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Find Out More about Blacktop and the Cost of Hiring the Best Local Blacktop Contractors Near Me

Nowadays, the blacktop is generally used for all kinds of road surfacing and reconstruction. In most cases, blacktop is also used for resurfacing streets and highways.

The blacktop refers to that black bituminous material that is being used for paving streets and roadways, including parking lots and several other surfaces that will require having a hard permanent surface. Read on to find out more about blacktop.

The Popularity of Blacktop

The first ever blacktop installation happened in the year 1875 when the material was used for paving streets. The streets have been paved with blacktop that is installed at a street that’s just right across the courthouse of New Jersey, in the city of Newark. Since then, blacktop has been widely used all over the world, most especially in the United States.

There have been so many patents that were filed for the process of producing blacktop. This includes refining the crude oil petroleum to blacktop base oil and then mixing the oil with aggregate materials.

Blacktop plants were then invented around the year 1899 and were first installed on various cities all over the US. It was then believed that the first one was in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

Blacktop has been known by different names, such as tarmac, asphalt concrete, bituminous concrete or simply, asphalt. The blacktop of today is usually made out of a drum plant, where some aggregate materials and petroleum-based oils are being heated to an extremely high temperature, which is generally more than 250 degrees Fahrenheit. Such method is known as a place type plant.

The biggest advantage to hot laid type blacktop is that it is easy to install or work on. It can be installed in the form of a smooth road surface. Moreover, the mixture of the blacktop is being transported using dump trucks several miles away from the plant going to the work site.  The local blacktop contractors are trained to handle all kinds of blacktop installations.

The hot blacktop material is usually made out of various sizes of aggregate, ideal for different types of uses, usually the construction of a roadway. The base type blacktop consists of a larger aggregate and the top type makes use of a smaller type aggregate in smoothing the blacktop surface once completed.

These days, blacktop paving generally consists of all hot mix blacktop and this material is usually very easy to install with the use of modern equipment known as the blacktop paver. With this equipment, the blacktop is being rolled in place and as the blacktop will start to cool off, it will then be hardened like a concrete.

There are so many different types of blacktop today and it is being used for various purposes, depending on the blacktop that’s produced.

Benefits of Choosing Blacktop for Driveway Paving

If you are thinking of getting a new driveway installed, concrete and pavers are usually the first things that will come to your mind. But have you also considered the benefits of having a blacktop driveway installed? Below are some of the good reasons for using blacktop for your driveway.

  • Speed of installation – if you will go for concrete, it will take up to a week before the concrete will be fully cured and only then will you be able to drive on it. But with blacktop, you can drive on it almost immediately. As a general rule, it will only take one to two days for the blacktop driveway to be installed and this already includes the preparation of the site. Indeed, this material is significantly faster than having to lay concrete or pavers.
  • Cost effective – a driveway made of blacktop is truly a cost-effective option. If you want a long driveway installed for your home, then the blacktop is a less expensive option than concrete since they do not require a lot of labor to be installed. Furthermore, it will not take a lot of time to get cured so you will not have to pay more for the time that the blacktop installers will spend working on the site. In most cases, an asphalt driveway can be about 40% less expensive than a concrete driveway.
  • It is durable – blacktop driveways are known to be durable and can even last for up to 30 years. Although concrete can also last just as long and even longer, the concrete driveway will often require expensive repairs or it might need to be resurfaced long before the blacktop driveway will need resurfacing or repair.
  • Easy to repair – repairing concrete driveway is not only expensive, but it is time consuming as well. The blacktop is much easier to repair and will not require repairing as often as possible unlike concrete. Another benefit of blacktop is that it could expand and shrink without having to crack. This means that it is more flexible and erosion under the surface can be greatly prevented.
  • Skid resistance – if you have a really steep driveway, then the concrete driveway may not do well for you since it offers very little skid resistance. The blacktop driveway on the other hand, has a superior skid resistance and therefore you will not have to worry about skidding if it gets wet. It can retain its skid resistance even during rainy days, unlike the concrete, which usually gets slippery during rainy season.
  • Oil leaks – the color of the concrete driveway will make oil leaks seem visible, which means that your driveway could look unappealing if there are lots of oil leaks. Blacktop on the other hand, is an oil-based material and therefore, oil leaks will not be as visible. With a concrete driveway, it will only look good if you spend some time to scrub the oil leaks and cracks off. Thus, a driveway made of blacktop will look better even for so many years to come.

Where Can You Find Blacktop Driveway Services?

If you are interested in getting a blacktop driveway installed, then you will definitely be pleased to know that there are lots of these companies that you can hire. These companies will be more than happy to quote you for your blacktop driveway installation so you just have to contact them and request for a quotation. It would be best to request for quotation from at least three different local blacktop contractors near me.

Once you have the quotes, you should compare them and when you do a comparison, consider the cost versus the benefits. Of course, the aesthetics is an important factor and should greatly affect your decision. However, you need to remember that maintaining long term aesthetics might also require lots of maintenance and more costs will be involved. A blacktop driveway can look aesthetically pleasing and will require less maintain for the years to come.

Applying blacktop into your driveway at home is truly an economical and durable solution. As you know, your driveway is exposed to lots of traffic and the daily wear and tear could damage it. But with a blacktop driveway, you will not have to worry about your driveway cracking. As mentioned, the material is durable and is guaranteed to last long.

Find Out More about Blacktop and the Cost of Hiring the Best Local Blacktop Contractors Near Me

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