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Things You Need to Know Before You Partake On a Local Split Level Exterior Remodel Service Near Me

The split level design of a house is said to have been inspired from a ranch, which, in turn, was derived from the low profile Prairie homes of Frank Lloyd Wright, as well as his straightforward Usonian houses. The split level is what divides the private and public spaces through the short half levels. The split has been originally built for sloping sites, although the interior visual connections that it created has been so popular that it has become a part of the new style.

The split level homes have actually made a comeback in the recent years. If you drive around in the new neighborhoods, you will find so many variations of split level houses. You will also find some split level homes on older and more established neighborhoods.

These types of houses first appeared in the year 1930s, although it really came into their own at the time of the building boom, right after the World War II.

These days, there are older split level homes that need a lot of updating. Your best bet when it comes to split level exterior remodel is to embrace everything that is classic in its style.

Understanding More About Split Level Homes

Split level houses are essentially a type of multi-level structure that is non traditional. These houses are usually modest in design and are always efficient in terms of their usage of space.

There are basically two types of splits available. The classic split level generally includes a one story side and then a two story side. When you get inside the single story, you will find the kitchen, living room and the dining area. At the two story side you will also have bathrooms and bedrooms upstairs as well as a family room, and then a garage and laundry room downstairs. Stairs that are half-flights are what’s connecting each of the level.

The other variety of split level home is called the split entry. This design features a two story house that has an entry that’s located halfway in between the lower and the upper floors. Once you get into the split entry house, you will walk into a landing in between the two half flights of stairs. You will either have to go down or up in order to reach any area of the house.

Most of the split entry houses are vintage and the curb appeal might need to be updated. Upgrading and improving the exterior finish and adding trim details as well as additional windows can possibly make updating the house seem possible. Closing the gap in between the family room and the existing kitchen might require totally relocating the family room, or in other words, having to create an addition at the kitchen level that will allow more space for gathering at the living room.

A small addition at the exterior of your home can push the front door out, thereby providing sufficient amount of space that will lead to the creation of a gracious entry point to your home. And just like with any home remodeling job, there will be lots of options to choose from that could fit well with your budget and situational needs.

Advantages and Challenges of Split Level Homes

There are various advantages to split level homes and this is why many homeowners will opt for a split level remodeling. These designs are a sensible way to accommodate sloped lots or to build in a flat lot without having to do a lot of excavation work.

With this design, moving through your house will be much easier, unlike with a traditional two story house because there will only be a half flight of stairs in between any given level. In addition, the lower level of the house will be partially built above the ground and this will allow much more light to get in, unlike having a traditional basement.

But just like with anything else, there are also challenges that come with having a split level home. There will usually be no dedicated entry area on split level homes, since you often end up stepping right directly into the living room. Although there will be a separate entry, this is usually invariably cramped and small, which leaves everyone feeling that they will end up tumbling down the stairs if they are not being careful.

The main level of the house is usually half a story right above the backyard that impacts the outdoor and indoor connections. Half flight of stairs will usually be required at the exterior in order to reach the level where the front door is and these are usually not designed well and are a bit too awkward to negotiate.

Most requests about remodeling split level exterior will replicate requests that are common to any type of houses and this includes opening up into rooms that are at the main floor area in order to come up with a great room and in order to build a more spacious master bedroom. The added challenge of remodeling a split level exterior is to revise the entry in order to improve the home’s curb appeal during the process.

If you are thinking of getting your split level exterior remodeled, then it is best that you work with an architect or a professional who can best accomplish your goals and come up with a master plan. You probably found something intriguing in your house when you first bought it so work with the style of your house instead of working against it.

While it might be a challenge to get the exterior of your split entry home to be updated, hiring a good architect will make the job a breeze. With a little bit of work and some creativity, the architect can come up with a gracious entry for your home, along with a stylish look at the exterior of your split level home, while you enjoy the comfort of living in a mid century style house.

Hire the Best Split Level Remodeling Contractor Near Me

Regardless of the style of your split level home, there are certain standards that must be kept and adhered to during the remodeling of the split level exterior. Low quality products and remodeling services can only lead to frustration and low life expectancy. This is the reason why you should make sure to hire only the best contractor that can remodel your split level exterior.

You should only deal with contractors who have wide level of experience in remodeling split level homes. They should have worked with several clients over the years, helping them in achieving the kind of look that they want for their home. It is recommended that you first contact them for a free consultation so you can discuss with them about your options as well as your budget parameters.

The contractors will usually ask you some important questions like how long do you plan on living in such place and what changes are you longing to see. You also need to inform them of what your long term vision is. Other important things that you need to discuss with these professionals are the budgeting and rough ideas on the overall cost of the remodeling project.

Things You Need to Know Before You Partake On a Local Split Level Exterior Remodel Service Near Me

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