Arizona Contractors Licenses

Basically, you need a license to bid on any job over $750 in Arizona.

Contractor License Lookup in Arizona

Where do you go when you want to lookup the license of a contractor in Arizona? To find out who is a licensed contractor, click or call (602) 542 1525.

Arizona issues separate licenses for commercial and residential work for each particular trade or construction field. Licenses are good for two years. To apply for either license, contact:

Arizona Registrar of Contractors
Phoenix Office
3838 North Central Avenue, Suite 400
Phoenix, Arizona 85012-1946
(602) 542-1525
FAX: (602) 542-1599

You’ll have to pass an exam before you can apply for a license in Arizona. To apply for the exam, contact:


You must pass a business management exam within six months from when you apply for it. After that you’ll have one year to apply for your license. Exam details are as follows:

Subject Percent of Exam
Business management 8
Licensing laws and rules 8
Estimating & bidding 12
Contracts & agreements 12
Project management 12
Insurance & bonding 8
Safety, record keeping & reporting 6
Labor laws & employment regulations 7
Financial management 11
Tax laws 6
Liens 5
Environmental laws & regulations 5

Then there’s a three-hour exam (except for the Electrical and Electrical and transmission lines exams which are four hours long) on a trade you pick.

Here’s a summary of the commercial construction trades you can be licensed in, years of experience you need, and whether you have to pass a trade exam for the license:

Trade Years experience required Trade Exam required?
Engineering contracting (commercial)
A General engineering 4 yes
A-03 Blasting 4 yes
A-04 Drilling 4 yes
A-05 Excavating, grading & oil surfacing 4 no
A-07 Piers & foundations 4 yes
A-09 Swimming pools 4 yes
A-11 Steel & aluminum erection 4 yes
A-12 Sewers, drains & pipe laying 4 yes
A-14 Asphalt paving 4 no
A-15 Seal coating 2 no
A-16 Waterworks 4 yes
A-17 Electrical & transmission lines 4 yes
A-19 *Swimming pools, including solar 4 yes
A-21 Landscaping & irrigation systems 4 yes
AE as restricted by Registrar
General commercial contracting
B-01 General commercial 4 yes
B-02 General small commercial 4 yes
BE as restricted by Registrar
Residential contracting
B General residential 4 yes
B-03 General remodeling and repair 4 yes
B-04 General residential engineering 4 yes
B-04R Corrosion control 1 no
B-04R Sport court accessories 1 no
B-04R Soil stabilization 1 no
B-05 General swimming pool contractor 4 yes
B-05R Swimming pool covers 1 no
B-05R Fiberglassing of swimming pools 1 no
B-05R Reservoir linings and covers 1 no
B-05R Factory fabricated pools & accessories 2 yes
 B-06 General swimming pool contractor, including solar* 4 yes
 B-10 Premanufactured spas and hot tubs 2 no
Specialty residential contracting
C-01 Acoustical systems 1 no
C-02 Excavating, grading and oil surfacing 3 no
C-03 Awnings & canopies 1 no
C-04 Boilers, including solar 4 yes
C-04R Boilers 4 yes
C-06 Swimming pool service & repair 1 no
C-07 Carpentry 4 yes
C-07R Doors, gates windows & accessories 1 no
C-07R Removable formwork & shoring 1 no
C-07R Nailing & stapling 1 no
C-08 Floor covering 2 yes
C-08R Wood flooring 1 no
C-08R Carpet 1 no
C-08R Composition flooring 1 no
C-08R Non-conventional floor covering 1 no
C-08R Ceramic and clay floor covering 1 no
C-09 Concrete 4 yes
C-09R Gunite & shotcrete 3 no
C-09R Lightweight concrete 1 no
C-09R Fence footings 1 no
C-09R Pre-cast concrete 1 no
C-09R Sawing, coring, epoxy panels & bonding 1 no
C-10 Drywall 2 no
C-11 Electrical 4 yes
C-12 Low voltage communication systems 1 yes
C-13 Asphalt paving 4 no
C-13R Asphalt coating & parking appurtenances 2 no
C-14 Fencing 3 no
C-14R Fencing other than masonry 1 no
C-15 Blasting 4 yes
C-16 Fire protection systems 4 yes
C-16R CO2, dry and wet chemical systems 1 no
C-17 Structural steel & aluminum 4 yes
C-17R Steel floor, sub floor & form systems 1 no
C-17R Welding 1 no
C-17R Ornamental metals 1 no
C-17R Tanks 1 no
C-17R Recreational equipment 1 no
C-17R Rebar and wire mesh 2 no
C-18 Elevators 4 no
C-21 Landscaping & irrigation systems 3 yes
C-21R Landscaping 2 no
C-21R Irrigation systems 2 yes
C-22 House moving 4 no
C-22R Wrecking 3 no
C-29 Machinery  ask registrar ask registrar
C-30 Finish carpentry 2 no
C-30R Kitchen and bathroom components 1 no
C-30R Doors, windows, gates, tub & shower enclosures 1 no
C-30R Cultured marble 1 no
C-30R Weatherstripping 1 no
C-31 Masonry 4 yes
C-31R Flagstone 1 no
C-31R Stone masonry 1 no
C-34 Painting & wall covering 2 yes
C-34R Surface preparation & waterproofing 1 no
C-34R Wallpaper 1 no
C-36 Plastering 3 no
C-36R Swimming pool plastering 2 no
C-36R Lathing 2 no
C-37 Plumbing, including solar 4 yes
C-37R Plumbing 4 yes
C-37R Built-in central vacuum systems 1 no
C-37R Kitchen & bathroom fixture refinishing 1 no
C-37R Swimming pool plumbing & equipment 1 no
C-37R Gas piping 2 yes
C-37R Sewers, drains & pipe laying 4 yes
C-37R Water conditioning equipment 2 yes
C-37R Solar plumbing, liquid systems Only 6 months yes
C-38 Signs 1 no
C-39 Air conditioning & refrigeration, including solar 4 yes
C-39R Air conditioning and refrigeration 4 yes
C-39R Gas refrigeration 2 no
C-39R Temperature control systems 1 no
C-39R Warm air heating, evaporative cooling & heating 2 yes
C-39R Evaporative cooling and ventilators 2 no
C-39R Pre-coolers 1 no
C-40 Insulation 2 no
C-40R Foam insulation 1 no
C-41 Sewage treatment and systems 3 yes
C-41R Precast waste treatment systems 2 yes
C-42 Roofing 4 yes
C-42R Foam & panel roofing 2 no
C-42R Liquid applied roofing 1 no
C-42R Roofing shingles & shakes 2 no
C-45 Sheet metal 2 no
C-45R Premanufactured fireplaces 1 no
C-48 Ceramic, plastic, & metal tile 3 yes
C-48R Swimming pool tile 2 no
C-53 Drilling 2 yes
C-61 Limited remodeling & repair 4 yes
C-62 Minor home improvement no
C-63 Appliances 2 no
C-65 Glazing 3 no
C-65R Skylights 1 no
C-65R Storm windows & doors 1 no
C-65R Mirrors 1 no
C-65R Window treatment 1 no
C-68 Mobile home remodeling & repair 4 yes

*3-1/2 years practical experience plus 1/2 year solar experience

Commercial and residential exam fees: All exam questions are multiple choice. The cost for the exam is $63 for the Business Management exam or one trade exam. If you apply for the business law and one trade exam, the cost is $120. The Business Management exam is two and one-half hours.

Visit the Prometric website for details on study references – they vary for each classification.

After you pass the exam, you can complete your license application. You’ll need a financial statement, proof of Workers’ Compensation Insurance if you have employees, and a bond. The amount of the bond depends on the type of license you’re getting and the gross amount of business you expect to do in Arizona. For commercial contractor licenses, bonds can be from $5,000 to $90,000 for each license. For residential contractor licenses, they’re from $1,000 to $15,000 each. Residential contractors also need to pay into the Arizona Recovery Fund. The amount of the payment may vary from year to year depending on how much the Fund has accumulated over the year.

License fees are:

$890 for each commercial construction general or engineering classification
$645 for each commercial specialty construction trade
$445 for each residential construction general or engineering classification
$320 for most residential specialty construction trades
$1,105 for each dual general classification
$815 for each specialty duel classification

*Note: All residential and dual licenses require participation in the recovery fund. You can either participate by paying $450 or post a consumer bond for $200,000.

Arizona has reciprocity agreements with California, Nevada, and Utah which will let you skip any trade exam you already have a license for. To qualify for this you must:

  • have been licensed in good standing for five years or more
  • have passed an equivalent trade exam (except for electrical and plumbing trade exams from Nevada)
  • send a license verification with your application
  • pass the Arizona business management exam

Your experience and licensing in another state may help you qualify for a license but you still must be issued a license by the Arizona Registrar of Contractors.

Recommended Reading for the Business Management Exam

NASCLA Contractors Guide to Business, Law, and Project Management, Arizona, Fifth Edition, 2008, National Association of State Contractor’s Licensing Agencies (, and Builders’ Publishing Company, 1001 East Jefferson Street, Suite 5, Phoenix, AA 85034,

State of Arizona OSHA, Safety and Health Standards for the Construction Industry 
(29 CFR Part 1926), 2007, Arizona Industrial Commission, Division of Occupational Safety & Health, Industrial Commission of Arizona, P.O. Box 19070, Phoenix, AZ 85005-9070,

Statutes, February 2007 Edition, Arizona Registrar of Contractors, 3838 North Central Avenue, Phoenix, AZ 85012,

Arizona Construction Management Guide, Builder’s Publishing Company, 1033 East Jefferson Street, Suite 500, Phoenix, AZ 85034,

Department of Transportation (DOT)

To bid on highway projects in Arizona, you need a commercial construction license and prequalification with the Arizona Department of Transportation. Their address is:

Arizona Department of Transportation
Highways Division
Contracts and Specifications Services
1651 West Jackson Street, Room 121-F
Phoenix, AZ 85007-3217
(602) 255-7221

The prequalification application will ask you:

  • what type of work you want to prequalify for
  • what experience you have
  • what equipment you own
  • what your financial condition is

You must file the application at least 15 days before the opening bid date for any project you’re bidding on. Prequalification is good for 15 months from the date of the financial statement you send with your application.

The Department of Transportation will look at your application and classify your company as:

Classification Basis Cost limit of job you can prequalify for
Inexperienced no experience as a prime highway contractor $300,000
New new business with experience in highway construction with other prime contracting businesses five times the net worth of your company
Unknown experience as a prime contractor but not in highway construction
as a prime contractor with DOT
the larger of five times the net worth of your company or the cost of the largest highway project you’ve completed as a prime contractor for any other public agency
Known experience as at least one
highway construction project as
a prime contractor for the DOT
ten times the net worth of your company or unlimited if ten times the net worth of your company is more than $30,000,000


Out-of-State Corporations

If your corporation isn’t chartered in Arizona, you’ll also need a letter from the Arizona Corporation Commission authorizing you to do business in Arizona. Their address is:

Arizona Corporation Commission
Corporations Division
1300 West Washington
Phoenix, AZ 85007
(602) 542-3026

Filing fee: The filing fee is $175.