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While a lot of people use the words blacktop and asphalt as if they’re the same thing, it’s important to know that they actually aren’t, although very similar. Blacktop is less durable than asphalt is which is why they’re used slightly differently. Blacktop is a material used for paving while asphalt has more uses such as the actual construction of roads.

When you’re requesting quotes from contractors, it’s simply a good idea to make sure that you and the local blacktop companies near you are in fact talking about the same things. If a road has been damaged over time, it’s not uncommon that blacktopping companies remedy it so as to increase the road’s durability and making it last longer, although it is still installed on top of concrete.

How Blacktop Came About

Blacktop has been used for more than a 100 years in order to pave streets with. While concrete is popular for driveways and other purposes, it unfortunately also cracks over time, at which point it needs maintenance to keep it from getting worse. Laying a new layer of blacktop on top of it was an effective solution in providing the necessary maintenance. As a result, a new “blacktop” gave the streets a new life and a new color.

Over the years, the ingredients going into producing it has also changed and it’s no longer the same mixture that is used as what was used back when it was originally invented.

Blacktop’s not the only name that it has had, and others have included bituminous concrete, tarmac, asphalt concrete to mention some of them. It’s not just a way to fix the cracks in existing driveways and roads, it’s also a material that is easy to lay for the contractors that do this kind of work. Rather than being made on site, it is usually transported in trucks to the place where it is going to be used.

Depending on where it is intended to be used, different sizes of aggregate are used. The more smooth it needs to be, which will be for top surfaces, the smaller the aggregate that is being used for the purpose.

For the installation of this material, a blacktop paver is used. This rolls the material in place and ensures a really smooth and good installation.

When you’re in a situation wishing to work with blacktop contractors, we recommend that you use the form on this site. By filling it out, you’ll be matched with the most relevant contractors in your area.

Benefits of Blacktop for Driveway Paving

The most common materials that you may think of for a driveway is generally concrete and asphalt, however there are many reasons why you may wish to look into blacktop. Some of the benefits can be found underneath.

It Doesn’t Show Stains Very Easily

If it is installed in your driveway, oil leaks are not unthinkable. Relative to concrete, the blacktop will basically be able to hide oil stains. This ensures that it stays attractive for longer and won’t get the unappealing look of an old driveway.

Improved Skid Resistance

Skid resistance is important when your house is on a slope. Blacktop offers better resistance than concrete does, which is a big advantage when it rains. Concrete, on the other hand, gets slippery very fast.

Ease of Repair

Blacktop is not only easy to repair, it also doesn’t require you to repair it very often.

Less Cracking

While you’ll see concrete cracking with changing temperatures, this isn’t nearly as common with blacktop that is better at adapting to changing temperatures by shrinking and expanding accordingly.


Blacktop is very durable, especially when maintained well. If so, it can last up to 30 years with just a little bit of maintenance. Concrete will need more extensive repairs and earlier, which for example could include resurfacing.

Its Cost

Blacktop is a cost effective option that will give you a durable driveway without breaking the bank. Concrete’s more expensive in comparison, and it can be up to 40% cheaper than concrete.

Installing it is Quick

Installing concrete takes a long time for it to cure, meaning it’s a lot of time where you won’t be able to drive or park on it. Blacktop is not like it. With blacktop, it’ll only be a day or to for it to be ready. However, always make sure you follow the instructions of the contractor.

How Should You Go About Finding the Right Blacktop Driveway Services and Getting Free Estimates & Quotes?

There are different ways that you can go about finding the contractors to help you with your project, but doing so does not have to be difficult, unless you want it to be. You can either go on and contact each individual one and talk to them, or you can do it the easier way. This includes simply taking 2 minutes to fill out the form at the top of this page.

When you do that, we’ll match you with the 4 contractors we deem the most relevant in your area and these local blacktop contractors will then be able to reach out to you for more information.

When they fully understand your project, they’ll send quotes for you to compare. Make sure to ask to get the quotes itemized so they’re easier to compare.

Getting new blacktop laid on your driveway does not need to be an expensive solution if you choose to do it this way, and adding a new layer of blacktop will extend your driveway’s life significantly too by adding additional protection against the constant force that is being used against it.

Most contractors will even be willing to provide you with a guarantee for their work.

It’s free for you to get the quotes and comes with no obligation. In addition, it only takes 2 minutes to ask for the quotes, and you can just turn down the contractors if you aren’t convinced. What are you waiting for?

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