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If you’re in a situation where the home you previously bought no longer has the amount of space you need, then a lot of people choose to have an addition added to the home. To have this done successfully, we encourage you to work with local home addition contractors near you to ensure that it’s done properly and according to the wishes and desires you may have.

The addition of a room to your home may be what is needed for you to keep comfortably living in it rather than having to go out and buy a new one. Undertaking this project is of course not a small task and will need to be done diligently, and before you start out with the project, you will need to ensure that you’re aware exactly what your various needs are to have it match with the project, which will save you money when it comes time to undertake the project.

The same way that you would need to do proper planning with any type of remodeling project, it is also very much needed with a home addition.

Vertical or Horizontal Addition

A home addition can either be horizontal, meaning what you will need is to take off the current roof, or it can be done vertical, at which point you need to remove a wall and build outwards. While not a full room addition, sunroom additions are popular among homeowners.

If you are building in the air instead and adding another level, you can completely remove the roof and add a new floor. The second option, if your home allows it, is to lift off the current roof, build the necessary construction framing and adding it back again, although that may not always be an option. If there are currently parts of your home that only has one-story, although most of your home has two, you can also choose to build on top of it thereby making all parts of the home two-story.

We’re on a Budget – Should we Build Up or Out?

While some situations may obviously favor one type of home addition over another, there are advantages and disadvantages to both types.

The real answer is that it is hard to tell you if one type of addition will be more expensive than the other, because it will depend on other factors also. If you’re building up, this obviously adds additional weight which would require that the foundation is sufficiently strong for this weight. Before you start thinking about building up, you also need to make sure that it is in fact allowed given the current building codes and that you won’t end up exceeding the allowed height for your neighborhood by doing it.

The advantage of doing it is that you won’t lose any amount of yard from this initiative, although it can quickly end up becoming costly if the foundation’s not strong enough. Also, if you plan on living in the house while the work is ongoing, building out will definitely be easier too.

Depending on the size of the addition, when building out, no additional foundation work may be needed, and you could live there while the work is ongoing.

In either case, it’s always necessary to make sure that there is enough foundational support for the project. If you choose to build up, one way to save money on the project is to see if it is possible to simply lift the roof rather than having to replace it.

How Much Land Do You Have Available?

There are obvious restrictions that your project will need to accommodate to. For example, the size of your plot will limit how much you can build out. If you don’t have any land to build out on, the only remaining option is to build up, assuming you do not want to move from your current house.

In spaces where the square footage price is very high, you will not just be getting your personal benefits from building up, it will also add considerable value to your home by getting more square feet. Especially if you’re living in a house that is considerably smaller than the surrounding homes, it will significantly increase the value by getting homes of comparable size too, especially if your amenities are at least as good too.

Generally speaking, in order to recoup as much of your investment as possible when you sell, you will want to bring your home up to the standard of the other ones in the area.

Additional Advantages of Going Up

There are in fact more reasons why you may want to build up than out too. While being the only option if you have a small lot, going upwards can help in adding privacy on the upper levels, although this can also be done by installing a fence, so that nosy neighbors can’t look onto your property. Building up rather than out also helps in ensuring that your home does not end up seeming to take up too high a percentage of the overall plot, which could be a disadvantage when trying to sell.

Making Sure You Plan Everything

Planning a home addition is not a small project, and if you’re getting an additional room built, it’s always a good idea to get quotes from different room addition contractors. You should not just be looking at the cost of the home addition, but also making sure that you’re talking to addition builders that seem to understand your vision for the project.

Before signing with anyone, it’s important that you sit down and think about what sort of functionalities it is you want in the space that you’re adding because it will be a lot cheaper and easier to incorporate everything in the beginning before any of the drawings are made, and the possible permits are applied for.

When things start taking shape, you don’t want to end up in a situation where you will want to change a lot of different things, which is why the planning stage is so important.

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