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If you are looking to sell your home, one of the things you can do to increase its curb appeal and thereby increase its resale value is to repair or replace the driveway at your home with the help of asphalt driveway contractors near you. While concrete will last longer than asphalt will, asphalt is still a very affordable option for your driveway,  and it costs about $5,000 to replace an asphalt driveway, although several factors may affect the cost you end up paying.

How long it will will last depends on how well you make sure to maintain it, as it will need resealing every 3-5 years. The positive thing is that it will last more than 20 years if you do this. If you do not make sure to maintain it and seal it as intended, the oils could oxidize and cracks may start appearing prematurely as a consequence.

If your driveway is getting kind of old, and you start seeing a lot of cracks in it, it will either be time to repair or replace it, and in that case you should contact the best local asphalt driveway repair contractors. However, you need to remember that resealing it will be a good investment that prolongs its life.

Cost to Get an Asphalt Driveway Installed

In order to get a competitive price on the project you are trying to get done, it’s important to get quotes from different contractors, no matter if it’s an installation or repair job you need. Using a service like ours will help you get those quotes the easy way from contractors that know they’re competing for your attention, and it’s even free to use. You will likely be spending somewhere between $4,000 to $5,000 on a new asphalt driveway, where its concrete alternative would cost you around $8,000.

Naturally, the size of your driveway will play a large role in determining the cost.

In order to determine the cost that you will pay, a contractor will determine how many square feet you need. Some contractors will charge you depending of the amount of ton you need, where the price can range from $100 to $150 per ton, as reported by different contractor websites.

As they will need to use a lot of machinery and tools for the job, some charge a minimum amount as they want to make sure they can cover their overhead on the machines. Don’t be afraid to ask the contractor how they calculated the price they come up with. A larger driveway will naturally use more material and cost more.

When the size of the area has been determined, the installer will see if the drainage system is working the way it is supposed to, to make sure that excess water is not left damaging the driveway. If it’s working, great, otherwise they will need to fix that prior to continuing. If there are any issues on the subgrade, this can also add to the final quotes price.

Repair Costs for Asphalt

Rather than replacing the entire driveway, one method you can use is to have it repaved or overlayed, which may be done when it’s about 15 years old. Basically what this means is that a new layer is added on top of the existing one to conceal the cracks and make it look as new again. Doing this, you may not need to fully replace it, and this is a cheaper option than a full replacement. As less material is used for this, the per square foot cost also reflects it and the cost will often come in at $1.75 to $2.25

If you do not seal your driveway, you can not expect it to last nearly as long, and it will need to be replaced a lot earlier too. There is a common problem that will require you to replace it immediately, and that is if a sinkhole starts to develop. When that’s the case, you should have a pro check it out pretty quickly.

When the ground beneath the driveway starts to break, this may in turn cause sinkholes. When it happens, you will need to have the asphalt cut out around the area when the hole is starting to appear to fix the ground underneath by laying a better layer of gravel to stabilize the ground. Afterwards, new asphalt is added back into the whole that was created.

This type of repair will generally cost you somewhere between $600 and $1,200, but the size of the problem affects the cost.

Factors that Affect the Cost of Asphalt Driveway

Overall square footage and thickness of the driveway are the main factors driving cost, but if other factors make the job hard, it will also end up being more expensive. Over the last decades, the building codes for the thickness required, has changed, and when you come across a really old driveway, there is a lot of digging that needs to be done to have the old one removed, and it could mean they need to dig out the entire base before they are able to get the new gravel in place, upon which they can lay the asphalt.

If your driveway has a weird slope or shape, this makes the job more difficult too.

Driveways that are sloped or those that have odd shapes and lengths can also add up to the cost.

Your project is a unique one, and every single one is different. The contractor will need to accurately address your situation to determine the scope of what needs to be done. A good contractor is one that takes the time to check out the area well before providing you with quotes. It’s always best when you feel that the contractor seems trustworthy.

Asphalt May Be Cheaper than Concrete

Improving the curb appeal of your home by getting a beautiful new asphalt driveway, is a big decision that can add a lot to your home.

The material you choose for your driveway also depends on the climate that you live in, and choosing the right material is crucial, and is a decision you should discuss with a pro. Some people choose gravel or brick pavers, but the most popular materials are still concrete and asphalt.

You should know that asphalt softens in warm weather, while concrete may crack when it freezes. In colder climates that often get frost, asphalt is a popular choice since it can expand and adapt to the changing temperatures. If you live in a warmer climate, you may consider choosing concrete, although it it costs more to repair. The positive thing about it is that it is able to last more than 40 years.

You should know that asphalt is better at concealing oil spots and other stains that could get on your driveway, so if you expect that staining could be an issue, that is also a consideration for you to keep in the back of your mind.

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The easiest way you can go about making sure that you get a beautiful driveway without problems is by hiring a good contractor. Make sure to use our free service to easily get quotes from and start talking to qualified asphalt installation contractors. All it takes is for you to fill out our form, and you will be well on your way to improving your curb appeal.

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