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Corten Steel Siding Installation and Square Foot Cost

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How Much Will You Pay for the Corten Steel Siding Installation Cost?

A606 steel is a standard name referring to thin sheets of Corten, which is a blend of copper, steel nickel and chromium. The material looks rusty. However, the rust serves as a protective layer that helps to keep the steel from further degrading. This siding material is an ideal choice for those who want a rustic look for their home.

If you check online, the Corten steel siding installation cost is pretty competitive. The material itself is at $2.50 to $3 per square foot, not including the installation charges which the siding contractors will charge. It should be noted that the installation fee would greatly vary depending on certain factors, such as the amount of work needed to get the siding fully installed.

Understanding More About Corten Siding

Also called the weathering steel, Corten is a trademarked product that has become a popular brand in the construction industry not only in North America but in the United States as well. The material was originally manufactured from a certain number of alloy steels that help to eliminate the need for painting and finishing. The product produces thin skin of rust that serves as a protection of the inner layers of the siding against outside elements. The skin will continue to weather over time and rust will be continuously produced in order to achieve a different appearance for the siding depending on the given environment, exposure and location.

The Corten steel comes in different structural cross sections, including corrugated panels and plate. Although Corten has been used in various applications that are of structural necessity as well as high exposure since the 1960s, the material has only come into prominence in the industry of construction during the last decade.

The Corten steel is definitely one of the most popular construction materials today. It is used in various architectural projects due to its many benefits. The term Corten refers to “corrosion resistance” and “tensile strength”, and these are the two properties that best describes this durable siding material.

You will find this natural looking siding material on bridges, buildings, retaining walls, fences, edging, houses, and even scriptural masterpieces of art, which is just all over you.  Corten is used frequent in construction engineering, architecture and mostly on landscape architecture.  Considered as one of the latest trends in the industry of contemporary landscape architecture, the Corten steel siding has now become a novelty that every landscape architect should be familiar with.

Is the Weathering Steel and Corten Steel The Same Thing?

One of the questions that you might be faced with when it comes to using Corten steel as your construction material is on whether there is a difference between the weathering steel and Corten steel. Actually, both names are actually synonymous, however, they differ greatly on their meanings.

The weathering steel is a type of steel alloys that is designed in such a way that painting will no longer be necessary. The steel produces a stable and rust like appearance once it is exposed to the weather for several years. On the other hand, Corten is a registered trademark of the United States Steel Corp, on which the weathering steel is more popularly known.

What Properties Does Corten Steel Have?

Another important question that those who plan on installing Corten siding have is about the indication of the steel’s properties. As the name suggests, the weathering steel siding has increased its resistance against atmospheric corrosion as compared to the other steel materials. This is mainly due to the protective layer of the steel that forms on the surface due to the influence of the weather.

By producing a film of dark brown oxidation on a building or metal barn, Corten can successfully resist the corrosive effects of the weather, especially snow, rain, fog and ice. As such, the protective layer can help to prohibit deeper penetration of outside elements thereby eliminating the need to paint the surface. With these properties, there is also no need for rust prevention maintenance even after several years, which saves you both time and money.

Why Should You Choose the Corten Steel?

Considering the various advantages that the siding material brings, it’s no wonder that the weathering steel is very popular in the industry of landscape architecture of today. From engineering constructions like buildings and bridges, as well as outdoor sculptures and art installations, Corten has definitely conquered the industry of landscaping and exterior design.

Landscape architects and builders appreciate Corten steel because of the following benefits that it gives:

  • Combined strength and durability but with minimal thickness, which results in the production of fine and elegant solutions for use outdoors.
  • The material is generally available in plate and sheet form, which facilitates the process of construction. The material features a warm, natural and specific hue that blends easily with the overall landscape while also adding identity to a unified site.

The various architectural projects worldwide features the diverse use of Corten steel, which serves as an excellent example of the many opportunities that this material has, in terms of the design.

Fancy looking Corten steel, with its thin profile, can significantly spare the outdoor spaces. This is definitely and advantage that the concrete wall does not have. The weathering steel can be also used for design terraced or raised beds ideal for vegetation. The tapered strips are used to sculpt terraced garden and steel framed planters. It should be noted that art installations as well as sculptures, where once again, Corten steel has earned its popularity.

With all these great benefits of the Corten steel, it’s no wonder why homeowners would choose this material when it comes to the siding for their home. But how much money should you spare for this type of siding material?

Cost of Corten Steel Siding

How much is the Corten steel price per square foot? As mentioned from the start, the online published price of Corten steel is $2.50 to $3 per square foot. Thus, for an area of 1,500 square meters, the average cost to have this siding installed is at $3,750 to $4,500.  Compared to the conventional shingles, clapboard and brick, the steel siding is a more expensive option but it definitely comes with its own fair share of advantages. And while the material might be expensive, the roof does not need to be replaced even after a long time so the money that you will initially spend will pay for itself after several years.

The Corten siding can be installed in any kind of pattern that you want and can be possibly cut into a certain length that can help to eliminate the need to seam. Once the siding is installed properly, it should help to lock moisture well. It is important that a professional installs the Corten siding due to the material’s heavy weight, not to mention the difficulty involved in cutting. There are various siding companies who can install the Corten siding for a minimal installation cost.

It is best to consult with at least three contractors before you hire one of them. Ask them to come to your place for a site visit so they will be able to quote you with the most appropriate Corten steel siding installation cost.