wet basement floor

SOS! Water Coming Up through the Basement Floor after Heavy Rain

SOS, indeed! Water coming up through the basement floor after heavy rain should be considered as an emergency because it is. A flooded basement is never a good thing. There are dangers of a wet basement that you’re probably aware of, but are worthy of being mentioned again just in case you’re not afraid of… Read More

New Roof Installation Estimates: Factors, Options, Calculator (And Get Free Quotes!)

New Roof Installation Estimates: Factors, Options, Calculator (And Get Free Quotes!)

There will come a time when the universe will conspire and do something to make us get a new roof. It may be because of roof leaks. Or because there is a severe mold infestation. Or the algae and moss have gotten out of hand. Or too many shingles on your roof have gone missing… Read More

How to Repair or Replace Blown Off Roof Shingles on a House

How to Repair or Replace Blown Off Roof Shingles on a House

Do you remember the story of the Three Little Pigs, where the wolf blew off their homes with all his huffing and puffing? The third pig learned his lesson from the mistakes of his brothers, and made his own home sturdy enough to withstand the wolf’s powerful breath. This made them all safe from being… Read More


Chimney Repair Cost: A Quick Guide (Cap, Crown, Flashing, Flue Tile, Damper, Lining & More)

You probably never imagined that you’ll concern yourself with chimney repairs, but here we are. While the chimney is often ignored by most homeowners, it’s actually one of the most essential parts of the home. Because let’s face it: the fireplace is that one cozy corner of the home we can’t live without, especially during… Read More

Free Roof Repair Estimates

Free Roof Repair Estimates

For most homeowners, a damaged roof is probably the most stressful to fix. This is because there’s a certain urgency to it. It’s an emergency. We know the important role that it plays. It provides us with shelter as it protects us from the harmful elements. In addition, we will feel its effects. Damages will… Read More

Roofing Plywood: Sizes, Material Options, Thickness, Calculations, OSB

Roofing Plywood: Sizes, Material Options, Thickness, Calculations, OSB

While it’s not the main material for the roof itself, roofing plywood is an important part in a roofing structure. It’s so important that you have to arm yourself with knowledge and know everything there is to know so you’ll know the best way to utilize it for your roof. Read on to know more… Read More

purple mold

Purple Mold on Walls: What is It, How to Get Rid of It, and the Dangers Involved

Did you know that in a study conducted a few years ago, the University of Arizona made a startling discovery about molds? That is, 100 percent of homes have mold present somewhere. Yes, all homes have molds. But, don’t panic just yet. You don’t have to call a mold removal service immediately. Mold within manageable… Read More

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Best Home Improvement Loans of 2019: Repair, Remodeling, Rates, and More

Looking to remodel or repair your home, but don’t have enough money for it yet? Home improvement loans will help you out with that! And to make it easier for you, fill out our form and you can request financing for as much as $3,000! Simple, isn’t it? So, why don’t you try it out… Read More

Water Leaking Between Gutters and the House's Fascia – What Do I Do?

Water Leaking Between Gutters and the House’s Fascia – What Do I Do?

When water starts leaking from the gutter, you know you’ve got your work cut out for you. Gutters, after all, protect your home against moisture, directing water away from your home’s windows, siding, foundation, and other areas of your home you’d prefer to keep dry. You can’t just sit idly by and allow a leaky… Read More

Red mold

Red Mold in the Bathroom or Shower: What is it and How to Get Rid of It?

Red is a loud color that demands your attention. So, when rust-colored patches start to take root on your bathroom walls or in your shower, it’s pretty hard to miss. Needless to say, what you’re seeing is probably red mold. And yes, those reddish patches look nasty. You have to get rid of that red… Read More