Thomas Jepsen - MSc in Accounting, Stragegy & Control

Thomas Jepsen - MSc in Accounting, Stragegy & Control

Thomas Jepsen is a danish economist with a MSc in Accounting, Strategy and Control from Copenhagen Business School. He is the founder and CEO of Contractor Quotes, a growing platform that helps connect homeowners with contractors as well as providing them with all the home improvement related information relevant for their project.

Since 2011, Thomas has been involved in the home improvement industry through different functions including consulting them on their business strategy.

His main goal is to inspire better transparency in the home improvement space by making a range of different things more accessible to the homeowner to better ensure that they get the home that they want, while staying within budget.

He’s either the author or has helped review almost all information pages that go live on Contractor Quotes to ensure the highest degree of accuracy.

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