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How much does concrete log siding installation cost?

While the concrete log siding is still a relatively new innovation, the material is fast becoming popular especially in the mountainous regions and in rustic areas where the industry of authentic looking and beautiful log homes is booming.

Those who will opt for the concrete log siding are those who want to achieve the beautiful look of a log cabin without the need to do a lot of maintenance or upkeep. But before you decide to invest in this siding material, you might want to know if this material is really what you are looking for. As you know, the concrete log siding installation cost does not come cheap so it would be essential to determine ahead if such material is really worth paying for. Read on to find out.

What is Concrete Log Siding?

The concrete log siding is actually known as a lower maintenance alternative to the traditional log siding. This material has the look and feel of authentic logs, but does not require a lot of maintenance.

A lot of the log sidings are made out of lightweight reinforced concrete materials known as the fiber cement siding. However, some manufacturers have actually used a product called GFRC or glass fiber reinforced concrete.

Not only does the concrete log siding has the beautiful look of real logs but it is also capable of delivering a lifetime of freedom from maintenance. The concrete siding logs are made from reinforced lightweight concrete that is made from the casts of real logs. From a visual aspect, these siding materials look like the real thing and even come with nail heads, carved initials and several other details that gives them a look that will make it impossible to discern from an authentic wood log siding.

Due to the popularity of concrete logs, siding manufacturers such as Everlog and Everlasting have decided to come up with a system that builders can use in creating authentic looking log homes without having to deal with any problems that one would encounter when using the natural wood logs.

Manufacturers were inspired by this idea and have decided to put it into production. These days, the lightweight concrete log homes can be seen popping all over the United States. The authenticity of the logs cannot be understated. They are applied directly to the home structure, similar to the brick siding and as soon as they are installed, they are then stained and chinking will be applied. Looking at it from afar, it would be so hard to discern it from that of the real wood.

If you want the most accurate cost of having EverLasting concrete logs installed on your home, all you need to do is use our site to get quotes.

What are the Benefits of Concrete Log Siding?

The concrete log siding comes with so many benefits as compared to the authentic log siding. This is the reason why this siding material is preferred by several homeowners these days. Below are some of the benefits that you can enjoy if you opt for the concrete log siding installation.

  • Less maintenance than the real wood siding – the concrete log siding requires less maintenance than the real log cabin. However, this material will still need to be sealed each year.
  • Fire resistant – on areas where wildfires are common occurrences, the concrete log siding is truly ideal due to it being non-combustible.
  • Rot resistant – unlike the real log siding, the concrete log siding will not rot. It is also not vulnerable to mold, fungus, water damage, as well as damages due to insects.

What are the Disadvantages of the Siding Material?

Just like with anything else, there are also disadvantages that come with choosing the concrete log as a siding material for your home.

  • Maintenance requirements – as mentioned, in order to maintain its good condition, the siding should be resealed after every one to three years. This will cost you somewhere between $2,000 and $4,000 for every resealing job.
  • Structural damage because of added weight – houses that were not designed to withstand the added pressure of having a concrete siding could develop structural problems such as cracks and bowed walls at the interior sheetrock because the concrete log siding weighs about a thousand pounds for every square. Once the house will settle, sometimes, the concrete siding could develop some cracks, which can lead to the absorption of moisture. Once the temperature drop to below freezing, moisture will develop and will soon expand, which can cause the siding to be detached from the outer wall.

How Does the Concrete Log Siding Compare to Steel Log Siding?

By contrast, the steel log siding is a lightweight material that does not require any yearly maintenance. The steel siding has the same benefits as that of the concrete log siding. However, the material does not need to be resealed annually.  What’s great is that the steel log siding is so light that the material will not cause the walls to bow or trigger the foundation to shift.

The steel log siding is also less expensive. While the cost of concrete log siding is around $600 to $800 for a 10 x 10 area, the steel log siding will only cost around $400 to $500 for the same area. To determine the most accurate cost, it is better to request for free quotation from various siding contractors, and this can be done without any commitment on your side.

In general, the concrete log siding is definitely a more practical alternative to the authentic wood siding, yet it remains less competitive when compared with the steel log siding. To find out more about the concrete log siding, you better get in touch with any of the siding contractors in your area.

Why Not Use the Real Thing?

Although the concrete log siding is truly attractive, a lot of people are still wondering why not go for the real log siding. The reason is because concrete comes with so many advantages over real wood.  First of all, the concrete timbers can help to conserve natural resources. If the trees need to be chopped down for construction, the logs will be better used when these are chopped into several boards, instead of utilizing the logs as one unit.

In addition, huge logs are not readily available everywhere. The gas that will transport them and the resulting greenhouse gas emissions can actually make the natural logs no greener when compared to concrete.

Finally, since it is much easier to insulate the concrete log efficiently, then your cooling and heating energy will surely be conserved. Maintenance and durability are two more reasons why you should go for concrete log siding instead of real wood. Woodpeckers, insects, weathering and fire can take a toll on wood, and therefore, concrete is more resistant.

Perhaps, the major reason why concrete log siding is a much better choice than the real siding is because it is more economical all around. The siding is also much cheaper to work on and build. Since the concrete log siding can be installed on top of any wooden frame structure, the material is easy to install. Nevertheless, it is important that you hire a professional siding installer to get the job done. Constructing an actual log home will require the use of an expensive crane as well as a skilled concrete log siding contractor.  The wiring and electrical work is also much easier when installed in a traditionally framed building instead of the real log.

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