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Here’s Everything You Need to Know about Local Swimming Pool Remodeling Contractors Near Me

If you want a swimming pool in your backyard, this is not just the time when you spend a couple of Sunday afternoons and then all of the sudden you have a swimming pool. This is a project where you contact different local swimming pool remodeling contractors near me, choose the one you like most and work with him so you can have your backyard turned into the oasis you dreamed of. You can’t just dig a hole yourself and fill it with water. Building or remodeling a swimming pool is a complicated project that you need a lot of help with.

The benefits of having one are many, but it takes a lot of work to get one just the way you want it. Additionally, there are a lot of considerations you have to take into account, as well as the style that you want. Unless you want a kiddie pool, you will want to get help.

Inside or Outside?

First of all, you need to decide if this is going to be a pool that is inside or outside. Depending on what you prefer, and what it will be used for, you’ll first need to settle on this. There are advantages to both.

One of the advantages of an inside pool is that you may be able to use it all year round to get a good workout. Did you know that swimming is in fact one of the healthiest forms of exercise you can get? Both pools will allow you to cool down during the warm summer months, but the inside pool is not limited to the summer.

With an inside pool, you have the additional comfort of having more privacy depending on how it is made, and you can more easily control the temperature than you can with an outside pool, which is nice if you don’t like the water to be too cold.

It is also easier to maintain than an outside one since there won’t be a lot of things that happen to fall in it from surrounding trees or just other things, and as consequence you’re also able to use less chemicals in it and have the water be more natural.

The advantage with an outside pool is naturally that you are able to get sun directly, and have some great parties there. Although you may do that with an inside pool too, people associate pool parties with outside pools.

Different Types of Pools

As well as deciding if the pool should be inside or outside, the design or type of pool is also one that needs to be determined. You have a lot of different options to choose from.


Not the most glamorous option, but it does come with some benefits. Should you at some point choose to move, this is an option you can take with you since you won’t be putting it in the actual ground. If you live in a rocky area where the ground is very hard, this one will also be easier to set up than one that requires a lot of digging.


This option looks great in every way. It has been built so it feels like one with the house. You will probably need an architect to design this for you so that it fits with the style of the house.


This is your average family’s pool. It doesn’t have the intricate design of an architectural one, but it will keep your family happy, and you’ll be able to throw some great parties there too. If you have the budget, you can add a slide and other features.

Infinity pool

They are custom-built next to houses that have an amazing view, generally on a slope or a cliff where you will be able to overlook the horizon. This is not the cheapest option you can go with by any length.

Lap pool

A lap pool is for those people that like to stay in shape by swimming. They’re long and narrow with the main intention of letting one person use it to swim laps.


Does surrounding your pool by rocks and perhaps including a waterfall sound tempting? It can even be added to it so it becomes self-cleaning.


A spool is a combination of a spa and a pool. It’s a lot smaller than your usual pool but bigger than a spa, allowing you to soak and relax after a long day.

How Big is the Pool Going to be?

When you’re installing a pool, you will need to think about the size that you are trying to have in your backyard. If you like using your backyard too, you may not want to make it too big, but if you have the space, why not go all in?

Services Offered

Having a swimming pool installed gives you a lot of responsibilities. Your relationship with your chosen swimming pool contractor near me doesn’t stop at the installation. There will come a time when you’ll need help when it comes to maintenance, and you should see if the contractor provides maintenance too. Sooner or later, there will be things that need to be repaired.

Cost of the Pool

Investing the money in installing a big pool is obviously a significant amount of money we’re talking about. You will want to make sure you consider the different aspects carefully to make something that fits with the house.

The bigger the option you go for, the more it will end up costing, and something more advanced and custom is also a larger investment than a spool, for example.

To get the most accurate cost, ask for quotes from different contractors. For reference, a fiberglass pool will usually start at $11,000, since it also costs a lot to have it shipped to where you live.

How to Find a Good Company

Finding the right company to install your pool is important. We have included some tips for you to follow to make sure your adventure ends up a good one.

First off, start of by filling out the form at the top of this page to get quotes from 4 different contractors. The better you fill out the form, the better they will know how to help you. When you are being contacted by them, make sure to look at how well they try to work with you, if they are good at communicating and pay attention to your desires.

Then, when you get the quotes, ask them to make them itemized, so you can see everything you’d be paying for. Find out how long they’ve been in business and where they installed pools previously. Get references you can contact.

Only when you feel at ease with one, should you sign a contract.

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