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6 Factors Affecting Garage Door Installation Contractor Cost

Garage door installation projects need to be planned properly to ensure that the garage door installation contractor cost will not exceed your budget while ensuring that the quality of your garage door is satisfactory. If your garage is connected to your home, you need to ensure that the security of your garage door is doubled. Since it is a big entrance to your home, you need to ensure that it is secured and intruders will not be able to get through it easily. Hence, you need to make sure that you are planning the project properly.

Even if the workers are the ones who will execute the installation, you need to be aware of the procedures. This way, you can determine where you should splurge and where you can tighten your budget. This will prevent your garage door from being made up of cheap quality materials due to improper allocation of your budget.

Factors Determining the Cost of Hiring Garage Door Installation Companies

Here are some factors that determine the cost of garage door installation. It’s worth reading the list as it will enable you to determine which parts would cost more and which ones you need to invest in to achieve a secure, convenient and aesthetically appealing garage door.

  • Type of door to be installed.

There are basically 4 types of garage door styles: swing-out, swing-up, roll-up and sliding. The style of the garage door will often depend on the size of your garage and the size of your vehicles. If your garage is located in an area where a swinging door is not an option since it takes up a lot of space, the roll-up one is suggested by garage door installers.

The driveway leading to your garage will also help determine the type of garage door you will have. It the driveway allows your vehicle to be maneuvered towards the garage without obstructions and the driveway is wide enough to allow swinging doors, any type of door will do. But, if the driveway is fairly small, tight or short, you need to choose a garage door type that does not consume a lot of space when opening and closing such as a roll-up door or a sliding door.

  • Size of garage door to be installed.

Whether you need to have your garage door resized or just replaced with a new one, the size of the door itself will affect the cost of the project. Though, simply replacing the garage door will not cost you more as long as size is concerned.

Resizing the door, even if you need it to be smaller, might cost more since the installers will need to resize the opening of the garage to fit the new door. If you need to have the door smaller, builders will need to extend the walls around the garage door to make the opening smaller. On the other hand, when you need the door to be bigger, parts of the garage opening will be broken down to allow for a bigger door. This will also require more materials for the garage door itself, which will cost you more money to build.

  • Location where the property is.

Your location will also affect the cost of your garage door installation project. If you are located in a city or state where garage services are expensive, expect to pay a higher price than those who are living in areas where garage projects are not costly.

The difference between labor costs might not be too big but the price of the materials might have a big impact on the overall cost of your project. There are some cities where certain materials or garage door models are not available and they need to be ordered from nearby cities. It will cost more money since the transportation of the products will be shouldered by the customers.

  • Customization options.

Depending on your needs and preferences, you can order customizations on your garage door. You can have additional lights installed in the garage door to allow you to easily maneuver your vehicle when parking or leaving at night. The way the door opens can also be customized which will make parking more convenient.

You can also have your garage door remotes reprogrammed to allow you to use your garage door more easily. Additional controls can also be added to allow you to control your garage door more precisely and more conveniently.

  • Removal and disposal of old door.

When you have an old garage door that needs removing and disposal, it will be done by the installers but they may make additional charges. If the door is a bit bigger than the standard ones included in their cleanup services, additional fees may apply.

The location where the old garage door will be disposed will also affect the fees since there are some garage doors that require specific disposal sites to ensure that they will be processed in an eco-friendly way.

There are different rules applied when wiring a garage. Depending on the structure of your garage, the wiring will be different. Detached garages and garages that are unfinished will have a different wiring system than those that are attached to the house and are finished.

Ask your contractor for the price difference so that you can also determine which is pricier. Though, you cannot simply choose a different type of garage wiring since it will depend on the type of garage that you have. It will just enable you to prepare your budget more effectively.

Garage door installation will roughly cost anywhere from $700 to $2,000 or more. Depending on the specifications of your garage door, the price might go up. This is normal, though, since details can make garage door installation costs to go higher, regardless of how affordable your installer might be. Nonetheless, it is still ideal to be aware of the ongoing price so that you can allot a proper budget for your garage door installation project.

6 Factors Affecting Garage Door Installation Contractor Cost

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