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Septic system installation is not as simple as it sounds. There are a lot of considerations to take before you can determine the specifications of the septic system that will be installed. This is to ensure that the septic system and the septic tank are appropriate for the size of the household and the usage that it will undergo, which will prevent issues with the system itself.

Hence, before you hire local septic system installation companies, make it a point to consider some factors. This will ensure that your septic system is installed according to your needs and your budget as well.

Things to Know About Septic Tank Installation and Finding The Right Installer

Some of the factors that you need to consider before hiring professional septic tank installation contractors near you are listed below. Read and review the list so that you can guarantee that you are planning your septic system installation properly and efficiently.

  • Septic tanks come in different types of materials.

One of the main parts of a septic system is the septic tank. Hence, you need to consider it when planning your project. There are different types of septic tanks that you can choose from – concrete, plastic, metal and aerobic. Depending on your needs and your budget, you may choose the type of tank that you want.

Concrete tanks are durable but they can also be prone to cracks. Plastic tanks are a bit weak and can be damaged and rise from the ground during disasters while metal tanks are more durable but can also get damaged by a relatively strong impact. Aerobic tanks use electricity to help with the processing of effluent and require maintenance on a regular basis.

  • There are different types of septic systems.

There are 4 common types of septic systems – gravity, mound, sand filter and press distribution. Each septic system type fits a specific need so you might not be able to choose the one that you want just because you want it. Gravity system, for example, should be used if the soil level is deep. Other types of septic systems allow for a shallow soil level, however.

Depending on the type of soil that you have and the depth of drain field that can be dug into your property, the proper type of septic system will be recommended by your septic system installer. Make it a point to discuss the details with them so that you know which one you should choose and which one provides the most number of advantages for you.

  • Septic system installation can cost anywhere from $1,500 to $12,000 or more.

Septic systems installation can cost you anywhere from $1,500 to $12,000 or even more. The cost will depend on several factors, which are also discussed in this list. From the type of septic tank that you will use to the type of septic system that will be installed in your property, everything will affect the price of the project.

Make it a point to ask septic system installation experts for estimates so that you can choose the best one for you. Of course, you need to look at the details of their offer and not just the overall price of the project so that you can guarantee that you are receiving the best service.

Do not choose the offer with the lowest bid without considering the factors that will affect the outcome of the service. From the materials to be used to the methods of installation, everything should be determined and mulled over.

  • Permits are needed to install a septic tank and septic system.

Permits, of course, are needed for big projects such as septic tank and septic system installation. A permit from state or local government agency is needed for the installation. There are also states where both the state and local government permits are required so you need to ask your chosen installer which ones are needed.

The installer should be the one to process and get the permit before the work starts. Since their license and business permit are needed for permit filing, they need to be the one who will process the installation permit for your project.

  • Soil test is needed prior to septic tank and septic system installation.

The capacity of the soil to absorb liquid will determine the type of septic system that you will have. A test will be conducted by your chosen contractor to determine if the soil in your area can be installed with the septic system you like. The soil level will also be determined to see if certain types of septic systems are compatible with it.

If the soil type is not compatible with the system that you prefer, you may need to have specific types of equipment to be installed in the system to allow for effluent processing.

  • The size of septic tank will depend on the size of household.

Of course, the size of the septic tank will depend on the size of your household. If you want your septic tank to not be pumped every year or every couple of months but you have a relatively large family, you need to have a bigger tank.

Other factors that can affect the size of the tank are the type of septic system that you want to install and the type of soil your location has. If you also often have guests over, you might want to consider getting a bigger tank since it will add to the effluent amount that will be processed on the system on a regular basis.

Knowing more about septic tank and septic systems will enable you to make better decisions for your project. You will be able to choose among the best septic installation companies for your septic system installation project if you can ask the right questions and know which answers are the best. Hence, make it a point to read more about septic tank and septic system installation and maintenance before calling in professionals for their service.

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