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You will find that there are lots of contractors that offer different kinds of services, yet not all of them are actually licensed. But they cannot be tagged as illegal and cannot be sanctioned by authorities since not all states in the US will require for the plumbers to be licensed. However, so when it comes to your construction, remodeling or repair projects at home, it is much better that you hire someone who is licensed and has the necessary experience, skills, expertise, and most especially the certification to handle the services you have required for them to do.

Looking for a cheap contractor to hire is important in today’s tough economy. With the cost of commodities continuously increasing and given the rising costs of services, it just makes sense to look for a company that you can afford, but can provide you with the level of quality that you deserve.

Request at Least Three Bids

Ideally, you should be able to obtain at least three bids from different companies before you decide which of them to hire. Just make sure that you get them from a trusted source – one that will get you the best available quotes in your local area.  Using such a source will help you get in touch with the best companies so they can send you their best quotes. Compare the quotes well (they’ll be itemized) so you can choose the best one with your budget taken into consideration.

Keep in mind that they’ll be sending their best quotes. Ask questions to clarify the items in the quotes.

Avoid Companies Who Spend Money the Old Fashion Way

In this day and age of the Internet, it is rare to find companies who are still blowing away money through old school advertising such as TV ads, radio commercials, billboards, etc. Stay away from these companies because they can be expensive. Why? Since they spend a lot on their marketing schemes then there is a possibility that they will transfer some of the financial burden upon you.

Most people these days no longer rely on old school means to look for service providers, thus, any company who wastes money this way is just probably too desperate to get clients. So be careful with those who use these outdated methods, as they will tend to pass on their overhead costs to consumers in order to cover their losses.

Ensure You Are Getting a Warranty from Products and Services

When searching for cheap local contractors near you, you should also think of the warranty or the guarantee. Just because you are trying to save money does not mean that you just settle on services with no warranties since they are way cheaper than those companies who do. But the truth is that you will actually end spending more money in the long run if you choose them. If they will not cover their services, you will have to shoulder the financial burden of having to repair or fix their botched services.

A general contractor (GC) that knows what they are doing will not hesitate to stand behind their work and will even be willing to offer up to ten years of warranty on their work, which should be a standard procedure that all GCs must follow. So if you want to save money, go for those that offer warranty even if they do not have the cheapest quotation. It is also a good idea to choose those that also cover the products and materials under warranty so you will not have to spend more for getting these materials replaced in case they get damaged after a certain period of use.

Do Not Feel Pressured Into Signing a Contract

The contract is what binds you and your GC. This contains all the information regarding the services to be rendered, schedule of payment, scope of the project and all the important stuff concerning the project that you expect them to do for you. Before they start working, you must sign the contract first as an agreement to everything that’s written there.

Some cheap contractors tend to pressure customers into signing the contract right then and there, and will threaten to increase the quoted price if you will not sign the contract right away. This may just be their tactic into fooling you to sign an agreement, which might just put you in trouble after the work is completed. So before you sign the contract, take time to read it and if there is anything you are not sure about, ask the company about it.

Stay Away from Companies with Obnoxious Overhead Costs

It is a good idea to deal with companies who have office spaces and a valid physical address. That way, you will know that they really exist and that they are not fraudulent. But when you visit their office, you should also pay close attention of the surroundings.

There is really no need for a contractor to have fancy office spaces with expensive facilities. Sure, they are probably trying to make a good impression to their customers but they are also trying to show that they are an expensive company. And if you are looking for something cheap, they are not ideal for you.

Remember that the rent and other expenses relating to the fancy office space will be considered an overhead expense and they will tend to increase the cost of their services in order to cover for these expenses. So if this is the case, better look for someone else.

Be Wary of Those Who Have Lots of Brand New Trucks and Equipment

Be wary of those contractors who you can see regularly driving huge brand new trucks and equipment. The industry of construction is dirty and nasty, and is a tar-infested trade. Using brand new trucks and equipment does not really make much sense. Although this is not necessarily the rule, but the closer that you get to average looking and used trucks, the closer you are to finding the company who are really going to do the work.

GCs may have an impression to make, and thus, a nice vehicle is expected. But given today’s gas prices, any salesman who is driving a brand new car for doing estimates and demo could mean that the company is not very conscious of wasteful spending and this added expense would be passed on to customers. If you’re trying to save money by looking for a cheap contractor to hire, then they are not the best company to hire.

You can save money if you hire unlicensed contractors since their services are cheap. But it will be your risk to hire them. The best thing to do is to check the company’s background and gather feedback from previous clients. See how they are at work and ask around if they are capable of providing the necessary service to the best of your satisfaction.

If you want to hire a licensed contractor but you cannot afford their services, then try to negotiate the price. There are some companies who will gladly accept your offer if you just negotiate it well.

Getting Free Estimates and Quotes From Cheap, Local Contractors

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