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Tile is one of those things that should be correctly installed by tile installers near you to make sure it’s done right, so you won’t be waking up each and every single day looking at the imperfections from a poorly executed job. It does not take much for a single tile to ruin the whole perception of the tiled area, since they’re often placed in intricate patterns requiring attention to detail during installation.

Another reason you will want to hire the right local tile installation companies to start off with is in order to avoid having to fix it at a later stage, which will not just be a considerable undertaking but also an expensive one. Poorly installed tile simply will not cut it and requires too much work to change.

Installing it is not simple and while you may consider yourself relatively handy, tile installation and repair is something your better leave to the contractors instead. When you’re buying custom or otherwise advanced looking tile, it tends to come with a certain price tag, and if improperly installed, it’s not sure you can just reuse the material.

Types of tile

There are different tiles for you to consider, and although we won’t go into much detail with each specific type, it will help give you a better understanding of the many options, if you haven’t already made up your mind yet. When it comes to bathroom tiles, the most popular ones include porcelain, ceramic and marble.


Ceramic tiles are made in almost any kind of design you can imagine, which includes its color, shapes and other characteristics. They’re generally not expensive, can last a long time and are very durable. If you want something that is even more water-resistant than ceramic tile, you should consider looking in the direction of porcelain.


Porcelain has certain advantages over ceramic tiles, because they’re more durable, which in turn makes them less likely to get scratched or stained. It’s also even more water-resistant than ceramic tile. It does cost more than ceramic tile does, though.


While other types of tile may get very cold underfoot, this is not nearly as big of a problem with terracotta. Their red color makes them feel old-fashioned, although cozy and homely. They’re especially popular in Mediterranean houses.


They don’t quite have the same appeal as porcelain or ceramic, but they are a very affordable option for you to consider, as well as being easier to install.


There are many different types of stone tiles, that include granite, slate, limestone, and marble. While being beautiful options that will make your bathroom or other space stand out, they’re also relatively expensive.

There are many different kinds of tile that can be installed in various and intricate patterns. The following section will focus on what you need to be looking for when trying to find the right tile contractors.

Going With Someone That Specializes in Tiling

While some contractors do very good jobs as carpenters or handymen, when you are in the market for someone to do tiling work, it’s best to choose someone that specializes in it so that you get the design you want with no mistakes. It’s not that these contractors aren’t skilled, it’s just that they’re not the ones with the most experience when it comes to tiling installation or repair.

They have all the different tools and materials needed for this specific type of work.

How Can You Find Someone Who Does Quality Work?

A great way to see how good they are at doing the installation is by examining previous projects they did. What you will want to look for if they’re either showing pictures or you otherwise see the previous work that they did, is that everything needs to be consistent, which includes the spacing between joints, the placement of the tiles and no mistakes in the pattern.

You will want to look in the places that are very unforgiving, which includes the corners, where custom tile often needs to be cut to ensure a smooth transition. Cutting these custom tiles is not always easy, and they will be a good indication that the contractor knows what he is doing.

Anywhere where it is hard to install, is where you will want to look which also includes making sure that the doors don’t open up against the tile, but rather opens smoothly.

When you have checked all these things, you should proceed to look at the wood and other surrounding parts that were probably installed before the tile was. While it’s important that the tile is installed correctly. you also don’t want excess grout landing on other things in the bathroom, and ask the contractor how they make sure everything stays clean.

Check Their Current Project

If you can, it’s always a good idea to check the project they’re currently working on, because one thing is what they will tell you, another is what it actually looks like in the process. You will obviously want to ask them if that is okay before you choose to do so.

What you will want to look for when you’re there is to make sure that they are organized in their processes. Any kind of tile is secured using adhesives and mortar, and if the contractor does not work in an organized manner, this will dry out, requiring certain processes to be repeated.

You will want everything to look neat and ready to use, which means the tiles will be neatly stacked and anything that requires custom work should already be prepared to make the process smoother. That also includes having ready access to the pattern that will be installed, which limits the risk of mistakes as well as making the process happen more efficiently.

Tile shouldn’t be cut inside, as the process creates a lot of dust, and no matter if it’s for a bathroom or kitchen backsplash, you don’t want it to be messy. Driveways and lawns should be protected to ensure no damage is left from any of the processes done by the tile installer.

Ask them how they plan to make sure that the dust does not go in your much appreciated vegetable garden, which could have devastating effects from it, as well as keeping it out the house and other places. That is, as well as protecting the different surround parts where tile may either leave dust or scratch in the process, which includes trim, which is basically up against the tile that will be installed.

Starting Working With a Contractor

It’s not uncommon for contractors to wish to purchase the tile themselves, which may in some cases actually save you money as they could have special arrangements meaning they have discounts as a consequence of being a good buyer. However, if you want very custom tiles, then it may be an idea to talk with the contractor about what that entails, also to make sure that you get the right amount.

You should also ask the contractor if they provide you with warranties. While they may not do so in case something gets broken from your actions, which could mean a cracked tile, they shouldn’t be reluctant to make sure they have done a good job and offer to repair or replace parts that were improperly done.

When the pattern starts getting laid down, you will want to make sure that everything is correct. At this point, once tile is already laid, it becomes expensive to make changes. Making changes would also need to include that you pay to have the tile removed again and then reinstalled, and since there’s already adhesive on the tile, that would need to be removed.

Hiring tile installers is a great way to get a beautiful kitchen backsplash or bathroom, and while it can be beautiful, if done improperly, the result will be much less impressive.

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