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What Moisturizer Should I Use? 5 Tips to Help You Out!

What Moisturizer Should I Use

Your skin is a very delicate part of your body and finding the right moisturizer will not only make it look better, but it will also help it feel better. But finding out exactly what moisturizer you should be using may not be obvious, so we’ve compiled a list of tips to help make the decision easier for you.

There are different moisturizers you should know about, as this will make the whole selection process to go smoothly, and that your skin ends up coming out as beautiful as possible. A general misconception is that the moisturizer will actually be adding water to your skin. If that was everything it took, all you would need to do would be to go and take a shower, however, things are unfortunately not that simple. What they will do is that they will attract and trap the water that your skin naturally has. There are a bunch of natural and homemade ways you can consider, but there are also a lot of excellent options on the market. For a good moisturizer to work, it will contain¬†humectants, ceramides and/or emollients, which are the components that will help attract the water and get it to your skin’s outer layers. This will in turn help your skin repair itself. Depending on your skin and how dry your skin currently is, your skin will either be in need of one type or the other. Additionally, the climate you’re in will also play a big role.


These kind of components will draw out water to keep it hydrated, and this is best for humid climates.


This component is generally more recommended for the body less so than the face. Additionally, it is better for more mature skin, and if the general environment you’re in is more dry.


These will act slightly differently by filling those natural gaps between cells in the skin, and the skin will become smoother and a lot better hydrated also. If your skin is extremely dehydrated this may be the option you’ve been looking for. Additionally, this is great for maturing skin.


This works better for skin with less dryness as well as people with eczema. It is also a component that naturally occurs in your skin, and adding it to the skin that is lacking ceramides, you’ll make your skin better able to retain water.

Now that you know more about the components in the moisturizer, it is also easier to know what you should be aware of when finding out which ones matches your needs.

Tips For Finding the Right Moisturizer

When you’re on track to help your skin, there are different things to consider.

  • Find out the purpose of the product you’re buying

Are you looking for something with anti-aging effects? What is the purpose of the product for you?

  • Do you get frequent breakouts, so will the solution you get need to take this into account?

As well as the purpose of the product, this is a factor to consider when choosing. If you’re having breakouts, it probably means the product you’re using isn’t the right one.

  • Consider the current state of your skin.

Some products are better for very dry skin, others will be better under more normal conditions.

  • How oily is your skin?

The level of oiliness of your skin will affect product you will be needing. The morning is really the best time to think about this. Stand in front of the mirror and look at what you’re seeing.

  • What is the season you’re currently in, and is your skin different as a result?

You may want to consider whether you need to use a different product in the summer versus in the winter. If it’s cold and windy, it tends to dry out the skin, and you could therefore need a different product from your normal ones.

  • Match them with the other makeup products you may be using.

What you probably know is that your makeup products are either water- or oil-based. If your primer is water-based and your foundation is oil-based, they’ll repel each other, and this is really a fundamental makeup tip. Be sure to use your moisturizing cream before you use any primer, though.

Take care of your home by remodeling it, you also want to make sure your skin has the best possible conditions, and moisturizing it is simply one of the things you need to do.