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Walk In Bathtub with Shower Installation Cost

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Everything You Need to Know about the Walk In Bathtub with Shower Installation Cost

There are so many benefits that come with investing in a walk in bathtub, especially if it comes with a shower as well. We all want to go home to a warm and soothing bath and shower, especially after a hard day’s work.

But in order to make those bathing moments even more soothing and relaxing, incorporating a walk in bathtub with shower on your bathroom remodeling project is definitely a good idea. But how much money should you be spending for this project?

Installing a new walk in bathtub or replacing your existing bathtub with the walk in model can create a luxurious, comfortable and safe spa environment in your bathroom. However, installing a walk in bathtub with shower is not only a time consuming project, but a labor intensive endeavor as well. Except if you consider yourself a skilled plumber or carpenter, then it might be best for you to hire a professional bathtub and shower installation company that can get things done the right way.

The average cost to get a walk in bathtub with shower installed is at $6,800, and can range from $4,000 to $10,000, depending on the type of shower and tub as well as the modifications that will be required. The average cost of the tub and shower fixture ranges from $1,000 to $3,000 and even more.

Type of Bathtub

As mentioned, the type of bathtub and shower that you want will have a big factor in the walk in bathtub with shower installation cost. When it comes to choosing a walk in bathtub, it is important that you consider various physical issues such as the following:

  • How big do you want the bathtub to be?f
  • How much room do you want to have?
  • Where will it be installed?
  • How do you want to surround your tub?

You also need to think of the overall style of the bathtub. Would you want the tub to be luxuriously designed for soaking and sitting? Or if you want to splurge, you can probably go for the Jacuzzi or whirlpool design. Or if you are in your senior years or have limited mobility, then the walk in bathtub with shower would be a perfect choice.

All these things should be taken into consideration before you start with the installation project. If you do a search online, you will find that there is a huge variety of bathtubs available. The finish and material usually determine the cost. The right material of your bathtub will basically depend on the style that you want, how frequent you will use the tub, and many more.

Walk In Tubs with Shower For Seniors

Walk in tubs that come with showers are usually preferred for seniors or individuals who have limited mobility. As you know, most of the bathtubs are designed in a way that it will be hard and dangerous for some people to get in. But with the walk in tubs, seniors and people with disabilities will have safe access to the tub and they also get to enjoy other comfortable features that can prevent them from slipping and falling while using the bathroom. With these bathroom fixtures, bathing experience will usually be less of a struggle, especially for the elderly and to your loved ones who have disabilities.

Walk in shower tubs are also designed to provide hydrotherapy and massage to the user. There are tubs that come equipped with powerful jet systems that gently massage your skin while you take a bath. The water system is designed in a way that it will target certain muscle groups in your body, such as the lower back and hips, as well as the feet. The shower systems are great for those who are suffering from joint problems and arthritis. This is often due to the fact that the buoyancy of water will significantly reduce, providing you with a soothing and rejuvenating pressure at the joints.

Benefits of Walk in Bathtub with Shower Installation

A lot of people will consider getting their bathroom remodeled due to the health benefits that a spa and walk in tub brings. With a walk in tub with shower, you get to enjoy the warm water that will flow into your skin pores and hydrate your skin. Most of the walk in tubs are equipped with special jets that will make water to flow into your skin in a way that it will help to enhance the circulation of blood. Once enough oxygen is supplied all over your body, your body’s metabolic function will be improved and will get rid of toxins.

High quality walk in tubs can help to create a state of comfortable and total relaxation that helps one to get better sleep. These bathroom comforts also help to improve heart health while also lowering blood pressure at the same time.

Just like any remodeling project for your bathroom, installing a walk in bathtub with shower can surely increase your property’s value. If you ever decide to sell your home, then you can be rest assured that this new installation will serve as your major selling point. Not a lot of homes come with walk in tubs and shower so having this equipment installed will give you an edge when it comes to putting your property in the market.

Other Things to Consider

Aside from the things mentioned, there are several other things you need to consider before you get a walk in tub installed in your home. Here are some of them.

  • Level of comfort – as much as possible, give the tub a try before you decide to purchase it. You can perhaps lie down or sit on it and see if you are comfortable in it. Or perhaps, you can ask the person who will be using it to give it a try. You need to also consider the placement of other fixtures aside from the shower. Moreover, think of the overall compatibility of the tub and shower to your body frame.
  • Water heater requirement – a new walk in tub with shower could tax your water heater and you might consider upgrading your existing water heater or install another water heater. In this case, you may need to spend $600 to a thousand more.
  • Structural support – depending on the size of the walk in tub as well as its material composition, it might be necessary that flooring will be reinforced into the tub. When you consider this option, you must take into account not only the weight of the tub, but also the weight of the added water as well and the person who will be using it.

Installing a walk in tub with shower will require careful thought as well as a good deal of energy and time. Choosing the right material and style for the tub and shower is important. You also need to address all the structural, plumbing and aesthetic issues to ensure that the installation will be a success.

And in order not to encounter legal problems while the project is going on, you must make sure that you have complied with all the building codes.  If done the right way, a new walk in tub with shower can certainly improve your bathroom’s beauty and functionality.