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RV Floor Repair Cost

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RV Floor Repair Cost and 6 Tips in Repairing Your RV Flooring

Your RV is as important as your home, especially if you are using it on a regular basis. Since your RV is your second home, and a primary home to others who chose to frequently travel, it is important that you take good care of it. This is not only to keep your mobile home from having problems that are expensive to repair but will also keep you comfortable when using it.

Due to this reason, it is essential to learn how to do some minor repairs on your mobile home. One of the first things that will have an issue due to frequent use and weather is the flooring. Whether you want to hire a professional RV flooring repair company or do the repair yourself, knowing more about flooring repair and RV floor repair cost will help you save up for the repairs and have your mobile home revamped before the issues become a nuisance.

Repairing Your RV Floor

Listed below are some tips on how to repair a mobile home floor. These will also help you see if the repair methods used by your chosen contractor are efficient and effective, enabling you to steer clear from inefficient and unskilled repair service providers.

  • Determine the extent of the damage.

Whether you are doing the repair yourself or you are going to hire professionals, you need to determine the extent of the damage on your RV flooring. Check to see if the area is quite large so that you can calculate how much the repairs would cost.

Replacing the flooring is not the only thing that needs to be done on a flooring issue. The insulation or subflooring should also be checked or replaced and support should also be inspected to ensure that it is not affected.

The cost of replacing the flooring of a mobile home is relatively affordable but the extent of the damage can elevate the price range. Hence, it is important to check the problem first before deciding whether you would hire someone or do the repairs on your own.

It costs around $100 to $200 to replace a small part of flooring in your home. But you need to purchase tools as well, which can rack up to thousands of dollars if you have no tools lying around that you can use. Hence, it would be more sensible to pay a couple hundred or even a few thousands more to have your flooring repaired and replaced by professionals. It might slightly cost more but the time that you will save, not to mention the money spent on the tools, will make hiring professionals worth it and even a cheaper choice.

  • Allow the exposed flooring wood to dry completely.

Repairing a mobile home floor that has been exposed to water will need more time to dry out and cure. Since mold can grow into the surface underneath the floor and subfloor, the wood supporting the flooring should be allowed to dry for at least a week.

This is to ensure that the wood is ready for treating and future mold growth is prevented.

The wood should be exposed to allow natural air to dry it for better treatment. If your chosen RV flooring repair expert finishes the drying time in less than a day and there are mold or water damage issues, you might rethink about hiring them again. Unless the wood undergoes special drying treatment, this process should not be hastened.

  • Kill mold using eco-friendly solutions.

After the wood is treated, mold-killing solution is applied. This is to ensure that the mold will not survive and cause trouble shortly after the flooring is replaced. It is ideal to use eco-friendly solutions to avoid harmful effects of harsh chemicals used in killing mold.

If you are sending your RV to a professional flooring repair team, ask what kind of solution they are using. Make sure that they are using environmental-friendly solutions and are not using bleach-based or chemical-based mold killer to avoid adverse effects on your health and on the environment.

  • Waterproof the wood using epoxy resin.

Waterproofing the wood joists will help prevent problems in the future. Mold and mildew growth will be prevented and water damage will be minimized. This will help keep your RV flooring from needing repairs sooner from its supposed lifespan.

Choose an epoxy resin waterproofer to help keep the wood joists from suffering water damage. It is a durable and long-lasting solution, which is beneficial if you are travelling on wet areas.

  • Replace the damaged subflooring with a new one.

After treating the joist and insulating the flooring, a subfloor is installed. There are different types of subflooring materials that you can choose from. Plywood is the most common as it is the cheapest and the easiest to install.

Choose a mold-resistant type of plywood subflooring to help prevent mold growth. Ask your professional subfloor installer for affordable yet long-lasting options to maximize your budget.

  • Cover the subflooring with flooring.

Last but not least, the flooring is installed. Depending on your taste and budget, you can select a flooring material for your RV. If you opt to have a carpeted floor, you can opt for a simpler choice like plywood and have the carpet installed on top of it.

RV carpets are installed using staples and glue. Hence, it would be ideal to let professionals do the job. This will ensure that the fastening of the carpet is accurate and there are no creases on the floor.

Having your RV floor repaired is not a big job as long as it is in an open area. If the floor is under a cabinet or a dinette, hiring professionals to do the repair is a better option. Since the furniture or appliances need to be removed prior to repairs, it is better to let the pros do it to prevent damaging your things. This will also ensure that replacing your furniture will be accurately done. Power lines or gas pipes might need to be replaced, which requires a licensed expert to accomplish so it’s better to hire the pros for this kind of project.