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Here are Some Simple Ideas for a Split Foyer House Remodel

So you finally decided to have your split foyer house remodeled. This is good. While remodeling a home, any home, will become a must sooner or later, split foyer homes are good candidates for a remodeling project. This is because it’s not that complicated to do but the result can be amazing!

It goes without saying that this type of home is different from a bungalow. This is why ideas for a bungalow remodel won’t necessarily work with a split foyer house.

The main difference is the fact that the entrance of a split foyer home leads to 2 sets of stairs that lead to the upper and lower levels of the home. This is why priority should be given to the entrance foyer because it’s your home’s centerpiece.

In addition, there’s also the fact that the lower level is usually only partially above ground. This means that it’s going to be a challenge to install new windows.

You don’t have to worry. It has been done before. Countless of homeowners have successfully remodeled their home, and we’re here to share you some ideas for a successful project.

Ideas that can Help You

Make sure to consider these ideas for a successful split foyer house remodel:

  • Take advantage of natural lights to improve the ambiance of the entrance foyer.

As mentioned, you should prioritize the entrance foyer. The simple act of improving its lighting can do lots of wonders and in most cases, it’s just a matter of adding natural light.

You should take advantage of natural light because it’s cheaper in the long run. While you can invest on artificial lighting that will look amazing, that will really increase your energy bills. This is why you should take advantage of a free lighting source – the sun!

A good remodeling contractor will instead recommend the addition of large windows. Make sure that they’re installed in such a way that they will let in natural light to illuminate the entrance foyer and the stairs. This way, it will be both beautiful and functional. The natural light will add appeal and will help prevent accidents because the stairs will be illuminated.

You can complement this with artificial lighting fixtures. Make sure that they can be adjusted so you can adjust them when necessary.

With these split foyer home remodel ideas, you can instantly improve your home and save on energy bills in the process.

  • Change the color transition.

Your home has to look seamless. This is why you have to consider the transition of colors. Again, it all starts with the entrance. The color transition should be seamless from there to the other levels of the house.

To achieve harmony, choose colors that complement one another. Avoid choosing colors that clash especially colors that are bright. Doing so can lead to an unpleasant appearance. Your house will stand out but not in a good way.

This is why it’s important that you hire an experienced remodeler that specializes on split foyer homes. They’ll have color recommendations that will lead to a harmonious home.

Determine if you want privacy or not for the stairs. You can cover the treads if you prefer privacy so people won’t be able to see what’s beyond the stairs. If privacy is not a concern, have the treads uncovered.

  • Add a touch of art.

In a lot of cases, adding art can really create a lot of positive difference. You probably have a lot of bare walls. Adding thoughtful art can really improve your home’s interiors.

Fill the blank spaces with art pieces. They don’t have to be expensive. You just have to make sure that they work with your home’s theme.

You also have dividers that are bare to look at. They’re functional but other than that, they don’t do much. This is why you should consider adding art to them.

  • Add tables.

If there’s a lot of a blank space, you should consider adding tables especially by the entrance. They can add appeal and functionality. Entrance hall tables can serve as a place to put things that you bring in or out of your home like keys. This way, you won’t misplace them anymore.

  • Add indoor plants.

This is another simple idea that can do wonders. They’re beautiful to look at and will add a breath of fresh air into your home…literally! They will help purify the air and improve the oxygen level in your home.

The flooring plays an important role when it comes to the overall appeal of a home. With upper and lower levels, you also have to consider how your flooring transitions from one level to the next. There should be a harmonious transition so as not to confuse people.

To simplify things, just hire a remodeling expert that specializes on split foyer flooring. This can help ensure a seamless transition. They can also ensure safety.

Hire a Contractor for the Project

You have a unique opportunity to do wonders with this split foyer house remodeling project. With the help of a good contractor, you can even achieve two looks for a single house! While most of the ideas listed above can be implemented by a trained DIYer, don’t let the opportunity of having a better-looking and more functional split foyer home pass you by. Hire a remodeler and get help with the split foyer remodel plans and execution to get the best results!

Talk to contractors that specialize in this area. Ask them for their ideas. Have them recommend remodeling ideas and let them explain their recommendations. This way, you can gauge their expertise and you can really see if they have your home’s best interests at heart.

Ask 3 or 4 of the best companies for an itemized quote. This way, you can compare and choose the best one for you. With the help of a remodeling contractor, you’ll have a split foyer house that will look and feel brand new.