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Choosing the Right Local Contractor is the Key to Successful Split Foyer Additions

A split foyer installation might seem like a complicated project but if you hire the best company at the onset of the job, then you will not have to deal with any issues.  The key to the successful installation of the split foyer is hiring the right contractor who is well organized and is good at pre-planning.

Before you proceed with looking for a company to hire, it would be a good idea to first inspect and carefully evaluate the status of your existing structure, especially on the area where you need to install the addition. In order to prepare the area, evaluation of the existing landscaping might be necessary, as well as the existing structural items such as load bearing walls, heating system, electrical system and inside walls. The changes on these areas must also be evaluated in order to ensure a minimal amount of reconstruction and in order to allow for the proper functionality of your home during the process of construction.

If the project will require expanding or renovating the existing split foyer, you may need to evaluate the same areas in order to ensure that you are on target with the construction plans of your home. Regardless of the type of split foyer additions that your project will require, it is important that the contractors will come up with a rough drawing of what the addition will turn out to be. A simplified floor plan of the design that you want can also help the architects or contractors to come up with a blueprint for the project.

Planning the Split Foyer Installation

When you are making plans for the installation of the split foyer, you need to think really hard about what you want to achieve and also consider each and every potential purpose of the addition. You may also want to consider the existing architectural style of your home and then come up with plans for the materials that will complement well with the existing structure.

The split foyer can definitely help to increase the value of your home property, giving your home a whole new appearance while also providing a functional entryway space for your convenience. To ensure that you will be getting the best value for the installation, consider requesting for various quotations from different contractors who can estimate the overall cost of the project.

As you start choosing the contractors, you may want to evaluate the pricing as well as the level of communication with them as well. You need to ensure that the company you will be dealing with understands what it is that you have in mind and that you should be able to openly talk to them without any hesitation.

Building a split foyer for your home is truly a good investment. Just make sure that you choose the contractor that will prioritize your best interest and those that will work along with you during the entire duration of the project.

Split Level Homes

Homeowners who have split level homes usually have a love and hate relationship with their property. They love the huge living space that it provides, as well as the privacy that the design of the house can offer. Moreover, they love the fact that their teens can be alone on their own room at the top level of the house or at the lower level, while the parents can have their own space at the main level of the living room. They also love the feel of having a multilevel house but without the need to trudge up towards the full flights of stairs.

On the other hand, a split-level house will divide the house to several distinct boxes or into areas that could make it difficult for the spaces to link with each other. Furthermore, the entries are usually cramped up and might seem to be challenging for the modern homeowners.

Origin of Split Level Houses

Split level homes are also known for their prestigious origin. According to history, it is Frank Lloyd Wright who is the inventor of this style, which dates back to the 20th century. Wright believes that split level homes are an affordable means for any average American Family. But it is not until after the World War II, which is during the housing boom, that the split level style has started to become very popular and has gained fame all over the country. It has then become the mainstay of mid level residential houses during the fifties and the sixties.

Split level homes are essentially non-traditional. These houses are usually modest and efficient in their manner to use space. There are two different types of splits for this style.

There’s the classic split level home, which includes a one-story side as well as a two-story side. You can get access to the house on the single-story, where you will usually find the living room, dining area and the kitchen. At the two-story side, you will find the bedrooms and bathrooms and downstairs, you will find the family room, garage and laundry room. Half flights of the stairs link each level of the house. This is what a split level house should be like. All split level houses are equipped with at least three levels, although most of these houses also come with a fourth level right under the formal living room or at the entry level.

The other variety of the split level house is called the split entry. This is a two-story house that comes with an entryway halfway in between the lower and the upper floors. If you get into the split entry house, you will be walking into a landing that is in between the two “half flight” stairs. You will need to go all the way up or go down in order to reach certain areas of the house.

Main Concerns About Split Level House

Because split level houses are built as an economical option to the more traditional and colonial homes that are usually popular in the previous years, a lot of the houses were constructed with little to no attempt at adding detail or charm to the house. The windows of these houses are usually limited and the facades are often dominated with huge garage doors.

The most common complaints are on the cooling and heating problems. Since the house is split and has multiple levels, the area is often plagued with cold and hot spots. Here are some of the main concerns that you could face when you remodel your house with a split foyer.

  • Division of the functions of each room.
  • Lack of details outside and inside.
  • Insufficient entry area as the stairs is often too close into the front door due to the split entry design.

As with any home remodeling project, you will have lots of options when it comes to the split foyer additions. This depends on your available budget, as well as your situational needs.

There are certainly benefits that come with adding a split foyer to your home. You just have to be creative with the design and make sure that you hire the right company for the job.

Choosing the Right Local Contractor is the Key to Successful Split Foyer Additions

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