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Your garage door is one of the most important entryways into your home. Thus, it is important that you ensure that the door is secured well and is in good working condition. So if you are currently having problems with your existing garage door, then the first thing to do is to have a professional to quote you for the cost of repair. This way, you will know how much money you need to prepare in order to get things done, and this should be done as soon as possible so the issue can be fixed, preferably as soon as possible.

The whole point of it is to be able to protect you and your home against intruders, but if for some reason it will currently not close, it no longer manages to serve its intended purpose. Therefore, if for any reason it does not work, have it fixed ASAP.

It is also important that you have it inspected and maintained according to the guidelines of the manufacturer if you want to avoid any future problems.

Although you may feel like you are capable of handling the occasional maintenance that it needs, when it has to be repaired, it is better to leave this job to the professionals that specialize in this exact thing.

As a homeowner, it is important that you familiarize yourself with the garage doors, including its different types, the materials they are made of, including some information about those professionals that you can hire.

When you call the professional garage door repair specialists, the first thing that they will do is determine whether the door can still be repaired or if it requires total replacement. Only then will they be able to provide you with a free estimate.

How Much Will the Repair of your Garage Door Cost?

Even though you can pretty much do the maintenance of your garage door on your own, it might probably be a good idea for you to schedule a routine inspection with a professional repair specialist. Any type of service call will require the need for inspection of the door and the opener. Adjustments can then be made on the spring tension, limits and force adjustments, chain and belt tension, as well as door lubrication. The cost for these services will vary from one place to another, although a repair for a garage door will normally cost between $150 and $325.

Here are some of the most common garage door repairs and their corresponding costs.

  • Door will not open or close – there could be various reasons why your garage door will only stick to one position and will not close or open. First is that the sensor might have been obstructed. If your system comes with a sensor that’s installed at the base of the track, any obstruction can surely make the door unable to operate properly. For this, you don’t need to call the professionals. Simply check if there is anything that is blocking the path of the sensors.
  • Opener – if you cannot find anything that is obstructing the sensors, the problem might be due to the garage door opener. If there’s just a small light on the opener, gently press the button and check if the light will illuminate. If not, then you might need to replace the small battery that is inside the opener. This repair is inexpensive and the problem can be solved easily.
  • Obstruction on the wheel track – you can try to manually close the door and see if there are any obstructions at the wheel tracks. If this is not the case, then carefully examine the tracks for any potential damage such as bends and dents.

Check your door carefully and see if it is unevenly hanging. If the track is damaged and the door is hanging unevenly, then you may need to call the professional for repairs and see if you can request for garage door repair free estimate. The repair will normally cost around $135 to $160. The cost for correcting an uneven hanging of the door can also vary greatly, although it usually costs around $125.

  • Uneven movement of the garage door – one of the reasons why the movement of your garage door is uneven is because of some issues on the spring mechanism. The roll-up doors are generally equipped with a center mounted torsion spring. It is therefore necessary that you call the professional door repair specialists to get the spring mechanism repaired and in order to avoid any serious injury.  Since the replacement of the cables or springs in a garage door will take at least two to three hours of labor, the cost should be around $300 and even more.
  • Track issues – if the tracks of your garage door are warped or bent in any way, then the door might move unevenly or it will not move at all. Depending on the extent of the damage, the tracks might need to be replaced or repaired. Generally, the cost of track repairs is around $135 to $180.
  • Loud noises – if your door is making irritable loud noises when you close or open it, then this can indicate a lack of lubricant or perhaps some dirt may have accumulated on the tracks. Simply clean the tracks properly and once it is cleaned, coat it with a lubricant that is designed especially for garage doors. If after you have done this and your door will still create some noise, then it’s time that you call the professional for repairs.

Other Garage Door Problems and Their Costs

Below are some other issues that could arise on your garage door, depending on the type of door that you have.

  • Broken glass– glass is generally inexpensive, thus, the major cost of repairing a broken glass on your garage door will go towards the labor cost. The cost of labor will depend on how much the contractor will charge you, although the cost will normally range between $25 and $75. You might also be able to repair some dents and dings. However, if the dents are huge enough for a professional to be able to do the job, then you can expect to pay about an hour worth of labor for around $75.
  • Replacement of circuit board – you can expect to pay around $100 for this, including the cost of reprogramming the remotes. Damaged and broken rollers can also be repaired for only $10 to $15 each. The hinges can also be replaced for just over $10.

Repair Cost Varies by Material

The cost of repair for garage doors will also depend on the type of material that is used. To cut down on the cost of repair, you must make sure to work with the proper garage door material. It should be something that complements well with your climate. Or else, you could find yourself paying for repairs after every few weeks or so.

Regardless of the material that your garage door is made of, you might have to do some maintenance tasks regularly just to keep it in good working condition and to minimize expensive repairs. Any of the garage door specialists can inspect some of the most common problem areas in your garage door in order to ensure that the door is working the way it should. In addition, it may be necessary that you check the integrity of the garage door itself because the garage is especially vulnerable to security issues.


This section is especially important when you determine that it it doesn’t just need repair, but in fact needs to be completely replaced.

There are four basic types as you can see below. The swing out door is also known as the sliding barn door, which is a great choice if you want the ceiling to be kept clear or if you want a distinctive look for your home. These are the different types that you can choose between.

  • Swing up door
  • Swing out
  • Roll up
  • Slide to the side

Whether you are installing a new garage door or replacing an existing one, it is important that you weigh the pros and cons of each type of door so you will be able to make the right decision in your choice of door.


We all know that garage doors are an important aspect of your home’s outside exterior. Aside from keeping your house protected, it will be a large part of your home’s curb appeal. Depending on the style of the door that you will choose, it can also serve as an expression of your own individual style and preferences. The good news is that there are several different styles that you can choose from and here are some of them.

  • Traditional raised panel garage door
  • Contemporary garage doors
  • Carriage house


When you replace your garage door, you’re not only giving it a new look, you will also be increasing the value of your home, since a replacement is one of the home improvement projects with the highest return on investment.

The material you choose for it will obviously depend on your personal preferences. For it to add as much value to your home as possible, it’s important that it complements the rest of the house. In the section below, we have gathered the most typical materials used for garage doors.

  • Wood and wood composite
  • Steel
  • Aluminum
  • Fiberglass
  • Vinyl

Types of Openers

When it comes to the type of opener, there are certain factors to consider but the most important of these is the type that you have. For starters, there are four different types of openers and they mainly differ on the mechanical side of things and how they manage to lower the door.

  • Chain drive openers
  • Screw driven openers
  • Belt driven openers
  • Torsion spring automatic openers

Commercial and Residential Projects

If you have a problem at home or in your commercial establishment, then you can rely on the commercial and residential garage door companies. They are capable of providing you with fast, efficient and convenient services that you can rely on. As you can see above, there is a long list of services that they are able to provide. Whenever you call them for assistance, they will be there to cater to your needs, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Regular maintenance, proper inspection, and routine checkups can help to ensure the security and safety of your commercial or residential property. If it is ill maintained, it could lead to accidents and may put your life and that of your family and employees under threat. This is the reason why you should consult with the garage door repair contractors for the maintenance and checkup.

The Bottom Line – Getting Free Garage Door Installation & Repair Estimates From Companies Near You

Since your garage door is considered as an important entryway to your home, it is very important that you keep it in good working condition for your own safety and your loved ones as well. Selecting the right style and proper materials for your garage door can help to minimize the cost of repairs that could arise along the way. In addition, investing in the regular maintenance of your door can be cost-effective for the future.

So if you feel that your garage door is in dire need of repair, then you should immediately call professional garage door repair companies who can provide you with a garage door repair free estimate. The benefits of hiring a professional repair job can definitely outweigh any costs since this can help to ensure the safety and security of your home property.

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