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Things To Consider Before You Hire Local Home Remodeling Contractors Near Me

Home remodeling is one of the most beneficial projects that you can invest on for your house. It does not only improve the aesthetic appeal of your home but also enhances its functionality. The value of your property will also increase if you are doing the right home remodeling projects.

Though home renovation is usually an intimidating task due to its size and cost, there are ways on how to make this kind of project a bit easier. Familiarizing yourself with home remodeling projects will enable you to hire the right home remodeling contractors, choose the best materials, negotiate the best prices and determine when a project should be finished. This will allow you to save a lot of time, money and effort, which you can use on other projects that can improve your house and your living conditions.

Benefits of Home Improvement

Before jumping on the wagon of home remodeling, it would be ideal to know its benefits. This way, you can focus your effort on the benefits that you want to achieve. Depending on the type of home renovation that you are doing, you will reap different benefits. Hence, the advantages should be considered when planning for such a project.

  • Comfort

Comfort is the first benefit of home remodeling since adding or changing something within your home, such as adding a window or replacing the siding, will make your living condition better. No matter what home renovation project you are planning, you should prioritize the comfort that it will give you.

Doing so will enable you to enjoy the result of your project even more. No matter how good your home looks, if you are not comfortable in it, the project will not be successful. Thus, you need to make sure that you are obtaining this as one of the results of your home renovation project.

  • Increasing space

Often, when renovating, you will have additional space. Room additions are some of the most common home remodeling projects since they give homeowners additional space for furniture and activities.

Extending existing rooms will also allow you to have more room for certain functions in your home such as entertaining guests and working on home-based jobs.

  • Energy efficiency

Home renovations will also allow you to save energy. Projects such as changing or adding home siding, installing insulation and replacing your roofing will help maintain the ideal temperature in your home. Because warm or cool air cannot escape from the rooms in your house, your HVAC system will not run continuously. This will result in lower energy bills while being comfortable in your home.

Renovating your home can also result in needing lesser amount of artificial light. Adding sun tubes and larger windows will allow natural light to illuminate your house, decreasing your need for artificial lights.

  • Maintenance

When your house is newly renovated, you won’t have to worry about windows, doors, steps and flooring creaking and breaking down. This will save you a lot of money by not having the need to call for emergency repairs that cost a lot.

By having your house renovated, the state of your house will be a lot better. This will keep you from having the need to call for maintenance contractors that will check and make sure that your house is still safe to reside in.

  • Curb appeal

Curb appeal is not only about the beauty of your home but its value as well. When you do renovation projects in your home, its appeal greatly increases. This affects the market value of your house, which is important especially if you are planning on selling your house in the future.

Having no plans of selling your house in the future should not affect your renovation plans, though. Even if you are not planning on selling your home, it is still best to have a remodeling project just for the sake of comfort. You will also appreciate the savings in terms of energy bills as well as the impression neighbors and passers-by will have on your home.

Bathroom Remodel Tips

Remodeling a bathroom can cost a lot. This is one of the most expensive parts of a house to renovate due to its plumbing and electric system. The features and fixtures are also hard to install and replace, making it the most laborious renovation project as well. Knowing some tips on how to make your work easier will ease up the remodeling project so make sure that you use guidelines before starting with your project.

  • Know the average cost for your project

Depending on your goal, the overall cost will vary. Basic bathroom remodeling costs anywhere around $3,000 to $12,000 while mid-range to upper-class remodeling costs about $10,000 to $35,000. Deluxe bathroom remodeling costs about $30,000 to $100,000 and up.

Determine how much you are willing to spend so that you can choose the appropriate type of remodeling for your budget.

  • Leave some features as is.

Removing or replacing some features on your bathroom can cost a lot. Tiles, for example, can make the remodeling cost skyrocket. Hence, determine which features you can leave as is so that you can avoid increasing your renovation cost unnecessarily.

  • Don’t make the toilet the focal point.

Avoid making the toilet the focal point of your bathroom. You should also avoid making it the first thing that you see when the door is open. It is not the most aesthetically appealing feature in the bathroom so it would be best if it is not easily seen, especially if the bathroom door is left open.

  • Plan a lighting scheme.

Planning a lighting scheme will allow you to buy the right types of lighting fixtures for your bathroom. This can help you save money since you can look for the shops with the best prices of the type of lighting you are looking for.

Choosing a lighting scheme will also make your bathroom look more appealing since the right intensity and color of the light will be used.

  • Know the bathroom dimensions.

Knowing more about bathroom dimensions will enable you to properly design your bathroom without sacrificing comfort. Knowing the minimum and maximum sizes of the different parts of your bathroom will keep you from drafting designs that are not appropriate for the intended use of the corners of your bathroom.

This will also ensure that the bathroom fixtures and furniture you are going to purchase are going to fit in your bathroom.

  • Determine the right sink height.

Determine the right height of sink for you. The standard height, which is 36 inches, is not right for everyone. You might want to have a lower or higher sink. So, it would be better to determine how high your sink will be before you hire a contractor so that you can give instructions before work is started. This will ensure that you will be comfortable with your new sink, which is what remodeling is about.

  • Consider a tiny bathtub or a corner sink.

If you don’t have the budget or space for a bigger bathroom but want to be able to move around, you can opt for a smaller bathtub or a corner sink. This will provide you with more moving space around your bathroom without expanding the walls.

This will also give you more room for other bathroom features such as an additional shower or a vanity.

  • Choose the right vanity style for your bathroom design.

The vanity is often the focal point of a bathroom; hence, you need to find the best style and design. It can go with the overall design or it can also be in contrast with the style of your bathroom. You can choose either but be mindful about the end result as choosing a contrasting style can be tricky.

You need to ensure that the vanity design does not make the bathroom look uncoordinated or disorganized even if its design is contrasting with the overall style of the bathroom itself.

  • Choose which aspects to splurge on.

You don’t always have to think about saving money on all the things that you should buy for your bathroom. Even if you are on a budget, you should learn how to choose which aspects you need to splurge on to make your bathroom look expensive even when you are on a budget.

This will also help make some of the frequently used items last longer because you have invested on better quality fixtures.

  • Check the size of the tiles.

Some tiles are not measured in inches but millimeters. Though this seems like a small detail, it can greatly affect the overall design of your renovated bathroom since small changes in tile sizes can alter how they look when installed.

Hence, make sure that the tiles that you are using are measured properly and are the exact size that you are looking for.

  • Consider turning your tub into a shower.

When renovating, turning your bathtub into a shower will not only make your bathroom look bigger but can also save you a lot of money in the long run. Tubs are harder to maintain and can cost a lot; whereas, showers are not that hard to install and maintain.

Having a shower will also enable you to take baths faster, which is ideal if you have busy mornings. Having a tub in only one of your bathrooms is ideal since it can save money. So, if you are renovating one of your bathrooms, it is worth considering converting the tub into a shower.

  • Install the toilet yourself.

Installing a toilet is not that hard since this is the last one that you should do. Once the renovations are complete, you can install the toilet yourself to save on labor fees. Some contractors will agree to this since it is not as hard as installing a bathtub or other fixtures in the room. Just make sure that you learn how to do it properly beforehand.

  • Have multiple ventilation approaches.

Having multiple ways on how to dry your bathroom will help you save money in the long run. Aside from installing an exhaust fan, you can also have a window installed in your renovated bathroom. This way, the damp air can escape and the wind coming from the window can dry the bathroom after you have taken a bath.

  • Be mindful of transitions on the walls and flooring.

Transitions between wood and tiles can have gaps that can lead to water and moisture leakage. Hence, it is important to be mindful of these so that you won’t have to have your walls and floor repaired shortly after your bathroom has been renovated.

The appearance of properly transitioned walls is also greatly affected, hence, it would be best to inspect this area during and after renovation to ensure that there are no unnecessary gaps.

Home Addition Tips

Adding a room to any type of house can be challenging since you need to make the addition look like a part of the entire house. Matching the design of the house and the materials used in the addition can be difficult especially if you have a rather old house. It would be best to know some tips on how to make this work so that you can add a room efficiently.

  • Have a comprehensive plan and budget.

Before you begin with the renovation, you need to make sure that you have a comprehensive plan. This does not only include the design of the new room but also the overall budget that you can allot. Even the smallest details such as the style of the light switches should be determined to guarantee that the renovation will go smoothly.

You don’t have to get back to drafting a design for your addition when you already have a comprehensive one beforehand.

  • Know how you are going to fund the project.

Make sure that you have all the funds needed before you begin the project. If you are planning on re-mortgaging your home or loaning from a financial instruction, make it a point that your loan is approved prior to having the renovation started. This is to ensure that the project will not be halted midway when you find out that you will lack funds to finish the work.

If you can finance the project with your own money, make sure that you can supply the entire budget to avoid making late payments with the team that is working on your project.

  • Determine the size of your addition project.

Of course, you should know the size of your addition so that you won’t be surprised when you receive an estimate from your chosen contractor. A few square feet of addition to the new room will cost a lot since additional materials are needed to expand a room. Hence, make sure that the measurement of your additional room is set before you negotiate about the price of your project.

  • Plan the cooling and heating system.

Of course, you need to plan the cooling and heating system beforehand so that the electric system and HVAC ducts will be easier to install. Make it a point that the planning is also supervised by a professional so that the heating and cooling system will not be faulty.

  • Evaluate the plumbing and electric systems.

The plumbing and electric system should also be evaluated to ensure that these are properly installed. This is especially true if the addition is a bathroom or a kitchen or a part of these rooms.

  • Prepare for the renovation itself.

You need to not be only financially ready but physically and mentally prepared as well. Having a renovation project in your home can be quite an inconvenience even if you are not the one working on the project. The noise and mess can get into you especially for bigger projects that can last for weeks.

Hence, make sure that you have your home renovation started when all of the tenants in your house are prepared. Avoid having renovations during busier days and holidays as this might ruin your celebrations at home.

Kitchen Remodeling

Remodeling a kitchen is also quite intimidating and costly. Hence, you should make sure that you are prepared for it. You should also be ready for the inconvenience that you might experience while having your kitchen remodeled.

  • Know how you are going to use your kitchen.

Knowing how you usually use your kitchen will help with the designing process. Since you are the one who will move around, it would be best to talk with your chosen remodeling contractor which parts of the kitchen you usually use and where you go next. This way, the pattern or order of the cabinets, appliances and sinks are properly planned.

Doing so will prevent you from having unnecessary movements in your kitchen when cooking or preparing something.

  • Be mindful of walkways.

Your kitchen’s walkways should be big and roomy so that you won’t hit the cabinet doors and shelves when looking for something. This is especially true if you are often busy and would need to move around your kitchen freely.

Avoid installing things that can obstruct your walkways as this can make your kitchen an irritating place to be in when you are in a hurry and need to finish a recipe on time. This can also result to accidents and injuries, especially if you frequently need to stoop down to reach something below the countertops.

  • Know the right height for everything.

Knowing the right height for your sink and oven should be prioritized to make it easier for you to work around your kitchen. It is not always advisable to follow the standard height of every detail of your kitchen when renovating. You must focus on your comfort and convenience before anything else since your kitchen should be a place where you can enjoy cooking.

  • Mind the corners.

The corners are the areas where the cabinet doors bump on each other. This is also the area where storage areas are improperly installed or utilized. Hence, when making a plan for your kitchen renovation, make sure that you can make use of these corners without making it hard for you to open cabinet doors simultaneously.

  • Set the function of the island.

The function of the island should be determined before it is designed so that you or your contractor will know the right dimensions for it. The right materials for the counter of your kitchen island will also be easier to select if you know how you are going to use it once the remodeling is done.

  • Consider the countertops.

The countertops of your kitchen can be the focal point of the room. Hence, make sure that you consider them when designing the remodeling project. Research about different types of countertop materials and their pros and cons. Knowing more about them will give you the advantage of choosing the best one for your kitchen regardless of the cost.

There are times when the most expensive options are not the best ones for you. There are cheaper countertop options that will work better for your intended use; you just need to know what these options are. Knowing about this will prevent you from always choosing the costly options that are often recommended by sales personnel just for the sake of making big sales.

  • Utilize the space around the range.

The range is the most used area in your kitchen aside from the sink. Hence, make it a point that it is designed well. Keep frequently used pans, utensils and spices near the range so that you can reach for these items easily.

This will enable you to cook in a shorter period of time. Having things nearby can also save you energy since you won’t have to walk around the kitchen just to get something from a cabinet or drawer that you need to use often when cooking.

  • Use swing-out taps.

Swing-out taps are very convenient since these allow you to full up pots and pans without bringing the pot to the sink. These taps are installed near the range but can be folded out of the way when you are cooking.

This seemingly simple fixture can make your life in the kitchen easier since you won’t have to take pots to the sink just to fill it up with water. Hence, if you are renovating your kitchen, it is worth considering seemingly simple yet functional additions such as this.

  • Have systematic waste bins.

Having systematic waste bins will save a lot of time when you are collecting trash from your kitchen to the bins outside your home. Having systematic bins will also allow you to recycle items, particularly food containers, since you can easily separate which ones you can use and which ones you should throw away.

  • Have the right lighting scheme.

Having the right lighting scheme will not only make your kitchen more appealing but will also make cooking easier, especially during nighttime. Since your kitchen is properly illuminated, you won’t have to worry about cutting yourself or burning food while cooking due to lack of proper lighting.

The right lighting scheme will also affect how you prepare food. When the right type of lighting is installed, you will be able to see the real color of the food you are cooking. This will make your dishes look more appetizing not only to you but also to everyone who will eat on your table.

  • Find a focal point.

Finding a focal point in your kitchen will allow you to know which area you can splurge on. Since the focal point should be the place where you should invest in, you need to set the specific area where this should be. This way, you can save money on other aspects and fixtures in your kitchen while saving a bigger percentage of your budget on the focal point of the room.

The countertop or the cabinets can be the focal point of a kitchen. There are also times when the backsplash is considered the focal point of a kitchen. Determine where you want to focus the attention of your guests so that you can splurge on this part. It will make your kitchen look more expensive than it really is because the focal point already gave an impression of luxury in your kitchen.

Roof Replacement Tips

Replacing your roof is another renovation project that can be complex. Since this is one of the main parts of your home that protect you from elements outside, you should make sure that you invest not only money but time on it as well.

You should learn more about roof replacement projects before you start contacting roofing companies that can do the work for you. This way, you won’t be clueless when you need to make decisions that will determine the quality, performance and lifespan of your roof.

  • Time the project properly.

Avoid making roof renovations when the condition in your home is not agreeable. When there are people in your house that are rather sensitive or stressed, it would be best to have your roof renovated when such things have passed.

It would also be helpful if you have your roof replaced when there are no small children in the house to avoid accidents and inconvenience. If it is an emergency, though, ensure that the renovation will be brief and will not cause too much inconvenience to your housemates.

  • Determine the age of your roof.

Knowing how old your roof is will help you choose the best approach to renew or replace your roof. If your roof is past its recommended lifespan, you should consider having it replaced altogether to avoid costly and complicated repairs that you will need to address in the near future.

If your roof is not yet old, you can have certain parts of it repaired instead. There are repair services that will not only make repairs on your roof but will also make your roof look new. You can choose this option if you only need to have certain parts of your roof patched up. It will save you money and time since you won’t have to pay for a full roof replacement service.

  • Consider other renovation options.

Other renovation options, such as resurfacing of your roof or installing a new roofing system on top of the old one, can make renovations cheaper. If you think that the old roof should not be removed, it is fine to have it covered with a new one.

Just make sure that a professional inspector agrees with your plan to guarantee that you won’t have problems shortly after the renovations are complete. There are some roofs that are best replaced entirely to avoid rotting of the old roof underneath the newly installed one.

  • Take time in choosing the right roofing materials.

Do not just choose a roofing material just because you liked its color. Take your time in determining the best type of material for your project so that you won’t have to hire another contractor to replace your roof just a few years after the renovation.

There are different types of roofing materials for different weather conditions; take this into consideration so that you can choose the best roofing options that can help you have a more comfortable residence. This will also ensure that your roof will last longer since it will not be susceptible to elements outside your home. This will give you the advantage of saving money for repairs for years to come.

  • Consider ventilation and insulation during planning.

The ventilation and insulation of the roof and attic should always be considered when planning a roof replacement project since these will also affect the performance and lifespan of your roof. Roofs that are not properly ventilated and insulated can end up accumulating excessive moisture, which can weaken its structure. When this happens, you will need to have your roof replaced yet again even before its estimated lifespan. Thus, you need to have a proper ventilation and insulation system for your roof.

  • Have the area cleaned after the project.

There can be a lot of scattered nails and rubbish around your property after your roof has been replaced. Make it a point to ask the contractor to have this cleaned up if they did not do so right after installing your new roof. This will prevent accidents and inconveniences that you might encounter when you or a member of your family accidentally steps on a nail or a piece of broken wood or roofing material while walking outside your home.

Siding Replacement Tips

Your siding is another part of your home that you should consider when planning a renovation project for your home. Since this affects the appeal and performance of your house, you should make sure that your siding replacement project is well planned.

  • Know when to replace your siding.

Knowing when your siding should be replaced is a great knowledge to have since you can plan for it ahead of time. You won’t have to wait until your siding is dilapidated and your inner walls have already been affected by the moisture from the outside wall before you can have your siding repaired or replaced. This will save a big part of your walls, which will make the siding replacement project an easier one.

Knowing the lifespan of your siding will also allow you to calculate how much you can spend on your new siding since you will know if the price of your chosen material is worth it. You can have your siding pay for itself in the long run when you choose a type of material that won’t need much maintenance and repairs during its lifespan.

  • Know the different types of siding options.

Being familiar with different siding options will give you a bigger chance of choosing the best one for your home without spending a fortune on the project. Since you know which options will perform well and will last longer without having a huge price tag, you can spend a part of your siding replacement project on other things such as repainting your window sills or door frame to match your new siding.

Knowing more about siding options will allow you to choose the right contractor for the job. Because some companies specialize in certain siding types, you should choose a siding option beforehand and hire the company that specializes in your chosen siding option.

  • Choose the best color of siding for your home.

If you are going to choose a type of siding material that is already painted or has the color already integrated into the material itself, you need to make sure that you are choosing the best color for your home. Since you cannot easily change the color of such siding materials, you need to be decided which color you are going to select for your home.

Siding options such as PVC can be custom-made. This will allow you to choose a specific color that you like without worrying whether your contractor can provide the exact shade that you are looking for. This is sometimes a bit expensive but it is quite worth it, especially if your siding will last for decades.

Attic Remodel Tips

When remodeling your attic, it would be best to determine how you are going to use it. Its function will determine its design as well as the materials and furniture that you need to purchase for your attic. Hence, before you start planning your attic design, decide on what you will use it for. You should also decide on the budget beforehand so that you can limit your plans on the money that you have allotted for your attic project.

  • Know the safety codes in your area.

Knowing the safety codes in your area for attic renovation will help you prevent yourself from making plans that will get you in trouble with inspectors. This is especially true if there are parts of your attic that you want to remodel on your own. Since your contractor might not see how you continue with the project on your own, you should know what you should and should not do.

To avoid making costly mistakes altogether, it would be best to let your chosen remodeling company do all the planning and renovating of your attic. This way, you won’t make designs or plans that need updating or correcting. It will guarantee that the entire plan is feasible and there are no errors that can cost thousands of dollars to correct.

  • Avoid making the floors creak.

Make sure that your flooring is sturdy and won’t creak, especially if you are going to use your renovated attic often. Since the sounds from above the ceiling can greatly affect the people below the attic, you should have your ceiling reinforced with more joists to ensure that the flooring will not make a sound when someone is upstairs.

If there are already noises on the flooring and you are not planning on replacing the flooring, you can have it inspected so that proper repairs are done prior to the renovation. This will save you money since you don’t have to have your newly renovated attic redone just to have the creaking sound eliminated from the ceiling.

  • Determine the best ventilation approaches.

Installing windows and adding an HVAC duct on your renovated attic will make the temperature in your new room more comfortable. You can also add a ceiling fan to allow the air to circulate, especially during hot summer months.

This will help you save money in the long run since you won’t have to purchase a separate HVAC system for this room. Just make it a point to install a separate thermostat to ensure that the temperature is maintained inside the room without affecting the other floors of your house.

Basement Remodel Tips

Basements are also tricky to remodel since they are below ground level and bringing materials in there will be difficult. Hence, make it a point that you plan the project well along with your chosen renovation company to make things faster and easier for both parties.

  • Know the safety codes.

Knowing the safety codes will prevent you from having your basement redone once it has been renovated. Since you need to comply with the rules and regulations that government agencies implement, it would be better if you consider them while still making your plans instead of applying them when you are sent a notice or warning.

Ask home improvement contractors near me what you should and should not do so that you won’t end up spending more money on something that you could have planned appropriately from the start.

  • Address water issues.

Excess moisture and water seeping into the walls of your basement is one of the main problems when renovating your cellar. Thus, make sure that you have this addressed by your remodeling company immediately. This way, the walling in your renovated basement will not start rotting a few months after the walls have been installed.

Have your walls inspected prior to renovation so that the source of excess moisture can be addressed.

  • Add insulation to add comfort and save on energy bills.

Adding insulation on the walls will add comfort since your basement will not be as chilly. Adding a connection to your basement from the HVAC system will also help maintain a comfortable temperature in your basement. This is important if you are planning on converting your basement into a living room or an additional bedroom.

  • Install drop ceilings.

Drop ceilings will make lighting installation easier. This will also hide unsightly pipes and electric connections in the basement. Installing drop ceiling will also make your renovated basement look cleaner and finished, which will add aesthetic appeal and value to your home.

Recessed lighting is the best type of lighting for this kind of ceiling and room since this does not consume a lot of space and will not be an obstruction for low ceilings on basement rooms. So, it would be ideal to choose recessed lighting fixtures when installing drop ceilings.

Garage Remodel Tips

Remodeling a garage is not that easy. Aside from finding a new place for your vehicle as well as the stuff that you store in your garage, you also need to follow specific rules when remodeling this part of your house.

  • Know the zoning law in your area.

Of course, you need to follow zoning laws in your area so that your garage will be safe to use. There are times when insulation materials used in renovated garages need to have specifications to ensure that they are safe. The same goes for certain materials used in turning a garage into a living space.

Due to this reason, ask about zoning laws in your area before planning your project. You can also ask your chosen garage remodeling contractor near me about these laws so that you can follow them. Asking your contractor will also allow you to see if they are really familiar with rules on garage renovations, which will reveal how competent they are in their field.

  • Choose a new parking space for your car.

It is necessary that you choose a new parking space for your car so that you won’t be obstructing a public road. Since vehicles cannot be parked on public roads, you need to be careful in choosing a new spot to park your car.

If you are planning on parking your car in an open space in your property, it would be ideal to have a tent or shed constructed to protect your vehicle. This way, you can convert your garage without negatively affecting your vehicles.

  • Know the renovation’s effects on your home’s market value.

There are some renovations that can cause a home’s market value to plummet instead of improving due to errors in renovations. Hence, you should make sure that your renovation project will increase the value of your house.

You can ask homeowners from your neighborhood about their renovation projects to see how the market works and determine how certain garage renovation projects affect a house’s value. Doing so will prevent you from committing to projects that can harm your home.

  • Make the new room merge with the entire house.

Making the garage look like a real part of your home can be challenging since most garages are designed differently from the house they are connected to. But, if you really want your garage to look in sync with your house, you need to pay attention even to the small details of the renovated room. This way, your new room will not look like it has only been built a few months ago.

Using the same types and colors of materials as the ones installed in your home can make your garage look like an original part of your house. Hiring a good contractor that can make flooring and walling transitions unnoticeable will also do the trick. Hence, make it a point to hire only contractors that have experience working on garage renovations.

Get Quotes from Commercial and Residential Remodeling Companies Near Me

If you are planning on having your house renovated, get quotes from remodeling companies in your area. There are a lot of companies that offer free quotes to potential customers to allow the latter to determine how much they need to spend for their planned renovation.

Depending on the size of your project, you can ask for quotes from commercial and residential remodeling companies near me. While residential contractors are more focused on individual projects, commercial remodeling companies are providing services to larger scale projects. Nonetheless, both companies can cater to residential clients that require both large and small scale services.