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Best Local Sewer Cleaning Companies Near Me: 5 Ways to Spot a Scam Sewer Cleaner

Sewers are not always noticed but they are quite essential. They make sure that homes are clean and free from dirt, bacteria and odor that can make people sick. Hence, it is important to keep them clean and well maintained. This will ensure that their function will be maintained and you will experience no problems with your drainage and septic system.

Hiring sewer cleaners, however, is not as simple as it seems. There are a lot of scammers roaming the streets and offering services that are either too expensive or are not really done well. Due to this reason, it is advisable that you do proper research first before hiring local sewer cleaning companies near me.

Spotting a Scammer When Hiring Sewer Cleaners Near Me

Listed below are some reminders that will help you hire only reliable sewer cleaners. Since not every homeowner is knowledgeable about sewers and sewer maintenance, it is worth noting that there are simple ways on how you can spot a scammer and how you can prevent yourself from hiring one.

  • Be careful in answering questions.

If you happen to be visited by a sewer cleaner, who claims to be servicing a house in your neighborhood, be wary of their questions. Scammers are looking for prey that does not have men in the house that can check on the sewers regularly. Widows and young ladies are often the targets since these individuals are often not familiar with how sewers work.

Scammers ask questions to confirm this. They will determine if there is a man in the house and will try to offer various services once they concluded that there are no other people in that residence who can question their offers.

  • Be sure to check the evidence provided to you by the inspectors.

You might also likely encounter inspectors who will insist on inspecting your sewer system. They will provide you with evidence, such as burst pipes, to convince you that there is something wrong with your sewer. Often, a pair of inspectors will go into your house and one of them will interview you while the other one ‘inspects’ your home. The other inspector will likely damage your pipe so that when you need evidence, you will be shown a burst pipe. You will be advised to urgently hire their services to ensure that no further problems will occur.

To prevent this from happening, never let anyone inspect your home without your consent. You should also be present while inspections are being done to ensure that the evidence is truly found on site and not caused by the ‘inspector’.

  • Be wary of inspection videos.

Videos are used to provide a visual view of the problems in sewer systems underground. Be wary when you are presented with a video since scammers often use pre-recorded videos of clogged sewer pipes to convince homeowners that their pipes are clogged.

Ask for the video to be shown from beginning to end, where you will be able to see if your house is where the video is being taken. Do not let the inspectors show you a video unless you are sure that there are no pre-recorded versions that can show problems that are not really present on your own sewer system.

  • Be wary of the products offered by sewer cleaning professionals.

Not all products used by professional sewer cleaners are authentic and are truly needed. Unless you see for yourself that some parts of your sewer system need repair or replacement, you should not purchase items from sewer cleaners.

Unless you hired the sewer cleaning company yourself by contacting them for an inspection and quotation, you should not simply accept what they offer. And even if you are the one who contacted the cleaners first, you should still ask where the product will be installed and why it is needed.

The inspector or cleaner should be able to fully explain to you what the product is for and why you need it for your sewer system. This way, you won’t purchase something that is offered by people claiming to be professionals just so you would buy what they are offering.

  • Be wary of shoddy workmanship on previous projects.

Shoddy workmanship is one of the biggest red flags that you need to look for to avoid hiring scammers or simply incompetent sewer cleaners. Make it a point to research the cleaners that you want to hire, whether they offered their service to your through door to door offer or you called them for an inspection and quotation, so that you can be sure that you are getting satisfactory service.

Do not rely on a single feedback, however. Read multiple reviews from verifiable sources so that you can confirm whether the sewer cleaners that you want to hire are good at what they do. BBB reviews should also be considered since these will show the complaints filed against a company. Take a look at the resolved complaints that your preferred contractor has.

Avoid hiring ones that do not take care of their clients post-sale. Choose ones that will still communicate with their previous clients and try to solve complaints that are under their guarantee or service terms.

Hiring sewer cleaners need to be done properly to avoid getting scammed. There are a lot of scammers out there that will try to offer services to unsuspecting customers because this is one of the parts of a home that is not inspected often. Whether it is charging expansive rates for something that should have been cheap or ruining your sewer system just to provide you with unneeded service, you should be aware of such scams.

Households with busy individuals are also the main targets since busy people often don’t have time to do their own inspections. Hence, they rely on professionals to do the work for them. Due to this reason, you need to be aware of scams when hiring sewer cleaning services. Make it a point that you are hiring a well-established company and you are not just accepting offers without knowing what they are for and how much they are going to cost.

Best Local Sewer Cleaning Companies Near Me: 5 Ways to Spot a Scam Sewer Cleaner

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