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Concrete offers a wide variety of finishes to homeowners, making it a very popular choice nowadays. Many contractors have noticed an increase in demand in concrete flooring because of the advantages of concrete particularly in durability and aesthetics. Hence, if you have a flooring plan for your house, it would be great to consider concrete for your flooring.

Hiring contractors is also beneficial as this will allow you to have the type and quality of finishing that you like for your concrete floor. Additionally, hiring a professional will also make the entire project easier and more convenient for you.

Why Hire Concrete Finishing Companies

Hiring concrete finishing companies would be very beneficial to your construction needs as professionals will be able to give you the finish that you are aiming for, which you won’t likely achieve when you do the finishing yourself or when you hire inexperienced contractors that are not expert in finishing concrete. Here are more specific reasons why you should hire a professional:

  • You get high quality finish.

When you hire professionals, you can be sure that the quality of the finish is superb. There are no rough edges and no uneven and coarse surfaces when you hire professionals since they are quite experienced in ensuring that the finish is flawless.

  • Cracking is not to be expected until later on.

When you have your concrete finished by pros, cracking of the surface and edges of the concrete is prevented. Since the quality and durability of the concrete finish is high, you can be sure that you won’t see hairline cracks and holes in the concrete finish after it has been done.

Cracks and holes will only appear after years and years of high traffic and abuse to the concrete, which is only normal. Nonetheless, the appearance and durability of the concrete finish is assured during the completion of the project.

  • Quality and durability of concrete is guaranteed.

One of the best things about hiring pros is the guarantee of the concrete’s durability and quality. You won’t have to worry that the concrete will suddenly show signs of wear since the end result will last longer due to the techniques of professional concrete finishers.

Additionally, thanks to the in-depth knowledge of professional concrete finishers, the durability of the concrete finish is assured no matter the finishing style is applied to the concrete. The quality and durability are not affected even if the concrete had been styled according to your preference.

  • Various styles are available.

There are many finishing styles. Hence, you won’t have to worry about forcefully choosing a style that you don’t really like. You can even choose customized designs when you hire professionals.

Concrete Finishing Styles

Choosing a good concrete finishing will not only enable you to achieve the look that you want. It will also allow you to give protection to your flooring without spending a lot on the project. You can choose concrete floor finishes that truly protect the concrete, which is great for areas in your home that endures high foot traffic.

Listed below are some of the most popular concrete finishing styles that you can choose from. Be sure to keep these in mind when hiring concrete finishing companies so that you can easily choose a specific style that matches your house or building.

  • Stained or colored concrete finish

Stained or colored concrete finish is popular because it adds interest and character to concrete. It is highly achievable even for homeowners on a budget because they are fairly inexpensive yet they offer a great decorative aspect to concrete floors.

Colored concrete is often done while the concrete is still wet. The color is mixed with the cement, making it necessary for contractors to do the procedure to ensure that you achieve the result that you want.

Stained concrete can be done with old or new concrete, making them a very good choice for existing concrete. Stained concrete, however, is not entirely the same as colored concrete as the stain is semi-transparent or transparent, making the texture of concrete appear beneath the stain, which looks great if the stain is applied properly.

  • Stenciled borders

Stenciled border concrete finish is a laborious design but it is often chosen by homeowners due to its beauty and durability. Wet concrete is molded into patterns to create a design that is based from your request.

This is a great option for houses that want to add character to their concrete floor without using expensive natural stones or tiles. Though this may be a bit expensive compared to other concrete finishing options, it is considered to be a worthy investment because of its advantages. It makes the concrete more durable because of the deep lines or patterns that are often incorporated in this kind of concrete finish.

  • Polished concrete finish

Another concrete finish that concrete finishing companies offer is polished concrete finish. This finish style is achieved by buffering and sealing the concrete with polish to achieve a glossy finish. This is often chosen by homeowners who want to have elegant concrete flooring without spending a fortune.

  • Coatings

There are various coatings available for concrete floors. There are epoxy paints, floor paints and sealers that professionals can expertly apply on concrete floors to add beauty and protection to the floor.

Depending on your needs, your styling preference and your budget, you can choose a coating that professional contractors can apply for you. You can ask your chosen contractor to give you suggestions and samples of various concrete floor coatings so that you can choose the one that you like the most.

Make sure that you know the advantages and characteristics of each coating material so that you can select the one that will be most beneficial to you. Depending on the traffic on the area where the concrete floor coating will be applied, certain flooring options should be prioritized to ensure that it can withstand foot traffic. Also, there are coatings that are not too resilient to chemicals so make sure to ask concrete finishing companies which coatings are best for each type of area in your house so that you can be sure that it will last.

There are concrete finishing styles that can mimic the appearance of stone, tiles and marble, which is a great option if you want to have expensive looking concrete flooring without spending a fortune. Pros offer various styles to suit your preferences and needs so make sure to consult a contractor before you decide which option you should choose. This will enable you to select the best kind of concrete finishing style that you will surely love.

Hiring reputable professional concrete finishing companies also makes the concrete even more durable and attractive, making it a worthy investment. Do not just try to apply concrete finishing to your flooring especially on wet concrete as the results may greatly vary when the concrete dries. This may have irreversible results on your concrete, which could cost a fortune to correct or remove. Hence, you should keep in mind that hiring professionals is your best bet when planning a concrete finishing project.

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