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Hardwood floors will provide a unique sense of elegance to your home interior while also increasing the durability of your flooring at the same time. The process of installing hardwood floors is a bit too complicated, but the good news is that there are contractors whom you can hire to get things done.

Installation of Hardwood Floors on Concrete

Given the technology that we are enjoying today, the process of installing hardwood floors has now become so much easier. Most homeowners would prefer to install the flooring into an existing concrete and this is what makes it more convenient and so much easier as well.

  • Preparation – the first thing that the installers will do is to clean up the flooring.  As soon as the floors are cleaned, they will be dried completely before the hardwood floors are fixed on it. In addition, if the concrete floors are still new, the wooden floors cannot be installed in only a minimum of 60 days.

When there are any rough spots, all these can be evened out with the use of a sander and after this, a moisture barrier will be applied with the use of a paint roller. This can help to seal the concrete and keep the hardwood floor protected. This should take up to 16 hours to get dry, and most importantly, the flooring should be left for at least a week before the estimated day that you will install the hardwood floors.

  • Tools – the local hardwood floor installation contractors near you will be using several tools for the process of installation.  Among these are the hammer, measuring tape, paint roller, adhesive, round molding, saw, mineral spirits, and many more.  All these things must be kept handy prior to the installation.
  • Installation – the installers should begin at the edge of the longest wall of the area where the flooring is to be installed. After this, the adhesives will have to be applied on the concrete flooring beginning at the area mentioned.

The wooden flooring can then be placed straight into the adhesive. The flooring should be pressed down to ensure that the boards will be able to firmly stick onto the concrete surface and that they should be able to stick into each other as well.

A rag will then be dipped in mineral spirits in order to take off the extra glue that will come off the wooden floors. There should be a gap in between the wooden floors and the walls as you go on with the process. Make use of a painter’s tape in taping the boards altogether and ensure that the boards are installed securely enough.

As soon as the installation of the hardwood flooring is completed, try walking around the house and check how well the boards have been fitted. The adhesives must first be dried out for about 12 hours before you can start walking on it. As soon as the adhesive will be dried, nail the molding into the wall. This is necessary in order to cover for the expansion joint. In some cases, the installers will make use of the regular baseboard in place of the molding.

Installation of Hardwood Stair Treads

Carpet treads on the stairs could get worn out easily especially if you use the stairs frequently. Thus, installing hardwood stair treads is a much better option.

Hardwood floors have become increasingly popular these days. You can choose to replace the carpet covering with strong hardwood stair treads that have anti-skid features. These treads will not only add elegance and charm to your home but it also helps in preserving your existing staircase.

In addition, cleaning the stairs would be much easier if you opt for hardwood treads. You can also choose to add different types of floor rugs into the treads in order to enhance the atmosphere of your home.

Furthermore, installing the treads is also one of those projects that you can take up yourself, provided you have the tools and some basic knowledge on carpentry. If not, then you might as well leave the task to the experts.

Before you start with the installation of the hardwood stair treads, you must first conduct an overall examination of the staircase. If possible, hire a carpenter who can check if the existing stairs are safe and sound and that the area is free from any screws that might have become loose.


Begin by taking off the carpet strips and the glue from the staircase. Do not worry about getting the wood scratched or grooved while you go on with the installation. Next, saw the existing nosing of the treads and clean the railings and steps. Take the spindles off from the stair treads but you need to make sure that you save them for later use.

With the use of construction glue, stick the hardwood floor planks directly into the stairs. Since the stringer will not wear off easily, it is advised to use plywood with the same color as that of the hardwood. Trim the edges of the staircase treads and make sure that you fix the moldings in order to cover up the seams. Make sure to replace the screws that have been taken off.

Fill any of the dents with matching wood wax or putty. The putty must be dried right before you start using the sandpaper in order to smoothen the hardwood. Finally, apply paint or wood varnish. In order for the treads to last long, make use of a high quality wood primer.

Let the primer to dry before you apply the varnish and make sure to follow the instructions provided by the manufacturer as you do the same thing. Apply various coats of paint into the stair treads instead of just a couple of thicker applications. Let the varnish to dry in between coats.

Things to Keep In Mind

You should request for a quotation from various hardwood floor companies before you begin buying the hardwood stair treads. The type and design of the treads will usually depend on your available budget. You should be able to make a well-defined plan that can meet with your needs and budget. Moreover, you should only purchase stair treads from a highly reputable dealer. Never choose the six feet treads for the four steps in order to avoid any unwanted wastage.

It is also not advisable to use two wooden pieces for just one single tread. This can lead to creaking in the future. When placing an order for the treads, make sure that you order several extras. These extras can be used in the event that there are any flaws on the other pieces. The process of installation will require that you have good manual skills, patience and precision.

You should only start working on this project if you are confident about getting satisfactory and excellent results. You can always talk to any professional installation company or a carpenter that can undertake the project for you to the level of your satisfaction.

In order to ensure that you get the best price for your hardwood floor installation, request for at least three different quotations from different companies. Do a comparison of the quotes and choose the one that can provide you with the best quality of service at an affordable cost.

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