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Garage door springs are one of those things that need to be replaced every couple of years because of the amount of pressure it is constantly being exposed to. It will weaken from being extended time after time, and eventually that will lead to it breaking. As you can imagine, since it’s doing a major part of the job in opening the garage door, it will likely mean that the garage door no longer works after the spring breaks, which is why you will want to get it fixed as soon as possible. This article will talk about the garage door spring repair cost, and why it’s important to use a pro for the job.

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How Much will it Cost to Replace a Garage Door Spring?

Naturally it will cost some money to get a pro to come to your house and install a new garage door spring. Besides simply installing the new spring, the garage door contractor can also take a look at and do an inspection of your garage door’s overall condition to see how it is doing, and be able to identify other potential problems that could arise before they actually do. It is also safer to have a pro do this job for you too.

Generally it is better to get the spring replaced than repaired as a needed, as it will otherwise simply break again soon. A need for a garage door spring repair is usually a sign that it has simply lasted as long as it can.

Going out and hiring the pro to do this job for you will ensure that it is done in a timely manner, safely and correctly.

The cost to replace the spring will usually range from $100 to $200, but by using our form on the website to get quotes, you’ll get competitive quotes from contractors that know they’ll provide you with the best quotes to get your attention.

The importance is that the necessary safety precautions are taken during a job like this to avoid anyone getting hurt in the process. Since you are dealing with springs, that is a very real threat.

Different Types of Springs

There are a couple of different types of garage door springs that you need to be aware of, and which one is required will depend on your given situation.

Torsion Springs

They’re attached above the garage opening and use a different method compared to the extension spring. This type torques, whereas the extension spring stretches. The type of torsion spring that you will need for your garage door is determined by several factors that the contractor will take into account, including the weight of the door.

Extension springs

They provide counterbalance when the door needs to open in an extending manner, and are the more common types that have been installed in homes across the country. They also need to have safety cables attached to them, since you can imagine the dangerous effect it can have for one of these extended springs to break while a lot of power is applied to it, to prevent it from hitting someone. If you don’t put the necessary safety cables on the spring, you risk a serious accident.

The pros know which measures you need to take to get the job done safely and even if you would like to on the garage door spring repair cost, it’s better to use a contractor for it than trying yourself.

Things You Can Do To Lower the Risk of Costly Repairs

There are some signs that you should be aware of that could indicate an issue is about to arise, and knowing these could help save you money later on. These signs will also help your garage door contractor accurately determine what is needed for your specific situation.

      • Damaged springs

If you can already see that the springs have been damaged, you should act now to have the problem rectified.

      • No safety cable

As mentioned, it is one of the safety measures a pro will take to keep you safe and make sure you don’t get hit by one of these if suddenly it starts having problems. This is the case for extensions springs.

      • Not being able to or needing to use more force to open or close the door

You know how much force you have previously needed to work the spring, and if you are now needing to use more force, or something out of the ordinary seems to be happening, this could be an indication that the spring is having difficulties. The problem could be as simple as the spring not being properly aligned, which is easily fixed by a pro.

      • Weird noises

Weird noises could be due to a lack of lubricant, or it could mean that they’re in dire need of being changed. If lubricating them does not change or get rid of the noise, there is another issue that needs to be deal with.

What is the job of a Garage Door Spring?

After reading the different things that you need to look out for, we wanted to talk a bit about the job of the spring, so you can know what they’re for. It is good to know the importance of immediate action when something is wrong.

We have gathered some basic information for you to start to learn more about this integral part of your garage door.

They are, as mentioned, extremely important and help makes it easier for you to open or lower the garage door without you needing to personally lift the full weight of the door, since the spring does most of the job.

Although they are durable and can provide a lot of help for you, they also need to be changed at some point. They generally last up to 10,000 cycles but can weaken after many years of use, and will not longer assist you with the job.

The springs are not always the reason why your garage door may not open, but often they are. An inspection by a pro will help you identify what is causing it to not open or close as needed. When you hire a pro, the springs are generally where he will start his inspection.

Ways to Fix a Garage Door Spring

You may start off by adding lubricant to the spring to see if it solves any noise issues you may be experiencing.

We do encourage you to get quotes from pros, which is your best chance at getting quotes the lowest possible garage door spring replacement cost. By using our site to get quotes from competing contractors, you know they will want your business rather than having it go to the competitors. All you need to do is fill out the form at the top of this page with the issue your door seems to be having, and you will be contacted by up to 4 competing and screened pros.

Getting Free Estimates & Quotes For Spring Repair

Since the garage door plays such a crucial role for the functioning of your garage door, we understand why you might be interested in getting it repaired as quickly as possible, although you’d still like to get it done at a price that work for you. We encourage you to get free estimates, and all it takes is that you fill out the form at the top of this page to be put in touch with the most relevant contractors in your area.

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