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5 Amazing Things to Do in Portland

5 Amazing Things to Do in Portland

Are you visiting the city, or maybe living there but trying to explore its many opportunities? We’ve combined a list of things you should consider doing if you’re visiting Portland.


Shopping Without Sales Tax

no sales tax in portland

Have you been looking to buy jewelry or other expensive items, but you never made it around to buying it because it seemed just slightly too expensive? We have good news for you – there is no sales tax in the state of Oregon, and this will just make everything you buy slightly less expensive. However, before you go out and start doing a lot of shopping during your trip, you should check what those items would cost where you live, including the cost of the sales tax. If you then see the same or comparable item in Portland, you’ll be able to compare the costs you’d be paying each place.

We encourage you to check out Pioneer Place in Downtown. With more than 50 stores, we’re sure your need for shopping will be satisfied, and additionally you can take the time to visit the different options for eating to top off your experience.

Take Your Kids to Oregon Museum of Science and Industry

Take Your Kids to Oregon Museum of Science and Industry

Do you have naturally curious kids that love to learn by actively engaging with their surroundings? The Oregon Museum of Science and Industry, OMSI, allows your kids not only to burn off some of all that energy they got by interacting with the many different elements of the museum, but they might even end up coming out of there having learned a thing or two. This may just be the thing that will spark their interest for science. OMSI also offers eating possibilities in its renovated Theory Café.

Explore the Outdoors

forest park Portland

For those that enjoy the outdoors, you may just want to explore the many possibilities Portland has to offer. Forest Park not only offers interesting wild life, but also 70 miles of trails, ideal for runners and people that appreciate hiking, and if you have a dog, he’ll definitely enjoy the more relaxing outdoors, although you will need to have your dog on a leash. Simply want to appreciate the outdoors without without walking around too much? Portland Rose Garden has more than 10,000 roses for you to be amazed by, and considered a must-see by many that visit the region. Its spectacular views of downtown are appreciated by hundreds of thousands of visitors each year, and best of all is that you won’t even have to pay to visit it. With more than 650 varieties of roses, the Portland Rose Garden is surely worth a visit.

Visit Cultural Sites For an Experience You Will Never Forget

food cart in Portland

Piano. Push. Play rescues old pianos and puts them on the street so everyone can enjoy their wonder. Not only does this provide interesting visual experiences, it also allows you to try your skills on these wonders, and maybe you might even end up picking up a new hobby as a result.

Portland also offers great opportunities to appreciate art, perhaps most remarkably with its three monthly days of art walks. First Thursday, First Friday and Last Thursday of the month are great possibilities to go do something cultural.

Go on a Guided Tour in Portland

bike tours Portland

With a city as adventurous as Portland, you can go on almost any kind of guided tour you may desire, from food truck tours, of which there are more than 600 within the city limits, to taking a Brewcycle to the many breweries across the city. Of course, the city also offers more traditional tours, and there truly is something for everyone willing to explore the city either on foot, bicycling or on a bus.

No matter if you’re a tourist or living in Portland, there are lots of things you can do in this marvelous city.