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The Local Home Addition Contractors Near Me Can Help You With your Space Problems

A home addition might just be the only solution to your space problems at home. Usually comes in the form of a room addition, these are less than a full blown remodeling project, but is more than just refurbishing an existing space. Home addition can meet the needs of various homeowners who are having very limited space at home, and is a great solution in terms of space and cost.

Ripping off the roof of your house and then adding a whole new level above might sounds like a drastic way of adding more space into your home, but there are actually various situations where this option makes a whole lot of sense. In some instances, a new level can be a huge money saver. On others, the real payback is something that no one can put a price on, and this is the ability to live in the same house and neighborhood for so many years while you continue to live comfortably with your growing family.

Three Basic Options

There are at least three different options that the local home addition contractors near me will suggest when it comes to expanding your home through a renovation. One is to tear the roof off literally and then build an entire new level from scratch. The other option is to sever your existing roofing right around its edges and then temporarily lift off and put it back in place right after the new level has been framed. The third option for your home addition is to expand the upper level out into an existing one-story section, like the garage or porch that has a flat roof.

Getting on Top of the Costs

If you want to add a huge amount of space yet you are on a very tight budget, then home addition might be the most ideal option. This is definitely a practical solution even if it means adding several rooms instead of just one or two.

One of the reasons why the cost of remodeling your home might be cheaper is that you will not have to do any kind of foundation work, which is one of the more costly portions involved in any remodeling project. This is because you will be building on top of the existing foundation. It is therefore important to get the foundation checked to make sure that it is capable of supporting additional weight.

Second, you could save a lot of money on roof construction if you consider lifting the existing roof off with a crane in one to two large sections, then reinstalling it at the new second story. The contractors that you will hire for the project should have a crane to be able to do this.

Third, adding one more level in your house that will fit right above the existing footprint of your home could mean that you will need to double its square footage in a certain number of days. This will depend on the amount of time needed to frame or weather in the upper level.

After this, you can finish the new space off all at once or through one room to another, depending on what your budget will allow. If the home additions are simple spaces, the contractors should be able to finish this on time. Since there are no complications involved, the overall cost for these kinds of home additions should be half as much as that of a conventional ground level addition that is of the same size.

Embrace Your Neighborhood

For most homeowners, location is definitely an important matter. As the metro areas have sprawled and the cost of land has skyrocketed, the charm and convenience of a well established neighborhood can become irreplaceable at all cost. If you only have little or no space to expand, but you dread the idea of looking for a new neighborhood that is just as homey, then consider staying put and then expanding vertically instead.

Even if your plan to remodel is more elaborate than just adding a raw square footage as possible, coming up with a much larger house in the same footprint can surely lead to considerable benefits, both financial and personal. In a highly desirable older neighborhood, homes that double in size are most likely to triple or double in home value faster than those that are in the newer and less convenient areas.

This is especially true in the case of one-story homes that have gained a second level and have made a more substantial architectural statement when it’s viewed from the street. But usually, it is the intangible benefits that are the real reward in this. No one can put a price on the possibility of being able to glance out your backyard windows watching your kids playing or looking at that huge shade tree that you have planted yourself on that day you moved in.

Other Reasons to Add Up

When it comes to creating home remodeling plans, keep in mind that expanding vertically is only ideal if your lot is small and that you want to be able to preserve as much open space as possible. You can use such outdoor space for gardening and outdoor living or a yard space that you can landscape in order to enhance your outdoor spaces. Your yard can also include old trees that you do not want to give up, a tall hedge or perhaps a beautiful pergola draped with wisteria.

Planning the Home Addition

Although the early stage of any remodeling project will include ideas that are sketched out on paper, the best starting point is to come up with a wish list. This is basically a list of all the elements that will influence or shape the design of your home addition. Coming up with this list can also help the remodeling professionals in deciding which things need to be prioritized and also helps in communicating with potential designers.

Your list should begin by asking yourself what it is that you want to achieve on this project or what problems you want to solve. If you are planning a new addition, you certainly need to have more living space in your home. Or perhaps, you also want to improve the traffic flow pattern in your surroundings and boost the storage capacity.

Whatever your purpose or reason for having home additions, the first step is to identify the elements and components that you want to be included in the addition. This way, you can be rest assured that the home remodeling project will truly be a success and your investment will not go to waste.