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LiftMaster Garage Door Keypad Not Working

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LiftMaster Garage Door Keypad Not Working: What can You Do?

A LiftMaster garage door opener does more than just opening or closing your garage door. These garage door openers provide you and your properties added safety. They keep them fully secure and will surely make your life more convenient specifically in terms of opening and closing your garage door on a regular basis. Once you have experienced the comfort and benefits that a LiftMaster opener and keypad offer, you will surely realize why many homeowners recommend having one.

Problems will Arise

For many years, LiftMaster has been providing quality products such as garage door openers and keypads to homeowners around the world. Their products have been meeting the expectations of its clients.

While the products of LiftMaster are of high quality, there could be some issues that can be encountered by a homeowner especially after many years of using the product. The keypad, for example, may stop working after many years of using it.

If your LiftMaster garage door keypad is not working, here are some common scenarios.

  1. A garage door keypad may stop working if the programming between the garage door opener and the keypad has failed. In this case, the programming must be revisited and performed again following the manufacturer’s manual.
  2. The remote control or keypad may also stop working due to an overload problem. Be aware that your door opener has an overload protector that is in the motor. The overload protector may have been misaligned resulting from the multiple use of the opener.
  3. The battery may need to be changed.
  4. They keypad is mounted on a surface and may just be that there is a problem with this surface that is causing interference, thereby making the LiftMaster garage door keypad not work.
  5. If there’s an issue with one of the buttons, it may be the reason you cannot get it to work.
  6. If a temporary PIN expired. This will usually allow you to use the keypad to close the door, but not to open it.

Electrical wiring problems may also cause this problem. You will know that you are facing this problem if you garage door does not open by using the remote control or the keypad.

  1. Other problems that can cause the keypad to stop working are overheating, lack of power that operates the garage door opener, and other electrical problems. When faced with an overheating problem, allow the motor to cool down by not using it for 15 minutes before trying to operate the device again.

For other electrical problems such as electric short, wiring problems can be originating from the door itself and the opener connection. Fixing this may require some special skills or an experienced contractor. Hire one to ensure proper inspection and repair of your garage door opener and keypad.

After many years, you may encounter a problem with your garage door, its opener, remote control, or keypad. When this happens, proper inspection is important to identify what the real problem is. Keypad problems, for example, must be checked by an expert as it may not be just a simple keypad problem, but something connected to the garage door itself. Complete and accurate inspection is key to prevent small problems from getting big.

Hire a Professional

Even if you have basic knowledge in electrical works or you are fond of doing this DIY method, services or activities involving the garage door and its associated parts and tools such as an opener, remote control or keypad must be left in the hands of experts. They have what it takes to perform proper and complete inspection, repair, or replacement of your garage door, opener, and keypad. They have the experience, skills, equipment and tools, time, and physical attributes to complete the work safely and timely.

Below are some pointers to help you get the most competent and reliable contractor based on your needs if your LiftMaster garage door keypad is not working.

  1. Get client references – when hiring a specialist for any work that you may require, confirming the reputation of the person or group you will be dealing with is highly recommended. In assessing the reputation of the contractor, you will be able to find out the quality of the work they offer and how they deal with their clients.

This is important as you will be working with the contractor for a certain period. It is ideal to work with someone you have a very good working relationship with. Validate also if they are familiar and can help fix the problem.

  1. Get cost estimates – as soon as you have a list of professionals who can help you with garage door services, get in touch with each one of them to get a cost estimate. Make sure to understand how much they charge and what will be the scope of their services is. This discussion is very important as you do not want to be surprised with the cost that you need to pay in the end.

The cost of hiring a garage door professional plus the additional costs involved in the installation, repair, or replacement of the garage door, its opener and remote control or keypad can be very costly. Be sure to check what the cost estimate is so you can assess if it is within your budget or not.

  1. Choose the right materials – proper and durable materials are important to have a strong garage door. But at one point in your garage door’s lifetime, it may stop to operate and cause you some problems.

When you hire a specialist to fix the problem for you, make sure to confirm if the materials will come from them and how much it will cost. Be sure to discuss the type of materials that they will use including the quality, brand, and the likes. The quality of material is very important so be sure to clarify this area before proceeding to the next steps.

  1. Have everything in writing – a contract serves as a protection both for the homeowner and the contractor. A contract makes both parties highly responsible based on the information stipulated in the document. Both parties are obliged to deliver and ensure completion of the project before agreeing to close it. By having a contractor, you will feel confident that a certain company will not abandon your project. They will not run away just to get your money.
  2. Clarify payment-related information – aside from cost, understand payment method, frequency or the payment schedule. Staggered payment is normally done in this type of setup.