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Emergency Roof Leak Repair: A Comprehensive Guide

Emergency Roof Leak Repair: A Comprehensive Guide

A roof leak is no joke. If left untreated, a leaking roof can cause serious issues in your home over time. As soon as you spot signs of a roof leak, it’s imperative that you take action immediately. In other words, you need an emergency roof leak repair. This comprehensive guide gives you all the… Read More

Best Flat Roof Materials: Advantages & Disadvantages, Cost & More

Best Flat Roof Materials: Advantages & Disadvantages, Cost & More

Installing a flat roof over the more traditional sloped roof is likely to raise some eyebrows. But it’s the best decision you can make if it fits with your needs and circumstances. That said, there are many considerations to make before you can work out which roofing material is best for you. This comprehensive guide… Read More

permanent generator

What Size Generator Do I Need to Run My Whole House?

Generators can be a lifesaver – literally and figuratively. Some households rely on 24/7 electricity, such as those with members that require medical support. If you are afraid of the dark (and there’s no shame in that!), blackouts are probably your worst enemy and generators will help you survive these incidents without freaking out. Choosing… Read More

How Much Do Gutter & Downspout Cleaning Cost? Get Free Estimates!

How Much Do Gutter & Downspout Cleaning Cost? Get Free Estimates!

Gutters and downspouts – two of the most commonly neglected components of any house. Nobody would really like to admit it but once these two have been finally installed in the house, chances are most homeowners would only remember to check them out when they start causing all sorts of problems. Or, they would do… Read More

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DIY Gutter Installation: Should You Do it? How to Do it & More

A lot of home improvement and maintenance projects can be done by homeowners like you. With just the proper knowledge, tools, and courage (you’re working outside your comfort zone, after all), you can make a lot of additions or modifications to your home by yourself. No need to get the services of remodeling contractors for… Read More

water damaged ceiling

Water Spots on the Ceiling After it Rains

Our roof and ceiling can’t talk. But if there’s something wrong, they will let us know. This usually comes in the form of water spots on the ceiling after it rains. When you see them, you just know that something’s wrong and that something needs to be done. They’re very annoying to look at. They’re… Read More

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An In-Depth Guide to Creating a Successful Fix-And-Flip Team

When you’re fixing and flipping homes, you’ve got to put together a solid team to get the job done. But you’ve also got to source the right properties, get the funding, and prep your properties for sale to enjoy high-level success. You may know a bit about the process of flipping homes already. Don’t get… Read More

brand new roof being installed

Why is My Brand-New Roof Leaking? (And What to Do About it)

Leaks – one of the most annoying problems any homeowner can have when they just had their new flat roof installed, or any other type for that matter. This is also one problem that makes people want to scream in frustration and tug their hairs out when they get it fixed, only to discover a… Read More

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What Causes Black Streaks on Roof Shingles?

If you’re seeing black streaks running along your roof, chances are you’ve mistaken them for dirt or even mold. They’re actually algae, otherwise known as gloeoapsa magma, and they are as nasty as they are resilient. Algae arrive on the rooftop through the air in the form of spores or clumps of cells. Once they’ve… Read More

battery-powered smoke detector

Why Does My Hardwired or Battery-Operated Smoke Alarm Keep Going Off for No Apparent Reason?

Smoke alarms are a godsend. These seemingly unremarkable devices have saved the lives of so many people all over the country. That is, if they work well. Families sleeping peacefully at night, only to be awoken by the incessant noise of their smoke alarms have become an all too familiar story. On the other hand,… Read More