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Local Shower Installation Companies Near Me: 5 Types of Shower

Knowing which type of shower to choose will not only make the installation easier but will also ensure that you will find your shower advantageous. Since different types of shower offer different benefits, it is ideal to know more about these various types before hiring local shower installation companies near me. This way, you can determine which shower type is best for your needs and preferences.

Every shower type also has varying costs, depending on the specifications. Hence, you might want to learn more about them so that you can choose the one that best suits your budget. Due to this reason, you need to read up on different types of shower before you start making plans for the installation project.

Different Types of Shower

Below is a short list of shower types available in the market today. Read them to know more about the options that you will be given when you hire professional shower installers to make the project a little easier for both parties.

  • Digital showers

Digital showers are often chosen due to their ease of installation and benefits. The shower’s temperature and pressure are controlled by a panel that is installed in the shower and powered by a power unit at a cupboard or the ceiling nearby. This means that the installation does not only involve the shower cubicle itself by a nearby spot where the power unit is installed. This is ideal for homeowners who want to ensure that the power unit of their shower is not affected by the water.

Maintenance and repair is easier since the bathroom can be used even when the power unit is being serviced. To test the power unit, the shower cubicle will be used during maintenance, though, which is quite understandable.

This is a modern type of shower since the controls are stylish and can be managed specifically to your needs. There is no bulky heater at the shower and the controls are often flat on the walls, creating a futuristic and minimalistic look.

  • Electric showers

Electric showers are quite common and are often used in homes and hotels. The heater is installed into the shower cubicle wall and draws water from the source and heats it up and supplies the showerhead. The temperature can be controlled through the unit but the water pressure is controlled by the showerhead.

This is easier to install since there are no power units that need to be installed in a separate location. This type of shower is also quite energy efficient and is often chosen because it saves a lot of energy. There is no wastage because the water is heated on demand, removing the need for a tank for the hot water that will be supplied to the shower.

  • Mixer showers

Mixer showers get the water from both hot and cold sources. Homes with boilers already installed are ideal for this type of shower to increase efficiency and comfort when using the shower. Since the water supplied to the shower is increased due to multiple water sources, the water pressure is increased.

This is ideal if you are looking for a shower option that delivers water to multiple showerheads. Since both cold and hot water can be supplied to the unit, water flow is better compared to other shower types. This makes it a better option for multiple shower heads in a single shower cubicle.

Different types of shower heads can also be used in this type of shower. Adjustable head, fixed head and handset are all compatible with this shower option.

  • Pressure showers

Pressure showers are a lot like mixer showers because they draw both from hot and cold water sources. This type of shower, however, has an additional pump to boost the pressure of the water being sprayed. This is often used in homes where the water supply is not enough to provide adequate pressure to the shower.

This is ideal for users who want to experience a more relaxing shower session as well. Because pressure showers can also act as a massager due to the pressure of the water they supply, they are often used for relaxation. Multiple types of shower heads are also available in this shower type, making it a versatile option.

  • Eco showers

Eco showers are a lot like other types of showers that provide hot or cold water but these models are focused on water efficiency. Electric and mixer showers can also be eco showers if they are equipped with features that enable the users to save more water during shower sessions.

Different shower heads can also be used for this kind of shower. The temperature of water is not affected by the efficiency of water usage since the temperature can be controlled by the power unit. This makes it an ideal option if you don’t want to waste water while showering but also don’t want to decrease the quality of your showers.

If you don’t want to experience changes in temperature on your water when showering, use a thermostatic shower. This is a type of shower that maintains the temperature of the water even when someone else is using a tap in other parts of your house. This will ensure that you won’t get hurt or burned due to sudden rush of hot water when cold temperature water is used in your house while you are bathing. This is ideal for shower types that get their supply from a boiler or a mix of hot and cold water from the pipes.

An electric shower, however, does not need a thermostatic type of shower since they only get cold water from the source and heat the water up based on the users’ demand. It is important to note this so that you can choose the best options for your shower installation project. Knowing what should go with certain shower types will not only make your project more beneficial but will also save you money by not having the need to get additional features that you won’t really use.

Local Shower Installation Companies Near Me: 5 Types of Shower

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