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Types of Sink and Materials to Ask Local Sink Installation Contractors Near Me About

Sinks are used every single day. Sinks are not maintained regularly, however. Because properly installed sinks don’t show signs of problems frequently, they are not noticed until they require replacement or repair. This is good in a way. Sinks that need your attention for repairs and replacement is not worth investing on since they can cost a lot of upkeep. Hence, it is only reasonable to consider them thoroughly when you need a new one or when you are planning on installing one in your home.

You need to make sure that the sink that you will choose can accommodate your needs. It is also important to choose the local sink installation contractors near me that you will hire to ensure that the installation will be effective.

Types of Sink Materials

Here are different types of sink materials that you can choose from. Make it a point to learn more about them so that you can choose the right type for your needs and preferences.

  • Stainless steel

Stainless steel is the most popular sink material due to its durability, appearance, versatility and price. Since stainless steel sinks are not expensive, they can be installed even when you are on a budget but want to have a sink that will perform well and last a long time.

  • Composite

Composite sinks are made from granite or quartz mixed with resin filler. This is claimed to be the most durable and long-lasting type of sink material. Hence, if you are thinking of choosing a material that will last longer than stainless steel, you might want to consider composite sinks.

  • Cast iron

Cast iron is the oldest material used in making sinks. The iron material is coated with enamel, which makes the sink more appealing. This enables this type of sink to be installed in almost all types of kitchens and bathrooms.

  • Fireclay

Fireclay sinks are made from ceramic molded into a shape of a sink. Due to the kilning process, which fuses the enamel to the ceramic, this type of sink is one of the most durable. This material can chip, though, when a pot or glass is dropped onto it.

Types of Sinks

Listed below are sink types that you will find on the market. Knowing about these will allow you to choose the one that suits your preferences and needs. Hence, make sure that you are familiar with these before you hire professional sink installation contractors. It will help you make better decisions when you are presented with options by the installers that you hired.

  • Single bowl

A single bowl sink is as the name implies. It only has one bowl and has different designs. The sizes also vary so you can choose a size that will fit your kitchen or bathroom.

This is ideal if you have large pots and pans that you need to clean on a regular basis. It is also recommended for homeowners who are quite busy since cleaning this type of sink is easier and faster. If you do not want to spend a lot of time and effort cleaning your sink, this might be the right type for you since the corners and edges are limited. This makes cleaning time shorter.

  • Double bowl

Double bowl is, obviously, made from two bowls. This type of sink is often used in kitchens since it allows homeowners to use one bowl while the other is full or is also being used by another person.

This type of sink has different configurations and you can choose bowls that are the same size or choose one with one of the bowls bigger than the other. The depth of the bowls can also be uniform or different from one another.

  • Farmhouse

Farmhouse sinks have a distinct look. The front-facing side is visible and replaces a section of the counter. This type of sink comes in one or two basins and can also be made using different materials such as stainless steel and composite materials.

This is a pricier option since it requires specific installation methods to be put into place. Since it replaced a part of the counter, the installation takes longer to do and expert sink installers are needed for the job.

  • Top mount

A top mount sink is dropped into a hole in the counter. This is easier to install since the sink will not need support. Because of this, the price to hire installers for this kind of sink is cheaper.

This is, however, not that easy to maintain since the lip of the sink can accumulate dirt and stains. Because the corners of the sink lip will prevent you from cleaning it thoroughly using regular cleaning methods, you need to schedule intense cleaning sessions to prevent the sink from accumulating stains.

  • Undermount

Undermount sinks are more sleek-looking than top mount sinks because there are no lips that are noticeable on the surface of the sink and counter. However, it is more expensive to install because it requires internal support to ensure that it will not drop when being used.

Stainless steel undermount sinks can be installed using glue while ceramic types require internal support. The heavier the sink material is, the costlier it will be to install because adhering the sink to the underside of the counter will not guarantee strength and stability. You also need to hire expert sink installers to make sure that the sink will not fall when it is filled with water.

Choosing the right sink material and sink type is essential in having an advantageous sink. Whether you are installing a sink on your kitchen or bathroom, you need to make sure that you are choosing the best options so that your investment will be worth it.

The right type of sink and sink material will last for a very long time when installed properly. Hence, it is also important to consider the contractor that you are hiring for the project. Take your time in selecting the installer so that you won’t have problems with your sink sooner than you expect.

Types of Sink and Materials to Ask Local Sink Installation Contractors Near Me About

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