everything You Need to Know About Raised Ranch & Split Level Additions

While raised ranches and split level homes were definitely more popular earlier on, there are still a lot of American suburbs dominated by this type of home. Since you have landed on this article, chances are that you may even be living in one of them yourself.

Simply because they used to be more common building styles does not mean that you should not be living in your dream home. What they have in common is that they make use of bi-level way of constructing a home, and by having two stories, you’ll also be able to obtain greater privacy the same way you would if you were to install a fence around your home.

We’ll walk you through some of the distinctive feature and how you can use those features for your raised ranch & split-level additions. Yes, it’s not just the more popular homes of today that can get a home addition.

Raised Ranch Homes and Their Distinctiveness

The raised ranch is a two-story home with a front door in the middle of those two levels. It’s built so that a lot of things are on the upper floor, traditionally including the kitchen, living room and bedrooms. These are also the places where you may find yourself longing the most for privacy.

On the upper floor, the two halfs often contain different things, while one often contains the bedrooms, the other may contain the kitchen and other important rooms, although it is obviously your imagination that dictates the layout of the home.

From the entrance, another set of stairs lead you to the lower floor. This is where a lot of homeowners work with a basement remodeling contractor to finish the space, which opens up for a vast amount of different opportunities including having an office, a man cave or something third.

With its layout, the raised ranch is often considered difficult to remodel with the entrance playing such a huge role in the layout of the home. If you’re not already using the space in the basement for anything, but rather just as a storage, it may be the first place for you to consider tackling. Rather than simply using it as storage, determine what would be a better use for the space and how much it would cost to get it changed.

The advantage of the raised ranch is that you get two stories with sunlight, because the lower level still has basement windows allowing air and sunlight to make it a more appealing space. Otherwise, the basement often has the potential to simply become a space that no one wants to go to because of the lack of light. While still having two stories, it’s not as tall as a common house with two stories.

This layout also actually means that you will end up having more light in both the kitchen and bedrooms, since they won’t be on the ground floor, which may be one of the characteristics that potential buyers find appealing.


How you choose to decorate your raised ranch is up to you, but one of the advantages is its ability to work with an open plan design, thereby allowing the home to naturally feel bigger as a consequence. The idea of sticking to minimalism engulfed in as much natural light you can get as possible, will also be what potential buyers may find appealing. With its elevated style, be sure you make as good use of the much natural light as possible, which could even include installing new windows that are bigger to make better use of its potential.

Since most of these homes were built somewhere between the forties and seventies, minimalism wasn’t top of mind for the architects that drew them, but that doesn’t mean that they cannot be made to take advantage of current design trends, which include big windows with bright colors.

It can also mean that there are updates that need to be done in order to make the kitchen more open, and perhaps remove some leftover wallpaper that is evidence of a very different architectural time. Remodeling a raised ranch can truly be an incredible opportunity to bring in a lot of today’s popular elements as well as taking advantage of the layouts ready access to natural light. When starting the remodel, it’s always a good start if you take the time to properly figure out how you can get rid of some of the clutter that is currently just taking up space. It could also be the time for you to find furniture that better fits with the space rather than having very dominant decorations that make the room feel smaller than it needs to.

The Split-Level Layout

Instead of being two stories, a split-level has more than two levels, meaning at least three and commonly four. In turn, this gives more space and square feet that may be needed if you have more members in your family than simply you and your significant other.

To¬† make this possible, the basement is often sunken and the living room built on top of it. The stairs go to all the different levels rather than just going to the two. The split-level also has different names that it goes by that includes split-foyer and split-entry. In their layout, they are very much like raised ranches and are in fact just a variant of it that provides your family with more space. Instead of having a lot of light in the basement, split-level homes generally have less so than raised ranches as the foundation and basement are built lower into the ground. If finished right, it does not mean that you can’t make good use of the basement. It may still be built in a way that allows small windows to let in some natural light, although it won’t be the same amount as what full windows would be providing.

The split level houses are actually a variety of raised ranch style and are sometimes called the split foyer, splits and bi-level houses. The splits are built in such a way that the foundation sinks deeper than the raised ranches, which is usually about four to six feet below the ground, while the driveway is excavated in the same level at the bottom of the foundation. Unlike the raised ranch design that comes with the full height window design, the lower level usually comes with a shorter window design.

Both layouts put great emphasis on the importance of the stairs as you’ll be walking those more than a time or two in order to get to the different parts of the house, which is also where the name of the house comes from. This type of layout often also takes advantage of the increased natural light from the higher up stories and have some of the most important rooms placed there to get the most out of it. The design and decoration principles are the same.

If you choose to remodel it, you should consider using an open floor layout, that will make it easy to walk from one part to the next and keep the space inviting.

When you have decided it’s become time to either remodel your split-level or raised ranch, we have made it very easy for you to take the next step which would include getting the help of contractors to best find out what the possibilities are for your exact space.

While you may already have ideas, it can be a great way to start working with the contractors to hear what suggestions they have and how they best see the space being used to unlock the many possibilities. To make it easier for you to remodel your split-level or raised ranch, we have made it easy for you to get in contact with relevant contractors. All you need to do is fill out the form at the top of the page and we’ll be helping put you in touch with relevant contractors that can work with you.

By talking with several contractors, you get the advantage of input from several pros as well as competing quotes, and each individual company can therefore work with you to not only create the space that you desire but with the budget that you have in mind too. In addition, all of this is free to you with no obligation to hire anyone.