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Carpentry is one of the oldest trades in the world. Even in the beginning or early Neolithic period, it is one of the trades that people practiced. There are evidences that proved that carpentry has existed early on with wood being one of the first materials ever used.

History of carpentry, however, is not clear. Written records of these skills and journals are not available and are very rare. Hence, the development of carpentry is not certain with the skills of the experts being passed on the next generation of trainees, without putting most of it in writing.

Despite this fact, it is still one of the most flourishing industries. Due to the demands of the developing world of new buildings and facilities, not to mention newer, more functional and bigger house designs, the skill has never ceased but developed. Development in carpentry has continued and techniques in woodworking have immensely enhanced. This led to carpenters needing intensive training to be able to comply with the demands of both carpentry standards and the demands of clients.

As times passed, training facilities have been introduced and enhanced. This enabled more aspiring carpenters to gain knowledge and information about this in-demand profession. The standards of carpentry also increased as experts have established the standards of woodworking.

Common Types of Wood for Woodworking

It is necessary for licensed carpenters near you, both trainees and professionals, to know more about common types of wood. It will allow them to choose the best types of wood for their projects. It will also allow these professionals to suggest wood types that will go best with the projects that their clients have in mind.


Cedar is one of the most commonly used types of wood for woodworking. It is relatively soft, making it easy to work with, but it can withstand outdoor weather and would not easily rot. This makes this type of wood suitable for outdoor projects such as decks, patios and outdoor furniture.

The western red variety is the most popular type of cedar as it is quite common and is not hard to purchase or sustain. Its aromatic characteristic also makes it a favorite among woodworking project clients. Its straight grain and color also makes it quite appealing.


Fir is another popular type of wood used in woodworking projects. Its straight grain and attractive color makes it a popular choice among homeowners and carpenters as well. It is also quite hard for a softwood type, making it an ideal choice for buildings. Furniture is also another type of project that fir is often used for. Since this type of wood is relatively inexpensive, a lot of pros suggest this type of wood to their clients.

Fir is also a very common type of wood that can be found in almost all supply stores. Almost all carpenters also have and use this wood type due to its availability and price, making it a common choice among homeowners as well. It won’t be hard both for clients and pros to ensure that the supply of wood for a relatively big project.


Pine is great for most projects as it is soft and can be bended when needed. Furniture-making would be easier when pine wood is used as the softness of this kind of wood would not take too long to bend into certain shapes and angles to suit the specific design. Some varieties, though, are hard and are good to use for other project, making pine one of the best choices for wood projects.

There are also different types of pine wood that can be used for specific projects and furniture. White and yellow pine wood types are available almost anywhere. Sugar and Pondera are also quite popular and can be ordered from almost all wood suppliers, especially in southwest United States.


Redwood is often used in outdoor projects due to its durability and moisture resistance. It would easily rot when subjected to weather conditions. It is relatively soft, though, making it ideal for projects that require wood to be manipulated into various shapes or cuts.

The price of redwood is also moderate, not requiring homeowners to spend a lot on a project. Its straight grain also makes it appealing, making it a great choice for outdoor projects that require the grain of the wood to show.


Ash is a relatively hard type of wood yet it is easy to work with. Since it takes stain well, its straight grain is more noticeable when stained and coated. This makes it a good choice for outdoor projects as well as furniture pieces.

This type of wood, though, is not easy to find. Due to lack of supply, homeowners can only find ash wood in lumberyards and not in hardware stores. This makes it more appealing to project owners since there is a greater possibility of the project being unique in a certain area.


Birch is a type of hardwood that is easy to find in wood stores. Its two types – yellow and white birch wood – are both hard and are rated 4 in a scale of 1 to 5 in terms of wood hardness. Though this type of wood is fairly hard, it is easy to work with.

Birch wood, though, is not easy to stain. Staining this wood often leaves blotches, making it easier to just paint finished pieces.


Cherry is one of the most popular types of wood for any kind of project due to its characteristics. It is easy to work with and it stains well. It also ages well, which is one of the most sought-after characteristics. Furniture that are aimed to last for a long time are better built with cherry as this type of wood will show its beauty as it ages.

Cherry is not very hard, making it easy to work with, despite its ability to last a long time. This type of wood is also sustainable, making it a great option for a lot of projects.


Mahogany is considered to be one of the greatest choices when it comes to furniture building. Its beauty, durability, longevity and ability to age well make it one of the most sought-after hardwood choices.

A simple coat can make mahogany wood look amazing. This is one of the reasons why coated or stained mahogany furniture will cost more than a painted one. It is not that sustainable, though, since it is not grown in sustainable forests. This makes mahogany wood expensive and hard to find. Not all wood stores carry this type of wood and it will cost homeowners a lot to purchase this type of popular yet hard-to-find wood.


Maple is another type of hardwood that homeowners would not find on home centers. Lumberyards are the places where this type of popular wood type can be bought. But unlike other types of hardwood, maple is not as expensive.

Maple wood has two types, making it easier for carpenters to choose the one that would work best with their projects. The softer type is about 2 on a scale of 1 to 5 while the harder type is about 5 out of 5.


Oak is another type of popular hardwood that is loved due to its characteristics. It is resistant to moisture and its grain is quite appealing. This wood type is preferred for manufacturing flooring materials due to its attractive grain. Oak is also quite hard, making it ideal for furniture and outdoor projects.

Its two types – white and red – are both ideal to use though white oak is harder to find than its red counterpart. Red oak is available at most home centers while red white oak is usually bought at lumberyards only.


Homeowners who are looking for more affordable hardwood options, they can opt for poplar wood. It is not considered to be on the more beautiful side of hardwood but its softness makes it easy to work with, making it an ideal choice for multiple projects. Its green or brown streaks make it unappealing to some project owners. This results in most poplar furniture being painted to cover the streaks.

Large home centers supply poplar wood but homeowners can opt to go to lumberyards to see more varied options.


Teak is one of the most expensive hardwood options but since it is one of the rarest and most beautiful, homeowners are still ordering this type of wood. Only large lumberyards offer this type of wood. Specialty suppliers are also offering teak wood but it will cost clients a lot to have their furniture made with this type of wood.

Teak is fairly hard but is not difficult to cut and mold into beautiful furniture. It also lasts long and is resistant to moisture, making it an ideal wood type for outdoor furniture.


Walnut is another popular wood type that can be used in both furniture and outdoor projects. Finding sufficient supply of this kind of wood can prove to be hard, though, since it is not available in all home centers. Its price is also an issue for carpenters’ clients since it is relatively expensive.

Ordering walnut in advance would be the best option for homeowners to allow them to have enough supply for their project. Of course, this would take a little longer and would cost a bit more than ordering readily available wood types from home centers and lumberyards.

Knowing the best types of wood for specific projects is significant as this will greatly improve the end-result of the work. Since the materials used are compatible to the type of furniture or structure that was created, the overall look and performance of the project is magnified.

Services Provided

Being aware of the services offered will allow clients to hire service providers more efficiently. Since all the services are known to potential clients, choosing and hiring the right company will be an easier task. This will be advantageous to both parties.

Baseboard Installation

Baseboard installation may seem like a small task but it is actually one of the most important finishing touches to a house or building. The way baseboards are installed will tell a lot about the ability of the carpenter to make a project look tidy and appealing. Success in hiding wall and flooring imperfections depends on the installation of the baseboard. Hence, clients need to make sure that they are hiring a competent person that is able to install baseboards flawlessly.

Baseboard installers need to plan the installation to ensure that the joints of the baseboards are not visible. This will create a continuous flow of trimming that will make a room look bigger and tidier.

Baseboard installation cost differs from company to company. There are pros who would charge a per hour rate, which is about $50 to $100 an hour. Some companies charge $1.50 to $2 per linear foot of installed baseboard. Of course, the overall cost will still depend on the specifications of the project as well as the design of the trims that are being installed.

Garage storage installation

Garage storages, such as ones that are located overhead, are also installed by pros. Depending on the size of the storage, as well as the weight of the objects that will be put on storage, the cost of the service might get higher or lower than the standard cost. Garage storage installation usually costs about $2,000. That is the national standard pricing. For relatively smaller projects, homeowners can expect to pay about $1,250 to $1,700 for the service.

Free standing cabinet storage installed in garages cost less than cabinets that are installed permanently on garage walls or ceilings. Of course, since the cabinets need to be attached to walls and ceilings sturdily, the cost of installation would go up.

Cabinet refacing

Cabinet refacing is a simpler and cheaper method of changing the look of a kitchen. Carpenters replace the look of the cabinet by either repainting the cabinet doors or adding designs to the doors to make it look more appealing. This is a cheaper option since only the cabinet doors are refaced and the entirety of the kitchen is not renovated.

The cost of cabinet refacing will, of course, depend on the size and number of cabinets to be remodeled. The style of the kitchen will also determine the design of the cabinet doors, ultimately affecting the cost of cabinet refacing project. It usually costs about $1,500 to $3,000 to reface cabinets with laminate doors while clients can expect to pay $2,500 to $6,000 for wood veneer doors. High-grade veneer doors can cost a lot more, ranging from $7,000 to $9,000 or more.

Cabinet refinishing

Cabinet refinishing is another service that is often done on kitchen cabinets. Cabinets on other rooms of the house can also be refinished to make them look new and more appealing. The difference between refacing and refinishing is that refacing involves only laminate and veneer finishes while on refinishing, the original finish of the cabinet is redone to renew the beauty and appeal of the cabinet doors. Due to this reason, refinishing is often cheaper compared to refacing cabinets.

It costs about $1,800 to $2,400 to have a professional refinish cabinet doors for an entire kitchen of average size. Of course, the size of the kitchen as well as the finish of the cabinet will determine whether the overall cost would be higher compared to the average one.

Cabinet repair

Cabinet repair is another common and important service. Instead of replacing broken cabinets, pros opt to repair only the broken or damaged parts of cabinets to minimize the cost of repairs. Carpenters inspect the cabinet to determine which parts need replacement and which parts can still be salvaged.

They will calculate how much the repair would cost and would discuss with their clients how they would go about the repairs. This is especially true if there is more than one approach to repair the cabinet. This is to allow clients to choose the easiest, fastest or cheapest repair methods.

Costs of cabinet repair can go anywhere from mere $50 to $900 for a single job. The size of the repair as well as the materials used in building and repairing the cabinet will determine how much a client should pay for the service. Premium cabinet materials such as expensive hardwood and pricey veneer will, of course, cost more than average-priced cabinet materials.


Carpentry, of course, is offered by licensed carpenters. This term is pretty broad as it covers all services they provide. From finish to building furniture and outdoor projects made from wood, everything is under the same term.

The cost to hire pros for basic projects is around $35 to $100 per hour. Of course, the type of project they have to do will determine the actual cost of their service. The bigger the project, the higher the overall cost.

But, there are projects that take a while to finish but are not really hard to do. They might charge a per project service rate instead of a per hour rate to minimize the cost of labor and allow clients to save money on such projects that don’t really require too much funds for labor.

Such projects often involve paints and coats applied to finished products. Since coats need to dry first before the second coat is applied, it will take quite a while. This does consume time but does not require carpenters to work, making the overall service cost to be lower.

Crown molding installation

Crown molding installation is another service offered. Like baseboard installation, crown molding is a complicated task that only professionals should do to ensure that the end-result and appearance of the molding is neat and flawless. Since this is part of finishing of a building or house, crown molding should not have faults as these faults will make the entire structure look unfinished and untidy. Hence, it would be best for only professionals to work on such details to avoid wasting the money and the effort spent on the structure.

It costs around $4 to $8 per linear foot of crown molding to be installed by professionals. The cost can go higher if there are specific details on the crown molding or installation process.

Custom bathroom vanities

Custom bathroom vanities are a great addition to bathrooms as these not only enhance aesthetic appeal but also increase a home’s resale value. Carpenters offer bathroom vanity building and installation as well. Customized bathroom vanities are often ordered from pros since they can create bathroom vanities that will go best with the overall look of the bathroom.

They first need to determine the size and design of the bathroom where the vanity should be installed to allow them to determine how big the vanity should be. The design will depend on the wishes of the client. Photos and sketches can be provided by clients to show exactly how they want their vanity to look like.

Bathroom vanity installation can cost anywhere from $75 to $250 per square foot for building and installation. Some pros would charge a per project rate, which usually costs $500 to $2,500 per custom bathroom vanity.

Of course, the size of the vanity and the overall design can add up to the initial cost of installation. Hence, homeowners should expect to pay more if they wish to receive bathroom vanities that are bigger or more elaborate than the ones that are usually installed in homes.

Custom bookcases

Carpenters are often installing customer bookcases to residential homes since not a lot of ready-made bookcases can fit rooms in residential houses. The sizes of the books that homeowners are fond of reading or purchasing also greatly affect the dimensions and designs of the bookcases they will order.

Custom bookcases are also built to hide excess rooms in homes for security purposes. For this kind of project, only licensed carpentry companies should be hired to ensure the security and safety of the client. Since they will be able to access the home of the client, professional workers who have been checked should be the only ones who can work on such projects. Registered companies make sure that all of their employees had background checks. This also applies to any kind of projects that allow access to the workers.

Custom bookcase installation costs around $30 to $125 per hour for hourly rates. Some would charge according to the size of the bookshelf as well as the additional features that will be put on the shelves such as lights, glass doors and drawers.

Custom built-ins

Custom built-ins are a nice addition to homes as these provide a place for appliances and décor while giving a wall or a room a better overall look. Pros offer services starting from the simplest built-in shelves to the sophisticated and automated shelves that offer various features.

The installation of these built-in shelves will differ based on the functions of each shelf. Simple shelves will not take too long to install and the cost will be minimal. As for functional shelves that have lights or other purposes, the installation will, of course, take longer and the cost will be higher.

Custom built-in shelves usually cost about $30 to $125 to install. For additional functions and designs, additional fees are charged. By the hour charges are also implemented on such projects, especially those that are a bit more complex to build.

Custom cabinet doors

Custom cabinet doors make a big difference on regular cabinets as the appearance is improved. The functionality of custom cabinet doors is also superb compared to regular doors that are ready-made since these custom doors have the exact measurements and dimensions that are required for efficient and effective utility. House resale value is also increased when cabinets are improved with custom doors.

Pros inspect cabinets first before designing custom cabinet doors to ensure that the cabinets where the doors will be attached have no existing problems. If there are issues with the cabinets, these are corrected by professional carpenters to ensure that the new custom doors will function properly and will last long.

Designing, building and installation of custom cabinet doors cost about $270 to $400 per door. Of course, prices will vary depending on the size of the cabinet door as well as the specific style requested by the client. For delicate designs that will take longer to finish, the installation cost will surely increase.

Custom cabinets

Custom cabinets are not only popular in kitchens but in living areas and home offices as well. Custom cabinets are quite advantageous since these offer homeowners storage spaces that would not only accommodate items with odd shapes and sizes but will also make rooms look more appealing and elegant. The design of the cabinets will go smoothly with the style of the room where it is installed, making the overall look of the area more pleasing.

Custom cabinets require carpenters to inspect the area where the cabinets should be installed to allow them to determine the dimensions of the cabinet. The type of wood to be used can also be determined by inspecting the room since the wood type should go with the materials used in building or finishing the walls and ceiling.

The average cost for installing custom cabinets is around $4,000. The average cost is about $1,700 to $9,000 with the size, design and materials used determining the actual cost of the project.

Custom doors

Carpenters are the best professionals to hire for custom door building and installation since these experts are the best in creating custom features in buildings and residential homes. Since some ready-made doors do not fit on some door frames, homeowners can decide to hire someone to build and install a custom door to avoid resorting to messier work of changing the size and form of the doorframe.

Design is also one of the main reasons why homeowners opt for custom doors. Since custom doors are unique and are made to suit the style and design of the structure where it will be installed, opting for custom doors is one of the main options of homeowners who are particular with the design of their property.

Pros choose from a variety of materials to use with wood being one of the most common options due to its flexibility, ease of use, price and longevity. They often charge $500 to $1300 for the door itself along with the installation cost. This is often for regular-size doors. Doors with odd shapes, thickness and sizes are, of course, pricier and would take longer to make and install. Some homeowners pay up to $10,000 for custom doors, particularly French doors.

Custom entertainment centers

Carpenters are also hired to install custom entertainment centers, particularly those that require custom shelves and cabinets. They determine the type of features that are needed for the entertainment center before coming up with sketches and plans that the client can approve. The types of materials to be used, as well as the price of the materials and supplies, are also discussed with the clients prior to the installation of the entertainment center.

Installation of wiring systems is done by professional electricians, who are often in partnership with  companies that are accepting custom entertainment center installation projects. This is a more affordable approach since homeowners do not need to hire a separate electrician for the job.

Custom entertainment center installation often costs about $8,000 to $9,000 for the shelves and cabinets alone. Of course, for more expensive materials, the overall installation cost will be higher.

Custom fireplace mantels

Fireplaces are adorned with mantels not only to make them appealing but also to allow for more space for décor and random items that can be useful in a household. Mantels add to the resale value of a home due to its appeal. Hence, it would be better for homeowners to hire only professionals that are able to build fireplace mantels since these pieces need to be faultless and durable as well.

Fireplace mantels usually cost $1,500 for a relatively simple design. More elaborate designs and bigger mantels would cost more. The additional cost would also depend on the materials used in building the mantel itself.

Custom furniture

Customer furniture is not only for increasing home resale value but also for convenience and comfort. Since some rooms in houses have odd shapes and sizes, custom furniture was introduced. This allows furniture to be in sync with the rooms that they are placed in.

The type of furniture to be built determines the cost of the project. Aside from that, the materials to be used will also establish the cost of the service. Since carpenters are dealing with wooden furniture, the type of wood that the client chooses will also determine how much the furniture would cost.

Harder to find wood types will, of course, cost more. Clients can expect to pay anywhere from $40 to $50 per hour to have a professional build a custom furniture. Bigger projects with more elaborate designs will naturally cost more.

Custom home bars

Custom home bars can cost a lot since these are often made with exquisite kinds of wood. Larger home bars also require more materials and more time for planning, making this kind of project one of the relatively priciest ones.

Because this is one of the fanciest places in a house, homeowners tend to spend more on these features. This is also the area where the wines and liquor can be stored, displayed and served. Hence, home bars are worth the extra budget and time to plan and install.

Clients can expect to pay around $9,000 to $15,000 for an average-sized home bar. For custom ones that are relatively big, the cost can go higher. There are actually no limits as to the price that homeowners can spend on custom bars.

Custom Murphy beds

Murphy beds are popular since they are space savers. This kind of bed is advantageous for homeowners who have smaller houses or bedrooms that require additional space for daily activities. Mostly, Murphy beds are installed on cabinets on walls, making them effective space savers while providing a comfortable place to rest and relax.

Custom Murphy beds have varying sizes, designs and styles, which determine their installation cost. Of course, bigger Murphy beds that have more features such as automated mechanisms and lights cost more. Murphy beds that are also made from premium wood types are also pricier than those that are made from common types of wood that are found in home centers.

Homeowners can expect to pay around $2,500 to $5,000 for a Murphy bed installation project.

Custom pantries

Custom pantries allow homeowners to have this storage to be installed in the most convenient spot in the kitchen. Custom pantries also enable homeowners to store specific types of food or food packaging that does not often fit inside regular ready-made pantries.

Pantries can have different types of doors. Solid wood doors and wood doors with glass are the common choices.  The shelves are also often made from wood boards fastened with metal support braces.

Carpenters usually charge $3,000 to $5,000 for an average walk-in kitchen pantry. Larger pantries with more storage shelves will cost more.

Custom pool tables

Carpenters also offer custom pool table installation. Since not all ready-made pool tables will fit or look great on every type of room, some homeowners opt to have them build custom ones for them. This is to ensure that the table will fit perfectly on the room where it is supposed to be installed.

Hiring someone for custom pool tables also add value to the property since custom-built features are more expensive to install. Custom features also go very well with the overall design of houses as their designs are based on the style of the room where they are built or installed.

They usually charge anywhere from $3,500 to $15,000 for a custom pool table. That already includes materials but there are also instances when certain materials are not yet included in the price, especially if the ones chosen by the client are too expensive and are hard to find.

Custom shelving

Custom shelving is one of the most common features that carpenters build in houses. Since custom shelves will allow homeowners to store items and décor without worrying about whether the items will fit on the shelves, these are some of the most popular choices among clients.

The materials used in building shelves will depend on the client. Homeowners with bigger budgets tend to choose exquisite types of wood to maximize the beauty of the shelves. It is also to ensure that the shelves will last long and will not need major repairs during its lifespan.

Homeowners can expect to pay anywhere between $560 and $700 for a simple custom shelf. Some charge by the hour with the usual rate of $70 per hour.

Deck building

Deck building is a fairly big project. This is something that homeowners with no background in carpentry should not do by themselves due to the project’s size and difficulty. Professionals need to inspect the area where the deck is going to be built to ensure that the soil can hold the posts that will support the deck.

The types of wood that will be used should also be considered to ensure that the stability, strength and longevity of the wood types are guaranteed. Of course, the overall design of the deck should be studied to ensure that the design will be able to support the furniture that will be put in the deck.

Carpenters usually charge about $7,000 for 200 to 500 square feet decks. Smaller decks would cost less – around $2,000 to build. Even though the size of the deck is often the main factor to consider, there are instances when the type of wood used and the design of the deck will determine how much they will charge for the service.

Deck design

Designing a deck is also one of the services that carpenters offer. Since they are aware of the design requirements that decks and other outdoor features have, they are the best ones to hire when homeowners need to design one for their home.

Designing decks costs less since the actual building of the deck is not yet included in the price. The price will heavily depend on the design of the deck as well as the complexity of the design.

Deck repair

Deck repair is needed to not only remove damaged parts of a deck but also to preserve the deck and the parts that are still functioning well. This type of service, though seemingly simple, should only be done by professionals to prevent the damage from spreading and reaching other rather serviceable parts of the deck.

The posts, joists, boards, balusters, rails and stairs are the parts that carpenters inspect first to ensure that these parts have no problems that need repairs. If there are parts that homeowners are having problems with, these are noted and are included in the first parts of the deck to be addressed.

The cost of repairing decks will depend on the size of the damage as well as the price of the materials that need replacement. For decks that are made with standard materials, the usual repair cost is about $500. For more extensive repair jobs, they usually charge around $4,000. Of course, the repair prices may vary depending on several factors such as the type of wood used and the type of repair needed to fix the problem.


Finish carpentry is one of the services that are popular. Though it may seem like an easy task, is a type of service that only knowledgeable and experienced pro can provide. Since the finishing should be done perfectly, only highly trained pros are allowed to perform such services.

From the installation of trimming and molding to the hiding of imperfections on walls, ceilings and floors, everything should be done perfectly. This will determine the overall look of the structure. This is one of the reasons why finish carpentry costs a lot. Homeowners are willing to pay anywhere between $35 and $100 per hour. Naturally, projects that are harder to do will cost more. The price of the materials used will also greatly affect how much a carpenter would charge their clients.

Pergola building

Pergolas are a great place to rest and relax outdoors. Though pergolas do not have sturdy roofs and are often just shaded with vines and clear roofing materials, this type of outdoor structure is still quite hard to build. Hence, professionals are called for such big projects.

The size of the pergola, as well as the type of wood used in building it, will determine the actual cost the project. Pergolas that are made with thicker lumber would usually cost more since fastening these wood pieces will be harder than usual.

Pergolas cost anywhere around $3,000 to $10,000 to build. The bigger the pergola and the more elaborate its design is, the higher its cost will be.

Pool table repair

Pool table repair is not a very popular service but is it a fairly useful one. Since pool tables are expensive, repairing them would be a better option for more homeowners. This is especially true if the pool table can still be used and just a small part of it has been damaged.

Pros can do almost any types of repairs on pool tables to preserve it function and beauty. Clients can expect to pay about $350 to $450 for simple repair services. For repairs that will require almost the entire pool table to be repaired, the repair cost will obviously be higher.

Trellis construction

Trellis is often found in stylish houses that are adorned with plants and vines. Though this type of structure looks simple, it should be built properly and sturdily to ensure that the vines will not bring the trellis down and cause accidents.

Carpenters usually charge $400 to $900 for professional installation of this feature. Since it is a nice substitute for pergolas and shades, the cost for installing it, which is lower than larger landscape features, is worth it.


Trim carpentry is a service that focuses on the finishing and trimming of a structure. It is an important part of structure since it hides imperfections and makes a structure look finish and tidy.

The type of wood used in the trimmings is one of the main factors that determine how much this service would cost. Pros often present options to clients if the latter has not yet decided on what types of trimmings and wood to use for the project. The designs and sizes of the trimmings are also discussed prior to the final planning and installation of the trims.

The cost of installing trim will varies. It will depend on the type of trimming used and the size of the area where trims and moldings should be installed. Carpenters often charge an hourly rate for custom projects.


Wainscoting, though considered to be an old design to walls, is still being offered. Since this type of wood panel adds beauty to walls, it is a great option for renovating rooms and for hiding wall imperfections.

The cost of this project will not only depend on the size of the house but also the type of wood used in the project. Whether the homeowner wants the wainscoting to be painted or stained will also affect the overall price of this type of project.

Pros usually charge around $3,000 for installing wainscoting on an entire house of average size. Being a good substitute for wall renovation, the overall cost of this project is quite low.

Wood fence installation

Wooden fences are not only for decoration but for protection and privacy as well. Higher wooden fences are used for keeping intruders out and keeping pets in. This requires the fences to be built sturdily, which will require carpenters to ensure that the posts that support fences are properly installed or built. This will cost more than a regular fence for pure decorating only.

Fences that are used for mere decoration or marking of property perimeter do not require more durable fences since these will not be used for protection. However, these fences should still be built to last weather conditions so that it will last long without needing repairs or replacements. Homeowners can expect to pay around $2,400 for a regular fence.

Wood fence repair

Fence repair may seem fairly simple but the process is rather laborious, particularly in fences that have already rotted. Professionals are needed not only to replace broken or rotting parts but also to inspect the entire fence to determine specific areas that need immediate attention. This is not the easiest thing to do in terms of fence repair, making it necessary for homeowners to hire knowledgeable and skilled pros only.

Carpenters often charge anywhere between $500 and $750 for a simple wood fence repair. Of course, damages that require more materials and workforce to repair would cost more.

Wood finishing

Wood finishing is not as simple as it seems. Applying coats and stains also requires skill and knowledge about wood and coats to ensure that the finish will not only last long but will look gorgeous as well. There are certain types of wood that cannot simply be coated with stains since the textures are different. Hence, it would need skilled hands to properly finish wood coating.

Carpenters also prepare wood for finishing to guarantee that the coating will not easily peel off or fade from the wood surface. This requires training and practice, which makes this type of service an important one to invest on. Homeowners should allot budget for wood finishing which costs around $3,500 for a 225 square foot room.

Wood floor repair

Wood floor repair does not only involve replacing of veneer or refinishing of the flooring surface. Repairing squeaky parts of the floor or ensuring that the boards are aligned are part of wood floor repair. This makes it more appropriate to hire someone to fix the problems. Improper fixes on the floor will lead to more problems and even accidents. Hence, it is important that homeowners call for professionals help for such seemingly simple task.

Wood floors are also fairly sensitive and would not work well during very hot and cold seasons. Hence, it would be better for homeowners to depend on registered pros to do the repairs. They charge about $200 to $650 per repair job.

Ramp building

Ramps do not only offer ease but also allow homeowners to increase the price of their property that they are planning on selling. Ramps are quite helpful not only for households with invalids but also for families with elderly members as well as very small children.

Ramps are also useful in transporting heavy items, especially in houses where things need to be moved on a regular basis. due to this reason, it is important to hire professionals to ensure that the ramps that are going to be built are sturdy and will not collapsed while being used.

For wooden ramps, carpenters usually charge $100 to $250 per linear foot. This is relatively affordable since ramps need to be durable and sturdy to prevent injuries.

Porch building

Porch building is a rather tricky and laborious project. The porch should match the color and design of the house where it is being installed. And usually, only professionals are able to determine the best design and materials for this type of project.

Aside from the design and materials used, the size of the porch should also be planned properly to ensure that it will be useful rather than being an obstruction to a house. Carpenters need to make sure that the style and design of the porch will add convenience to the homeowner.

It costs about $5,000 to $10,000 to build a standard porch. More elaborate designs will cost more and will take a bit longer to construct due to the specifications of the client.

House framing

House framing is done by rough carpenters that are responsible for the frames and foundations of structures. Only highly skilled and experienced pros should be hired by homeowners for this kind of project to guarantee that the frame of the house will not be wobbly and will stand the test of time.

They usually charge $15 to $30 per square foot to build a wood house frame. This is for typical house styles. As for more complicated house styles, the cost will depend on several factors such as the design of the house framing and the materials and equipment needed for the job.

Shed building

Sheds are also built by carpenters. Rough carpenters handle such types of projects since the frames of this kind of structure require pros that are used in handling big projects that involve framing. Planning of the shed is also often done by carpentry companies to ensure that everything is coordinated with the workers. This will prevent conflicts with the design as well as the methods used in building the shed.

Homeowners can expect to pay anywhere from $2,000 to $7,000 for a single shed. Larger storage structures will cost more, especially if there are additional features such as fans and custom doors installed in the shed.

Barn building

Barn building is mostly done by a team of carpenters. Since barns are usually large, it cannot be built by a single person. Even smaller barns need a team to be built. Hiring only a single carpenter will make the project longer and more expensive, especially if the charge of the carpenter is by the hour. Hence, it would be best to clients to hire an entire team or company of carpenters for this kind of project.

The average cost of building a barn is about $45 per square foot. The cost is relatively cheap considering that barns need to be built securely to guarantee that it will not be easily affected by strong winds and storms. For larger barns that require larger equipment to build, the material and labor cost will be higher. This is especially true if some of the materials or equipment need to be custom ordered prior to construction and installation of the barn.

Stair building and repair

Stair building and repair are services that pros offer as well. Stair building and repair should only be done by professional carpenters. Since stairs can be dangerous, even if they are built properly, care should be taken when designing and building this type of feature.

Carpenters need to make sure that the users of the stairs are capable of using it properly. Otherwise, additional features should be included in the installation such as slip-proof pads, additional rails and gates. This is to ensure the safety of the clients as well as to guarantee that the stairs are following proper safety measures.

Building stairs professionally usually costs about $2,000. Smaller stairs can cost less but if the materials are fairly expensive, the overall cost of the project will still be high. As for stair repairs, the price would be around $200 to $750 for simple repair jobs. Some homeowners need to pay as much as $1,400 for repairs for more expansive materials.

Railing installation and replacement

Railing installation and replacement, of course, should only be done by professionals. Since railings protect users from falling over high places or from going to areas around the house that can be dangerous, these structures should be installed with care and expertise. The right type of railing materials, as well as the appropriate size of the railings, should only be used to prevent accidents.

Pros need to evaluate the area where the railings should be installed. The height of the place where the railing will be installed should also be determined to ensure that the height and sturdiness of the railing matches the specifications needed for a secured railing.

Railing installation usually costs around $30 to $45 per linear foot. Replacing railing almost costs about the same with additional costs for removing the old railing and disposal of debris and removed railing parts.

Closet organizer building

Carpenters also offer closet organizer building service. Though closet organizers seem fairly easy to install, making sure that the shelves are level can be hard to do. Hence, hiring professionals should be a better option for homeowners, especially those who have no prior experience in doing DIY projects.

Hiring professionals will also ensure that there are no hidden pipes and wires beneath the walling that can get hit and damaged by drills and nails. This is one of the main advantages of hiring professional help that hormones need to remember to avoid expensive repairs for seemingly simple damages to walls, ceilings and flooring.

Closet organizers installation costs about $1,800 if done professionally. The cost already includes building of the entire closet as well as installation of the door and shelves. For larger closets that can accommodate stuff of two or more persons, the cost can double. The design of the organizer and the number of shelves the client needs will also determine the overall cost of the project.

Knowing what types of services they offer will allow homeowners to determine whom to call for their specific needs. This will prevent hiring service providers that are not really familiar with the kind of service that a client requires.

Commercial and Residential Projects

Carpenters can work both on commercial and residential projects. Some have specialties, though. Hence, others focus on residential projects while others focus on commercial ones. This allows them to master a certain type of building code that they need to follow when planning, building and finishing projects.

Clients can choose to hire commercial carpenters or residential ones depending on their needs. While residential project ones can focus on the needs of each of their clients, commercial ones can provide high-scale projects that bigger structures require. It would be best for clients to choose the best type of company for their project to avoid conflicts, especially when it comes to supplied materials and the capacity of the workforce to provide service to different project sizes.

Get Free Estimates and Quotes For Your Carpentry Projects

Getting free estimates and quotes will be very advantageous to clients since it will allow them to determine the actual cost of the project before hiring a carpentry company. Hence, before hiring, it is advised that you ask for estimates from a couple of companies before choosing which one to hire.

Take advantage of free quotes and estimates and do not hesitate to have your project quoted by professionals. It will not only allow you to choose the best company to hire but will also enable you to allot sufficient budget for your project, which will prevent conflicts and delays on your project. Just make sure to request for itemized quotes so you can really compare and choose the best one.

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