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A Complete Guide to Hiring Local Professional House Painters Near Me To Paint Your Home’s Interior and Exterior

House painting has always been around. Evidence shows that dating back 40,000 years ago, people are already painting their living quarters. Cavemen have been using dirt and charcoal to paint their living areas. Though this has not only been for decorative purposes, this has led a way to explore painting options that enable humans to improve the different characteristics of house paints.

Egyptians have a rich history when it comes to paint. Around 2,000 years ago, the people of Egypt have used various elements and materials to create paint that would last a very long time. Even the paintings in their walls are still as vivid as ever, making it apparent that paint has been a big part of their culture. Egyptians used animal blood, oil, lead, fat and crushed semiprecious stones or glass to create six colors that they used in painting. The colors were black, white, red, blue, yellow and green.

Current house painting has been developed since then. House painters in England have organized guilds in fourteenth century and this made standard regulations be followed in this type of profession, making house painters respectable professionals.

It was not until 1718 when paint production on mills was invented and introduced, though. This led a way for ready-to-use paint production, which started in 1866.

Types of Paint

Different types of paint are used in different purposes. Since not a single paint is compatible for all parts of a house, it is important to determine the right type of paint to use for certain house areas. This will not only allow the paint to look better but to last longer as well.

  • Acrylic flat

Acrylic flat is used on walls and ceilings and is an interior paint. Since this has a flat finish, it can easily absorb dirt. Hence, it should be cleaned regularly.

This type of paint can easily crack and peel, though. Thus, it needs to be cleaned carefully to avoid premature peeling. Soap and water are the best cleaning agents for acrylic flat and use of scrubs is discouraged. Simple scrubbing of sponge should be enough as this will prevent abrasion on the paint, which will make it last longer.

  • Acrylic eggshell

Acrylic eggshell has a slight sheen, making it a slightly more durable option than acrylic flat. It is still flat though, making it an ideal choice for interior walls and ceiling. It can be washed more compared to acrylic flat, making it a common choice for homes where bigger children and adults reside.

Since matte paints can hide imperfections better than glossier types of paint, they are better for areas where natural light is abundant. Light can easily highlight imperfections on surfaces, making flatter or matter finishes more ideal for spaces where paint smoothness would matter such as living areas and bedrooms.

  • Acrylic satin

Acrylic satin has a slight gloss but is still matte. This is one of the most selected paint types when it comes to house interior due to its velvety texture. It looks elegant while maintaining a look of simplicity.

Since this type of paint has a slight gloss, it is easier to clean than the ones listed above it. Aside from using on walls and ceilings, it can also be painted on woodwork trims.

  • Acrylic semi-gloss

Acrylic semi-gloss, as the name implies, reflects a slight glare when hit by light. This is a more durable paint than the matter or flatter finishes and can be washed more thoroughly with water and soap.

This type of paint is used on places that require more intensive cleaning such as kitchens and bathrooms. And since it is only slightly glossy, it can still hide imperfections. The slight gloss is also protection against stains, making it an ideal choice for walls, woodwork and trims located in rooms that have dirt or grease like kitchens and dining areas.

  • Acrylic gloss

Acrylic gloss is a paint type with full gloss. It reflects light in full glare and shows imperfections clearly, making it an interior house paint choice for walls that are thoroughly smooth. This is also preferred for ceilings for certain purposes.

Kitchen ceilings are a good example of interior ceiling that can be painted with acrylic gloss since grease cannot be absorbed easily on the ceiling or paint. This prevents stains and penetration of oil onto the ceiling, making the kitchen easier to maintain.

  • Alkyd flat

Alkyd flat is also called as flat oil. It has a strong odor, making it not applicable for residential projects. This is often used in interiors of commercial establishments, though; it can still be used on residential homes.

Of course, it is often used in walls and ceilings, given that it has no gloss and would hide flaws on the walls really well.

  • Alkyd semi-gloss

Alkyd semi-gloss is often used in decorative objects. It has a slight gloss but the amount of sheen depends upon the manufacturer. This means that not all alkyd semi-gloss paint brands have the exact same glossiness.

This paint type is also called oil-based or enamel. The odor is also strong like the alkyd flat paint type, making it necessary to be used on areas with more ventilation.

  • Alkyd gloss

As the name implies, alkyd gloss is the glossy type of alkyd paint. The finish is full gloss and the odor is strong as well. It is often used in woodwork, decorative objects and trims. It is washable due to its durability and should be cleaned with chemical spirits for thorough cleaning.

This type of paint uses Penetrol for thinning. Water is not used for thinning due to the paint’s binding properties.

  • Acrylic or latex

Acrylic or latex is an exterior paint that is available in varying glossiness. This paint type is available from flat finishes to high gloss, making it a flexible choice for exterior painting. This makes it an ideal choice for exterior walls since the right level of protection is given to the surface it is painted on.

The flat finish needs careful cleaning since it does not have the durability of high gloss enamel paint. It can hide imperfections really well, though, making it a common choice for exterior walls that are not too smooth.

  • Oil enamel

Oil enamel is more washable than water-based paints, making it an ideal choice for any type of exterior walls. This paint type can have slight sheen to full gloss, depending on the purpose of the paint and the location where it will be painted.

This type of paint, however, does not flex. This means that it can crack pretty easily, especially under pressure. It might not last as long as acrylic paint due to its brittle nature but if it is applied properly on completely dry surface, it can also last a while.

Choosing the right type of paint will not only make the appearance of houses, appliances and furniture better. Knowing which type of paint to choose will also allow homeowners to choose the paints that will lower the overall cost of the project while ensuring that the walls, floors, ceilings, roofs, furniture and appliances will perform well over the years. This will also enable homeowners to have more options that they can ask about professional house painters. This will result in more affordable projects that use high quality paints that last longer than the cheaper or lower quality paint options.

Services Offered by Local Commercial and Residential Painting Contractors Near Me

Hiring house painters will not only enable clients to have their house exterior painted. There are also several services that house painters offer. Knowing about these will help with quicker and more proper hiring procedure since homeowners will be aware of the services that they can hire house painters for.

  • Interior painting

Interior painting is one of the most common services house painters are hired for. Since interior painting is not as easy as it looks, interior painters near me are needed to do this job. It requires skill in determining the right type of paint as well as the proper application techniques to ensure that the paint will adhere to the surface to be painted.

House painters will measure the area to be painted and will provide information to the homeowners on how much paint is needed, how long will the process take and what factors should be considered when doing the project. The estimated price is also discussed to ensure that the client knows how much the project will cost. This will not only give the customer a heads-up but will also prevent confusion and conflict regarding the project cost.

The rooms to be painted will mostly determine what type of paint should be used. Homeowners can choose their preferred paints but painting experts will provide suggestions that will be most appropriate for each room. This is not only to maximize the benefit of the paint but to ensure that it will last longer and will look better once it is dry.

  • Exterior painting

Exterior painting is another service that house painters offer on a regular basis. It seems less complicated due to the fact that only the exterior walls and trims are painted. But, it is actually a pretty laborious task since exterior walls are not created equal. Exterior walls are also harder to reach, especially with houses that are more than two-storey high. This requires professional painters with proper training and experience to ensure that the painting task is done with ease and accuracy to prevent accidents.

The existing paint on the exterior walls needs to be removed and the surface needs to be cleaned and smoothed first before applying a primer and the first coat of paint. This will ensure that the paint will adhere to the wall, making it last longer. Of course, professionals need to ensure that the right types of cleaning solutions are used, as well as the right primer is applied, to ensure that the walls will not be damaged prior to painting. This will guarantee that the exterior paint job is successful.

  • Sandblast an exterior surface

Sandblasting an exterior surface would make sanding easier. Since the exterior walls of a house will likely have more rough patches than the interior walls, sandblasting is a more common service for cleaning and repainting exterior walls.

Concrete driveways can also be sandblasted to remove not only old paint but also oil spills. This is an effective way to reconfigure the driveway as it will allow the homeowner to repaint the driveway without worrying about the old paint stains that can ruin the look of the garage.

  • Powder coating

Powder coating is a dry paint material that does not need a solvent for the filler and binder to remain in a suspension form. This means that the coating is applied dry and is heat treated to allow it to flow and adhere to the surface for the coating to create a ‘skin’ that serves as the paint cover. Due to the way it is applied, it is more durable than conventional liquid paints, which makes it an ideal choice for various projects that require a longer-lasting paintjob.

Appliances and wrought iron gates are often the ones that are painted with powder coating by local house painters near me as these are the ones that are used on a regular basis. Since powder coating is tougher than conventional liquid paint, it is used by paint experts on objects that require paints that last longer and would not chip or peel through daily use and abuse.

Cabinet refinishing is another painting service that professionals offer. Though cabinets may seem simple enough to paint, it can be a delicate work, especially for cabinets that have a lot of intricate designs or are located on hard to reach areas.

Professional painters remove the cabinet doors to ensure that the cabinet itself will not get harmed or stained by the paint job. Sanding off the old paint is part of the service as well as applying a primer coat. This will ensure that the final coat of paint will adhere to the cabinet and will not peel off immediately.

Cabinet refinishing costs about $1,800 to $2,400. This already includes removing the old paint, making slight repairs on the cabinet and applying a new coat of paint or stain to protect the cabinet from moisture, dirt and infestation.

  • Bathroom painting

Bathrooms require different paint types as this area experiences temperature and humidity changes the most around the house. Semi-gloss or glossy paints need to be used in this type of room to protect the walls, ceilings and other parts of the bathroom from humidity and water damage.

Professional painters inspect the area to ensure that the bathroom walls and ceilings are in appropriate condition for painting. Dilapidated walls and ceilings cannot be instantly painted as the paint will only chip off and peel away after a couple of months or weeks. Sanding the surfaces to be painted should also be done to ensure that the walls and ceiling are smooth enough for painting. A coat of primer is often applied to make it easier for the painters to apply paint. This also helps secure the paint onto the painted surface since primers provide protection to the walls and the paint as well.

  • Faux painting and finishing

Faux painting and finishing is not an ordinary service since only highly experienced and knowledgeable painters can do the job beautifully. Faux paints often mimic the look of objects, often expensive ones, to create an elegant look to the painted surface.

Wood, marble and bricks are often the materials that are being emulated with faux painting. Since these materials are expensive, these are often mimicked by fax painting to give the look of authentic finish materials without having the need to spend a fortune on the project.

Maintenance is another reason for opting for faux painting and finishing since painted surfaces often do not need to be maintained. Cleaning the surface with soap and water is enough for most painted surfaces, particularly those surfaces that were painted with regular paints and do not require special solutions for cleaning.

This service is often more expensive than regular paint jobs since it requires professional painters to mimic the look of various materials that are used for finishing. This requires not only skill but artistic capacity as well, making the overall project cost higher.

Kitchen cabinet painting should be done with precision and speed to ensure that the job is finished within record time. Since most of the time kitchens are used most of the day, kitchen cabinet painting jobs need to be done quickly to allow the homeowners to use their kitchen as soon as possible.

Professional painters choose a different area to have the cabinet doors painted to prevent paint contamination inside the kitchen. The cabinet doors are removed and sanded to allow for painting. Primers are also applied since kitchen cabinets are exposed to humidity and liquids. This protects wooden cabinet doors from water damage that can shorten the lifespan of the cabinet itself.

  • Wall repair

Professional painters do not only paint walls but repair them as well. This is one of the services that house painters offer to allow homeowners to have parts of their home fixed and beautified without spending tons of money on the project. Instead of hiring different companies to do the job, homeowners can opt to hire professional house painters instead to do all the work – from repairing the walls to repainting them.

Of course, this service will cost a bit more than simple wall painting jobs. The cost of repairing a wall will depend on several factors. The size of the hole or damage, of course, is one of the factors that determine the project cost. The material of the wall is also another factor to consider.

The methods of repairing the wall will also add to the cost as this will determine how durable the repaired wall will be. The better the repair method and materials used, the longer-lasting the wall is. This will also equate to higher wall repair cost but it will be quite worth it.

  • Garage floor painting

Garage floor painting is more like flooring installation as this involves epoxy paint applied to the floor surface to add protection and aesthetic appeal to the garage floor. Applying the epoxy paint should be done in a quick and efficient manner to ensure that the layer of coating will not dry off before it is applied to the floor.

Proper drying time should also be allowed to ensure that the epoxy paint will not sustain damage when the objects in the garage are returned to their place after the paint has been applied. It will take roughly 24 hours before foot traffic is allowed to the painted floor. A minimum of 48 hours is allowed before moving of furniture is allowed while a drying time of 7 days should be observed to ensure that the floor painting will not peel off when subjected to vehicular wheels.

Drywall repair is another service that professional house painters offer. If the drywall sustains damage from impact, water damage and infestation, it can be repaired by professional painters near me to ensure that it will not cause further damage to the entire room. This service is necessary before painting the wall to guarantee that the walls will not have sections that will deteriorate on the inside while the outer surface looks fresh and in good condition.

Damaged drywall sections are replaced to remove the deteriorating parts. This will also allow the painters to inspect the surrounding area and make sure that there are no damages penetrating the adjacent parts of the repaired section.

Protection can be added to the drywall by applying chemicals that will repel insects and termites that can infest the drywall. This is done prior to paint application to ensure that not only the outside of the drywall is protected but the inside as well. The interior walls and the insulation can also be inspected and treated to ensure that the drywall will last for a long time without needed major repairs.

  • >Roof sealing and painting

Roof painting may include roof sealing. Service packages that include roof sealing are offered by professional house painters to enable homeowners to have their roof protected from water leakage while protection is applied to the roof itself.

Metal and wood roofs are the most common roofs that are painted as these require protection against rusting and rotting. Even though there are wood types that can repel water and pests, painting is still needed for added protection. Metal roofs that are made from galvanized metal panels should still be painted to make the roof last longer without the need for major repairs for a long time.

Sealing and caulking roofs may cost additional fees, especially if the number of holes and cracks on the roof are too many. Since more materials are needed to correct the problem, house painters might need to increase the project cost to afford the sealing materials needed for the job.

This is less expensive, though, compared to hiring 2 different companies to seal and to paint the roof. Since hiring a separate company for sealing will incur more fees for insurance, labor and materials, it would be better to hire a competent house painter and have them do the roof repairs prior to roof painting.

  • Power washing exterior surfaces

House painters are the best service providers to hire for power washing exterior services. Since they are knowledgeable about paints, they are able to suggest the best methods of washing painted surfaces to minimize damage while maximizing the effect of the power washing service.

Since not all exterior surfaces can be power washed, it is important to consult professionals and ask which parts of a home’s exterior can be power washed. This will prevent damages to the painted walls and other exterior surfaces. This will also ensure that the methods used are appropriate for the surfaces that need thorough cleaning.

There are different power washer settings that should be followed to avoid harming the surface that is being cleaned. Mild settings are those for exterior walls and sidings that are made from wood panels and soft materials. Concrete and PVC can be washed thoroughly since these are hard surfaces and PVC siding panels are not often painted as the color is already incorporated in the panels. Painted PVC sidings, though, should be washed with mild settings to avoid peeling the paint off the panels.

  • Door painting

Door painting might seem easy but it is not as simple. Doors are subjected to harsh weather conditions; hence, the paintjob should be done effectively to keep the paint from peeling off from the door, particularly the exterior part. Proper preparation of the door surface should be ensured to make the paint stick to the door and reduce chances of chipping and peeling, so get it done by professional door painters near me.w

Determining the best color for the door, that will complement the color of the interior and exterior of the house, is done more efficiently when hiring professional painters. Since paint experts have in-depth knowledge about paint pairing and mixing, they can provide a lot of advice to allow homeowners to select the best paint colors based on the budget, preferences and goals of the client.

  • Decorative painting

Decorative painting is not a type of service that homeowners usually get. Even though one of the main purposes of paint is to beautify surfaces and structures, simple paint jobs are the kind of service that homeowners hire expert painters for. This is perhaps due to the misconception that decorative painting is very expensive and not as durable as regular paint.

Even though decorative painting can be a bit pricey than regular house painting jobs, it does not cost a fortune. There are paint experts that offer packages that will allow clients to get better services without paying higher fees as long as the job is composed to a number of services that the homeowner will find advantageous.

Decorative painting is also durable and long-lasting. Aside from using paints that are highly pigmented, house painters apply protective coats that will prevent the paint to chip or peel off. Scratches are also prevented when proper coats and sealants are applied, which will preserve the beauty of the decorative painting.

  • Paint removal

Paint removal services are often included on paint jobs but since some homeowners decide to do the painting on their own, they hire painting professionals to do the paint removal. Stripping paint from walls, trimmings and clapboards is done with the help of industrial-grade paint remover to ensure quick and effective service.

House painters might require homeowners to move out while the project is under process, especially for whole-house projects, to prevent the residents and pets from inhaling the paint removers as well as the paint that is being stripped from the house.

Lead paint removal is an intensive project that requires the house to be contained to ensure that the paint dust will not contaminate the air. Even the plants in the landscape around the house are protected from possible contamination. This is a kind of project that should always be done by highly trained professionals to guarantee safety. It costs about $8 to $15 per square foot to have paint removed. It may seem a bit expensive but for delicate projects such as this, hiring professional help is the best course of action to guarantee the safety and health of all the residents in the house. This will also ensure that there are no leftover paint chips and dust around the house, which will prevent post-paint removal contamination.

  • Wallpaper installation and removal

Wallpaper installation and removal are services that painting professionals also offer. Cleaning the walls after removing wallpaper is not always easy. The glue that attached the wallpaper to the walls can be too hard to remove without proper tools and products. Hence, it would be better to hire professionals for this type of project.

Painting professionals might need to use different wallpaper removing tools to avoid damaging the surface beneath the wallpaper, especially if the wall is already old and the material is sensitive to water and other solutions. The wallpaper remover solution might have an adverse effect on the surface underneath, which will require repairs to correct.

Hence, proper care should be taken when removing and installing wallpaper. This seemingly simple task will need proper methods to guarantee that the walls will not get damaged and painting the surface will be easier. Installing a new layer of wallpaper will also be faster and easier if the surface is not damaged and is cleaned prior to installation.

Wallpaper installation costs $25 to $40 per hour. The cost does not include wallpaper removal. Other painting professionals might also charge per area or per wallpaper roll. It is ideal to determine the pricing method of the company first before choosing the right contractor to avoid hiring professional that charge fees that are too high for the service.

  • Paint testing

Paint testing is a service that is done prior to repainting houses. Since some types of paint do not go well with other types of paint, it is important to have paints tested to determine its accurate type. This is especially true for paints that do not need removal. Applying a fresh coat of paint on top of existing paint layer requires paint testing to make sure that the new paint coat will adhere to the painted surface.

Paint testing is also necessary when the new homeowner is not aware whether the paint in the house has lead or not. Lead paint should be removed or covered with liquid coating or a new layer of drywall and cladding to avoid contamination. Before this is done, though, paint testing should be done to avoid hiring professional painters for lead-paint containment when it is not necessary. Spending a couple of bucks for the paint test can save homeowners thousands of dollars by determining the type of paint they have in their house prior to starting a project.

  • Ceiling painting

Ceiling painting should only be done by professionals since working on high places is risky. Working on awkward angles also increase chances of accidents, making it necessary for trained professionals to handle projects such as ceiling painting.

Proper prepping of the ceiling is needed to make sure that the paint will stick to the surface without cracking, chipping or peeling off. Making sure that the paint does not have bubbles and bumps is important since ceilings are part of rooms that are first noticed by guests. Homeowners who are aiming to have flawless ceilings need to opt for professional painting services.

Ceiling painting costs about $2 per square foot. This price does not include other services such as ceiling repairs or ceiling preparations and old paint removal. The given cost is also for favorable conditions; hence, the cost will get higher for additional services rendered by the professional painters. This, however, is discussed by the contractor beforehand. Thus, the clients do not have to worry about getting surprised at the overall project cost when the bill is handed to the homeowner.

  • Mold remediation

Mold remediation is a type of service offered by painting professionals to remove mold and mildew from painted surfaces. The surface often needs to be repainted after the mold has been removed to keep the surface from looking old and torn. This will also add protection to the wall or ceiling since the fresh coat of paint will prevent moisture from entering the wall, which will prevent mold growth.

Crawlspaces might cost more to work on since they are harder to reach. It can cost anywhere from $500 to $4,000 to have mold remediation service done in a single house. The cost might seem pretty high but since mold can do a lot of damage to any type of structure, it is advisable to hire professional painters to ensure that the mold will not further damage the house. Preventing mold from coming back is another advantage of hiring professionals since the latter are aware of proper procedure to prevent future mold growth.

  • Popcorn ceiling removal

Popcorn ceiling was a hit back in the ‘60s and ‘70s but since it can be hard to maintain and the appearance is not as appealing today as it did back then, a lot of homeowners who have this type of ceiling texture opt for removal. Professional painters are the best contractors to deal with this project since they are well aware of how popcorn walls were installed and how this type of surface texture should be removed without harming the underlying surface.

The drywall underneath should not be harmed to avoid changing the existing drywall on the ceiling. The texture surface is scraped to remove the popcorn texture and the entire surface is smoothed and prepped for repainting. A fresh coat of primer is then applied before coating the ceiling with paint. This process does not take too long and the cost is only about $1 to $2 per square foot.

That cost only includes the removal of the popcorn texture; painting the ceiling would cost more. The actual additional cost will depend on several factors such as the type of paint to be used, the preparation for the painting as well as the other issues to be addressed prior to paint application.

  • Deck painting and staining

Deck painting and staining are scheduled services that are best done by professional house painters. Decks are subjected to extreme heat, strong wind, rain and snow, making it vulnerable to damages and rotting. One of the most effective defenses for damages is to paint or stain the deck to prevent water from penetrating the wooden panels, posts, stairs and balusters.

Regular painting or staining of the deck will prevent moisture, water and mold from penetrating the wood. This will keep the deck from deteriorating prematurely, which is a worthy investment since deck repairs cost a lot. Deck painting and staining costs only $1 to $2 for plain service. Repairs would cost additional fees as well as removing old stains and paint prior to painting.

Some deck painters will charge a flat rate for the service, particularly for decks with regular shapes. Most will charge a per square footage fee, especially those who are handling decks with irregular shapes and those with multi-level decks.

  • Fence painting and staining

Fence painting and staining are required to be done every few years to ensure that the fence will not rot due to water and moisture. Wooden fences need regular painting or staining to maintain its condition and appearance but since this type of service is not highly expensive, hiring professional house painters for this would not be too costly. Fence painting and staining cost around $2 to $4 per square foot. This already includes cleaning and sanding of the fence.

Repairs such as replacing fence boards and nailing loose planks will cost more as this is considered as additional service. Of course, the materials used in the repairs will be added to the overall cost of the project. This, however, is still cheaper than hiring a different company for the repairs. Since homeowners don’t need to need to pay for insurance and other charges to other contractors, the overall cost of the project is not too high.

  • Porch painting and staining

House painters are also called for porch painting and staining services. Since porches are subjected to extreme heat, rain and snow, it is important to maintain its layer of protection, which is paint or sealant, to prevent it from rotting prematurely.

Semi-gloss and glossy paints are used in most porches since higher gloss content provides more protection against moisture and dirt. Matte finishes are also used but these are not recommended, especially to porches that do not have screens or glass. Since matte paints absorb dirt pretty easily, it is not a good option for exterior parts of a house.

Porch painting and staining cost around $1 to $2.50 per square foot; it does not include other services yet. Repairing parts of the porch will cost more, as well as cleaning the entire porch and removing mold and mildew growth.

  • Shutter painting

Shutter painting does not cost a lot. It only costs about $40 per exterior shutter to be painted, particularly ones that have no issues. Since shutters are fairly small, they do not consume a lot of paint. But, because these shutters are intricate in design, it takes highly trained hands to properly and neatly paint each shutter.

Professionals make sure that the surrounding areas are not sprayed with paint to keep the exterior walls from looking messy. The type of paint to be used on shutters should also be appropriate to keep the paint from peeling off.

Vinyl shutter is harder to paint since the plastic material does not accommodate paint really well. This needs a professional painter to guarantee that the paint will adhere to the shutter and will last without cracking or chipping. Hence, even though shutter painting might seem like a simple job, it can be complicated just like other painting services.

  • Garage door painting

Garage doors need regular painting service to preserve its integrity and appearance. Professional house painters also offer garage door painting services to help homeowners make their garages last longer.

The type of paint used on the garage door will depend on the type of material the garage door is made from. The preferences of the homeowner are also considered since there are some types of garage doors that can be painted with various types of paints without majorly affecting the performance of the paint. Of course, the cost of paint, as well as the preparations needed for a certain paint type, will be added on the overall cost of garage door painting job.

  • Accent wall painting

Accent wall painting should only be done by professional house painters near me. Because accent walls are the focal point of a room or areas in the house, they should be painted properly and accurately. This is to prevent errors that can ruin the entire look of the wall.

Professional painters would not only determine the type of paint needed to give the effect that the client is after but will also determine the method of application needed for the paint effect to be enhanced. This seemingly simple procedure takes skills, experience and knowledge about paint and paint application, which makes hiring professional painter worth every cent.

The cost the wall painter near me will charge depends on several factors such as customizations on the accent wall paint and the size of the wall to be painted.

  • Bathtub refinishing

Bathtub refinishing is another service that professional house painters offer. Since bathtubs can be covered with glaze to make it look new again, it is a better approach for old tubs that are still fully functional. The bathtub is cleaned and prepped before a new coat of glaze is applied. This will make the tub smoother and shinier, which will prevent dirt from adhering to the surface. The smooth surface will also make it more comfortable for the homeowners to use the tub after it has been resurfaced, making bathtub refinishing a recommended project for older bathrooms.

Bathroom refinishing projects cost about $300 to $400 for a standard-sized bathtub. Bigger tubs will cost more and cracks on the tub will also incur more fees since a professional painter would need to repair the crack first by filling them before proceeding with the painting.

  • Appliance refinishing

Appliance refinishing is often done with powder paint. Since powder paint is more durable than conventional liquid paint, it is often used for appliances that are used on a daily basis. Painting experts use various methods to apply powder paint to appliances based on the type of appliance. This is to ensure that the paint will not chip or peel off while the appliance is being used.

Having appliances refinished might require the paint experts to make some repairs on the appliances, which will cost a little bit more. This is still cheaper, though, since homeowners would not need to bring their appliance to another expert to have the problems fixed prior to refinishing. It normally costs $300 or more. Additional costs will depend on the repairs and adjustments done on the appliance.

  • Brick painting and staining

Brick painting and staining might not be a very popular service but it is not as uncommon as often perceived. Homeowners who want to cover up or protect their brick walls hire brick painters to do the job. Since bricks are not really easy to paint or stain, considering their material is not as easy to work with as wood or metal, professionals are called for this type of job.

House painters ensure that the brick surface is clean and does not have oil or grease stains to keep the paint from slipping from the brick surface. Cleaning the surface of the brick is usually done prior to painting the brick to ensure that the paint will adhere to the surface. Painting professionals will ensure that the surface is dry to avoid mixing the applied paint with cleaning solutions or water, which can affect the long-term performance of the paint.

Brick staining costs about $1 per square foot. This includes the cost for materials, preparation of the area and cleanup after the project. Additional costs will be incurred for added services such as filling of cracks.

Epoxy coating on garage floors requires professional painters to accomplish as this is not only a complicated project but the smell of epoxy also requires trained professionals only to handle the work. Untrained DIYers might find the smell too strong for them to work on the project properly. The components of the epoxy floor paint can also harm the health of humans and animals, making it better for trained professionals only to handle the job.

Epoxy coating for garage floors costs about $3 to $12 per square foot. The type of epoxy floor paint, application method and prepping needed for the application determine the cost of the job. Additional service will also incur additional charges so homeowners might want to set a larger budget for this type of service, especially if there are issues with the garage floor or if the previous flooring materials need to be removed first before the epoxy floor paint is applied.

  • Furniture refinishing

Furniture refinishing is also offered by professional home painters. Homeowners can either bring their furniture to the headquarters of the painters or have the painters work on site. Depending on the size of the furniture as well as the condition of the furniture, the project can be done on site or be brought to a work area.

Having furniture refinished costs about $40 to $60 per hour. Some professional house painters charge fees on a per project basis. A basic dining strip costs about $200 to refinish. Of course, the overall project price will depend on the type of furniture to be refinished as well as its size. Repairing furniture pieces before applying a new coat of paint or stain is also usually included in the refinishing service. Larger damages to the furniture that requires repairs might incur additional fees, though.

Knowing the different types of services that professional house painters offer will allow homeowners to determine which jobs they can hire painters for. Since refinishing and repairs can also be done by professional painters, clients have the chance to hire a single contractor for the job.

Damaged decks, porches, furniture and walls can be repaired and mended prior to repainting and staining when professional house painters are selected for the job. This does not only make the project quicker but also makes the overall cost lower. Because homeowners only need to pay a single fee for multiple services, the overall cost is lowered.

Commercial and Residential House Painting Companies Near Me

Professional painters do not only provide services to residential homes but to commercial buildings as well. Residential units in commercial buildings can call for painting experts specializing in house painting projects. They are fairly knowledgeable about house paints and other projects regarding residential structures and furniture, making them the ideal type of company to select for this kind of services.

Both residential and commercial painting projects are offered by highly trained painting professionals. This makes it more convenient for homeowners and business owners to hire the expert painters as they can hire the same company for the residential and commercial needs.

Get Free Estimates and Quotes

Getting free estimates and quotes before hiring professional house painters will enable homeowners to determine which among the service providers is best. Getting quotes will also allow clients to choose the company that offers the best prices. Hence, before hiring a professional painter, make it a point to ask for free estimates and quotes.

Doing so will not only allow you to determine which among the contractors are offering the best prices but will also allow you to choose the one that uses the best methods and products for a reasonable cost. This will also enable you to keep yourself from hiring contractors that offer deals that are too good to be true. Since you can see the details of the project, as well as the estimated overall cost, you can determine which among the companies are offering reasonable prices and which ones are offering prices that would not enable them to afford giving high quality service. Be wary of too-good-to-be-true deals and make it certain that you ask for free quotes and estimates first before selecting your preferred professional house painter.