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All About Asphalt Paving and Hiring Local Asphalt Paving Companies Near Me

A pavement made of asphalt is known for its resiliency and durability. It is because of these qualities that make the asphalt pavement an ideal option for all paved surfaces. A lot of states in the US, including the federal government, would highly prefer the asphalt pavement due to its ability to last longer. When laid out correctly, the pavement need not be replaced for up to 25 years. Moreover, the asphalt pavement is ideal for use in roadways, driveways, parking lots, airstrips and many more.

When you look around, you will find that asphalt is actually everywhere. It is also among the most commonly recycled materials in the US, after plastic and paper. In an average, nearly 80 percent of all asphalt pavements are actually being recycled once removed. Without a doubt, if you are in need of a long lasting paving for your home, and something that you can use over and over again, then you better consult with the local asphalt paving companies near me regarding the asphalt paving installation.

What Makes Up Asphalt Paving

The asphalt pavement is actually made out of sand, stone (aggregates), additives and liquid asphalt. The liquid asphalt, or the petroleum, is actually a sticky substance that is colored black, and is being used as the building material for asphalt pavements. The asphalt is viscous in nature and is also available in semi solid form. Another common term used to refer to asphalt is bitumen.

The pavement, as soon as it’s mixed, usually consists of up to 95% of sand or aggregate, and about 5% is asphalt or bitumen. The asphalt paving’s high viscosity allows it to bind the materials used for asphalt, and also allows it to retain its flexibility simultaneously. The cooler the asphalt, the less flexible the overall pavement will become.

Such flexibility found in asphalt paving is one of its best qualities, allowing the pavement to adapt the changing conditions brought about by the weather as well as the rapid changing of the surface that’s underneath it.

Another good characteristic of asphalt is its ability to be able to repel water. This is very important because as you know, water is the greatest enemy of the asphalt surface. This is also the reason why asphalt paving contractors near me thrive in this business.

How Asphalt is Created

The first step into producing the asphalt paving is known as the pre-dose. On this step, depending on the materials used for the asphalt mixture, the aggregate components of the asphalt paving will have to be weighed using the belt-weighing instrument. This instrument is used in order for the materials to be weighed simultaneously before they are brought to the next step of the process.

The second step will usually involve drying the aggregate components. For this process, a rotary drying drum will be used and the components are being dried at approximately 300 degrees. Right after the aggregate is dried, it is then reweight since drying could alter its weight. The dried or preheated components will then be sifted and stored in silos.

The next step is to transfer the aggregates into the mixer. The liquid asphalt or the binding element will be kept in two separate heat tanks so that they will remain liquid, which is suitable for mixing. As soon as the aggregate is in the mixer, the asphalt is then added into the mixer, in accordance to the measured rate of flow. Both the binder and aggregate are mixed well thoroughly in order to come up with the asphalt paving material.

Right after the hot asphalt mix is produced, it will then be stored to a heated silo. Most of the asphalt plants come with various chambers used to store different asphalt recipes. The asphalt is then stored and kept hot until it will be transported by dump trucks going to the job site. From the time that the asphalt will leave the plant until the paving process, a certain high temperature has to be maintained. Because once the asphalt mixture will become cool, it can no longer be compacted.

Asphalt Paving and Surface Preparation

It must be noted that before the asphalt paving will be applied, there should be a great amount of preparation that will take place. As a matter of fact, unless the asphalt is laid on top of an existing asphalt or overlay, the preparation of the ground below the pavement is often the most influential factor in the overall life of the paving surface.

Proper excavation, clearing, ground compaction, as well as base materials, will all require knowledge and expertise. The base materials can be possibly compacted with stone or any asphalt base, based on its own unique recipe. Nevertheless, without proper groundwork the life of the paved surface will be greatly minimized.

Before the asphalt paving can be applied into the surface, most especially if it will be in an existing asphalt surface, it must first be prepared. Preparation will involve spraying a thin coat of liquid asphalt binder also known as hot tack, with the use of an asphalt distributor. This will help the newly paved surface to come up with a greater bond in between it as well as the surface right below it.

As soon as the mixture will reach the construction site, it is then laid with the use of asphalt paver and will then be compacted with asphalt rollers. Aside from making sure that the asphalt is laid properly, the asphalt paving’s final quality relies heavily on the overall quality of the asphalt mix as well as its compaction. Proper methods of rolling should be used in order to ensure that it is compacted properly.

As soon as the asphalt mix has been compacted on the driveway, it must be left to solidify. At least 24 hours are required before the asphalt mix is solidified and only then it will be used. If there is not enough time allowed for the solidification, this can result to a poor quality asphalt paving. It is also important that the asphalt mix is compacted well with the use of proper weight rollers, which will depend on the driveway’s thickness.

As soon as the asphalt paving is done, it will be left to the elements of weather and time. Eventually, due to the presence of snow, rain, heat, cold as well as other outside elements, the asphalt pavement as well as the surface beneath it will slowly start to degrade and break down. This is why asphalt maintenance is necessary.

Asphalt paving maintenance will include pothole patching, crack sealing, as well as seal coating. Any of these can be used to help protect and extend the life of the asphalt pavement. Seal coating asphalt is not only a good way of maintaining it, but it can also be used early on in the lifecycle of the pavement in order to protect and extend its life.

With more and more people opting for asphalt for their pavement, asphalt seal coating and asphalt pavement maintenance is now becoming a big business. Thus, looking for professionals who can install and maintain your asphalt paving is not really that hard. And while there are so many asphalt pavers near me now, only a few of them are competent so you better do your research well.