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Chain link fences have different names including hurricane fence, diamond mesh fence, cyclone fence, wire netting and more, but at the end of the day they’re all the same thing and installed by local chain link fence companies near you. With this type, galvanized steel is woven to form a net that will effectively keep pets and kids on your property. They do not provide much wind-resistance but can be a valid option when you’re simply looking for the practical purpose of a fence. The wires are woven vertically which creates the diamond shape among the different nooks.

This type of fence will be a good addition to your house if you have a dog you want to keep on your property, but you don’t want to spend a lot of money on making it happen. If you want a chain link fence installed, repaired, replaced, or cleaned, getting local chain link fence companies to help you out is the recommended way to go. For a pro, this type is pretty easy to install, and finding a competent company to do it should not be hard. However, to find one that can do it at the price you want to pay as well as with your  desired timeline and quality may be harder. The easiest way for you to proceed is by getting quotes from competing contractors through our website.

Type of chain link

There are some different factors you need to consider when you’re choosing just what you want to have installed. While it may simply seem like a woven net you’re putting up, there are still things that will affect the way it looks. They don’t all look the same, nor do they last equally long. The coating you decide to go for will play a role on its durability.

They’re generally around 6 feet tall, and will provide a good challenge for even the most avid climber.

The diameter

The diameter of the galvanized steel that is used for weaving will not only determine the weight but also have an effect on its durability. They come in 9-gauge through 11-gauge, with the lower number being the heavier, sturdier option. Another factor that determines the weight is how big the diamonds are. The diameter of the nesh is commonly two inches, but for commercial purposes, they can be slightly bigger. The bigger the diameter of the nesh, the less it will weigh, as less material is being used.

Although 6 feet is its most typical height, they range from 3 to 12 foot, while the standard height will be enough to keep a dog on your property.


The way the material has been treated as well as its thickness are the two main differentiating factors for chain link. The steel will be coated with a material, often zink, which will help prevent it from rusting, and thereby making it last longer. Residential chain links are generally more expensive because they come coated with polyester and PVC, which will make it softer and less likely to cause cuts to someone. The second layer will also make it even more rust-resistant.

The thickness of the coating will also vary, and you will generally find the usual colors being either green brown or black.

Chain link provides a lot more affordable option than if you were to get an iron or wood fence instead.

Some Factors to Consider When Choosing a Contractor

Before hiring an expert in chain link fence services, you will need to be sure that all their information and licenses are in order. Just because a contractor was once issued a license, doesn’t mean it is still valid. You will need to check to make sure it’s still the case. Licensing rules vary across states, and you will need to find out what the requirements are for your specific state.

Ask for a couple of references and give them a call to make sure this contractor was easy to work with and worked with them to have the best solution installed.

When you get on to actually receive the quote from the contractors, ask them to itemize it, so you will be able to see what the biggest expenses are. Ask them what sort of payment you can use and when they require it.

Make sure to make it clear what your expectations are in terms of your timeline. Are you hoping to have it installed within a month? If so, it is best to make sure this contractor can actually deliver on this promise. Contractors can be busy people, and you don’t want to sign a contract only to know that they plan on installing the chain link fence in 6 months when they’re less busy.

If you contract with a good, reputable company, they should also be willing to provide you with a warranty on the installation and fix anything without charge if it ends up being the case that it wasn’t installed properly.

Know that it is okay to ask these sorts of questions and that a good contractor should be confident answering them. If you have any concerns, raising them before you actually sign the contract is crucial. The contractor should specify the timeline, which type of chain link will be used and other conditions that you may have discussed.

When you have any home improvement project done at your house, it is very important that these things are put into writing. If you don’t have that done and there is a dispute, you are not in a position of power. Contractors know and expect that home owners will want a signed contract for their fence projects, as a way to protect their investment.

A contract obliges chain link fence companies to deliver the services to you at the agreed time. If they fail to do this, there may be penalties for the contractor, as specified in the contract.

The easiest way for you to get quotes from competing contractors is by using the form on our site. All you have to do is fill it out, and you’ll receive no-obligation quotes from up to 4 screened contractors.

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