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Do You Need to Install Split Entry Additions to Your Home?

If the design of your house is something that has a split entry, then you may need to have a bi-level, tri-level or a split-level added into your home. Most of the split entry homes are not really very huge. Thus, as your family grows, you might want to consider split entry additions instead of having to go through the hassles of transferring to a new house and selling your existing house.

Although it is definitely possible to install more square footage to some of the split entry homes, the overall cost of having a split entry addition might not be worth the small space that you will end up gaining. Because most of the split entry homes are made without any actual ground level floor, you might probably have to either install additional split entry at the lower level, which is usually located underground, or perhaps add it at the upper level, which is often raised above ground. Both these options will require a lot of construction work and will most likely be more expensive than having to move into a new house.

Addition of Split Entry

If you simply want to add a little bit more outdoor space in your home, an ideal option for your addition is a front porch or a deck. Both these fixtures will not require major renovation of your house and it will also not be nearly as expensive as adding a whole new room on either the lower or upper level of your home.

Adding split entry in the form of a deck will definitely have to be done at the back of the house and has to be elevated into a similar height as that of the upper level of your house. Elevated decks are usually a bit more difficult to install unlike the ground level decks.

However, any average homeowner who has knowledge on basic carpentry skills and has the right tools and resources can still build these. A front porch is perhaps the easiest type of split entry installation because this is to be installed at the ground level and is often right in front of the house. This type of addition will be more likely something that a homeowner can do by themselves, but perhaps with a little help from a decking professional.

The split entry additions are a popular home remodeling project since a lot of the split-level houses were built during the 1970s when the average home comes with smaller bedrooms and that the total area is just around 1,500 to 2,000 square feet. These days, a lot of homeowners will much rather opt for bigger sized bedrooms and bathrooms and homes are usually up to 3,000 square feet.

Options for Split Level and Tri-level Homes

If you have a house that is split level or tri-level design, then you should think of ways on how you can remedy this. First of all, you can perhaps do a search online for design inspirations on tri-level homes. Then gather these ideas and choose which among these will work best for your home.

As for the bi-level home additions, these might be a bit more complicated since unlike the single floor home, you cannot just add an exterior wall and then create an extension. Careful planning is required in order for you to know where you need to build such addition. Will the addition be installed at the ground level so it could be built into a slab? Or will it be at the second or third level of the tri-level home where you need a basement or a first floor in order to support the second level?

Split-level houses were famous during the 20th century, although these are now being viewed as far from being unfashionable. This is a bit unfair since the split-level houses have unique designs, along with its fair share of benefits.

These are a bit tricky to be remodeled most especially if you are thinking of building an addition. The various levels and number of staircases can also mean that installing an addition could also mean taking more into account than what it would for a more traditional designed house or that of a two story house.

Things to Consider When Building Split Entry

There are several important things to consider when you decide to build a split entry for your home and these are some of them.

  • If you are thinking of adding a new level into your house, then you can have this level to be built right above the lowest point in order to give it more symmetry and balance, along with the roof lines.
  • If you are planning to include a long dimension for a house, ensure that it will make both sides to balance in width and height including that of the doors and windows.

The split-level designs are also becoming popular since they have articulate designs and character that will catch the people’s eyes. The designs are not only appealing to the eyes, but the structure also spells elegance.

The distinct separation of the split-level into another will be very stylish. Thus, it would be wise to choose the right company or architect for the job. They should have a good reputation and received several recommendations from other customers. Building a spacious additional split entry that has balance and symmetry is extremely important. It might be expensive; however, it is worth the money, time and effort.

If you want to know how much this project should cost you, then you might as well request for quotation from various contractors in your area. Some contractors also provide a number of workbooks that can help you with planning and organizing the installation of the split entry.

Tips to Building Split Entry

Here are some tips before you go on with the split entry installation.

  • Decide how much your available budget is.
  • Search and save design ideas online.
  • Hire a designer who can review your needs and the current condition of your home. Follow their advice and ask for suggestions about your preferred design ideas.
  • Update the design and budget, if necessary.
  • If you prefer DIY job, check with the local government and see if a permit is necessary.
  • After you talk to the contractors, jot down the detailed specifications about your project.
  • Review quotes properly and perform a background check or ask for references. Check their previous work before you sign the contract.
  • Review the contract before you sign.

It should be noted that the cost of having a split entry added into your home would greatly vary. This is often due to various factors. Among these are the labor cost that the contractor will charge, your preferences on the fixtures and materials and how much work you wanted to get done. Choosing average or expensive materials for this remodeling project will surely play an important role in the overall cost of the project. So if you are trying to save money, you better do your research well before you hire any contractors.

Do You Need to Install Split Entry Additions to Your Home?

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