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Even if installing a window sounds easy in your opinion, it’s not and there are good reasons to choose to go with local window installers near you to ensure that it’s done correctly.

Although a lot of windows come pre-fabricated, it’s not quite as simple as just putting the window in the hole and securing it in its place. There’s more to it than that, and if you try yourself and end up breaking the window, you’re the one paying for the replacement. Professional window replacement contractors will start out by measuring up the area where the window is to be installed to make sure you’re not just getting the right window size but also to make sure that it’s positioned correctly and is well aligned, which ensures a good fit, energy-efficiency and a long-lasting and durable window installation.

This is one of the home improvement projects where you want the work to be done correctly, even if it costs a little extra. Good home window installation companies will also be able to help you with choosing both the right type of window as well as the right materials needed for the task.

There are a lot of different factors that play into the equation that you should be aware of. This article is intended to help you as much as possible so that you make the right decision when it comes to the job, although we recommend that you use the form at the top of the page that will match you with the most relevant contractors that can provide additional assistance on your project.

Factors to Consider in the Process of Choosing the Right Windows for Your Home

To choose the right windows, here are the different factors you will need to consider.


The windows are not the only thing in this whole project that will leave an impression, so will the trim that surrounds the windows, and you should be sure that you get windows that match with it.


The same way the insulation in your walls is important, so is the fact that your windows should also be energy-efficient. What that generally means is that windows are now filled with argon gas between two layers of glass. While this will cost you a little bit extra, it ensures your HVAC unit won’t be suffering as a consequence. While traditional double-pane windows are better than single-pane, the added argon gas makes them 30% more efficient.

Triple-pane windows are also becoming a thing, especially in climates with harsher weather.


This is the rate of heat loss through the window panes. The lower the value, the better it is at insulating. The more north you live, the lower this value should be.


Depending on the type of material you choose, you may either get more or less maintenance, and if you don’t want to do a lot of maintenance, there’s at least one type of material for you to avoid.

Possible Tint

Having tinted windows does not mean that you need to block out most of the sunlight, but with the improvements in the technology, it will provide greater UV protection, ensuring that your furniture in the home doesn’t fade in color. You can get tinted windows where you won’t even realize they’re tinted.

Opening Mechanisms

Some types of opening mechanisms are easier to operate than others. Some of them are also prettier than others, and when you’re choosing the right window, it’s just worth making sure that you are keeping an eye out for those seemingly smaller details. If you end up getting a window that is in fact difficult to open, you’ll also be annoyed with it every single time you need to open it up.

Material and its Cost

Different materials cost different amounts of money, and that’s important to keep track of, although it also helps in creating the ambiance that you wish to have in your home.


Windows come in different styles, one or some of them which may better fit with the purpose you’re trying to achieve and the look in your home.

Window Styles to Consider

Here are the different styles that you may want to look into.


This is the most traditional window style where one side is attached and the window opens outwards, traditionally at least. They’re clean and simple and very traditional which may be exactly what you need in your home.

Awning Windows

Being a type of window style, these are hinged at the top instead of on the side, which means they open slightly differently. They can be installed over other windows in order to increase air flow.


It’s a timeless and beautiful design where you can move the bottom part up and down, although it doesn’t swing out like casement windows.


Instead of just having one part that moves, these have two, which can move either up or down. They can be moved so that there are two open holes, increasing air flow.


The advantage with this is that you won’t have to stretch excessively to open them. They’re easy to operate and are popular in especially basement windows.

Bay or Bow

Not being flat like the other options, this is great if you want to make something in the middle to put things on.

Special Styles

You can obviously always get special windows created that better match your desires and hopes, although customization also comes with a cost.


Besides choosing the right style, you also need to make sure that you choose the right material, which is what we are going to help you with in this section.


Aluminum is a great type of material for windows and it’s so great that they’re even making aluminum siding and aluminum roofing too. There’s basically no maintenance required with this material which is something that so many homeowner find appealing.


Made to be twice as strong as vinyl, you can imagine why it’s popular. No matter the temperature outside and the weather elements that it’s up against, it will perform great.


Vinyl’s been popular for a very long time now because it requires very little maintenance and comes at a very favorable price.


This is durable and weather-resistant. It has a lot of different design options and colors and is great for the homeowner who does not wish to spend his time on maintaining the home.


Wood is the traditional material that windows were made out of and it continues to look classy and great, although it’s also the material that requires the most maintenance among the different options available.

Why You Need to Hire a Window Installer and Not do it Yourself

As previously mentioned, window installation takes a lot of expertise and even if you consider yourself a handyman, chances are it won’t be enough to do this kind of work. There are many reasons to at least get quotes from contractors, and then deciding whether you still want to continue with the work yourself.

Getting a pro to do it may even be cheaper, even if it sounds counter intuitive.

  • Proper installation is what ensures good performance.

By getting it installed properly, you not just ensuring the lifespan, you’re also ensuring that it performs as well as possible. Improper installation will cause a lot of different problems, and you may start to have problems with the windows relatively soon after they’re installed like this, which could for example mean that they will start having a hard time opening and closing properly. These problems may start appearing just weeks or months into their life.

Without proper installation, they also won’t have the insulating properties that you are looking for and you’ll start seeing how your HVAC suffers as a consequence from the hot or cold air simply flowing through the windows and leaving your home, which increases your energy bill. When you get the work done by local window installation companies instead, you’re sure that it is done right.

  • They know which brands and materials to get.

You’re only occasionally replacing a window, while they’re doing it every day, and they will know which brands you should be installing, and they may even be able to get them at a discount too since they buy so many. With their connections in the industry, they can take the hassle out of ordering these materials and they know exactly how the different materials work together to create harmony.

If you have a preference for a specific type that is not easy to get, they will know how to get it or the right alternative instead, making sure that you get the most durable and quality-minded options. When they see a poor quality window that was built incorrectly with flaws on the part of the manufacturer, they will know and have it sent back so you don’t have a faulty product installed in your home. When it gets done before you discover it’s faulty, it will cost you more to fix.

Hiring the right window installers has a lot of advantages.

  • They have all the needed tools.

Window installation requires specific tools that you likely do not have in your home, which the pros have readily available. Since they need them every single day, the tools will also be of better quality than the ones you would likely be able to get for the project.

If you need to go out and find or buy all the different tools that are needed to do it, you will soon find out that you’re paying a lot just for tools, and if they’re ones that you don’t see yourself using in the future, you’ll end up with tools you only ever use once. You may be able to rent them but chances are you won’t end up saving a lot relative to simply getting a pro to help.

When the installation ends up taking you more than one day to do simply because you’re not used to it, you’ll need to rent the tools several days and before you know it, you’ll have spent more than it would have cost to get it professionally done to start with.

  • Get it done in a timely manner.

As a person not used to doing this type of work, chances are it will take you considerably longer to have done, which is time that there will be no insulation in the hole you just created in the wall. Especially when you want to have a window custom built is there a possibility to save time since this custom-built option may take 3-4 weeks to manufacture. The advantage being that the pro knows where to go to get it done in a timely manner, even with something custom built.

Windows also serve a function in making it more difficult to break into a house, and if you have a big hole in the wall, someone can just walk right up and go in. This is not something you want to have happen.

  • A warranty on the product and installation

Getting a warranty that covers both the product and the installation is important so that you’re ensured if problems arise. However, some manufacturer’s warranties will only be valid when installed professionally. If you suddenly start experiencing problems with the window, this is when you call the installer and have them come and fix it for free, assuming the warranty is still valid.

You will need to ensure that it’s a reputable company you’re hiring, but if you ensure that it is, you will get a window installed that can last for a very long time, using good materials and the style that you want.

Getting Free Estimates & Quotes

We can both help you get free estimates or quotes for installation but also from window repair companies if the one you have installed is no longer under warranty and you wish to see if it can be repaired rather than having to replace it. Just head to the top of this page, fill out the form and you’ll be well on your way to a happier future.

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