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A concrete slab is normally used as a foundation when building a driveway, sidewalk, pool deck, house flooring, and the likes. It is used because of its strength and stability. Using this material requires physical strength, time, careful execution of work, accurate measurements, and many others. All these can be delivered by professional local concrete slab contractors near you.

Some homeowners may be interested to perform tasks involving concrete slabs DIY style. But this is not the recommended option based on what was mentioned above. A homeowner does not have the required experience, skills, and expertise unlike an expert specializing in concrete slab services. Hiring one gives a homeowner an assurance that any work involving concrete slab such as installation, repair, fixing, replacement, and cleaning will be delivered appropriately.

There is Cost Involved

However, before deciding to get the services of a professional concrete slab company, be aware that it will add to the overall cost of the project. You need to be aware of the rate that they charge so you can include it in your financial planning and be ready to add it to the expenses that you will incur.

Although it is an added expense, you also should realize that it will bring a lot of benefits versus when the work is done DIY style. With a specific amount, you will be able to enjoy the convenience of having an expert work on your concrete slab installation or repair. They will give their best and share the experiences they have had in working for other clients over the years.

Cost Details

A basic installation of concrete slab involving about 9 hours of work will cost between $590 and $720. This estimate is based on a normal work condition without additional debris or obstruction to clear out. The work, where the estimate cost was derived, involves pre-work activities such as laying out the slope and removing loose soil in the area where the concrete slab will be installed.

The work also involves setting forms and pouring the concrete properly. It also covers planning and acquisition of the required materials from the selected supplier. With the said cost, you can also expect the expert that you hired to conduct planning, prepare and protect the area prior to the start of the work, set it up and clean it up before and after the work. The cost estimate, however, does not cover tasks such as excavation and demolition.

Below are the other cost details related to concrete slab services.

  1. A concrete slab which measures 4 inches + thick slab would cost around $210 to $245. The concrete slab in this estimate is a fibermesh 3500 PSI cement which is broom-finished. The cost of the product here also includes the delivery of the item to the work site. The cost estimation here is also for concrete slab materials that are good for a 129-square foot area. The count already includes a buffer for possible material wastage.
  2. The work also includes some supplies and materials that are needed to execute services involving concrete slabs. The estimation was based on the supplies and materials needed for a 129-square foot area. It will cost as low as $80 to as high as $2140. This cost also includes applying additives to the concrete slab and cleaning them as needed.
  3. A homeowner also should take note of the cost to get equipment that will help an expert perform the work with high quality and proficiency. The equipment includes a bar cutter, perimeter boards, and 5 cubic feet mixing box which includes a mortar hoe. All these would cost for a daily rental of $85 to $135. The rental is good for 2.5 hours per day.
  4. Another cost consideration that you need to know is involving excavation works. A slab excavation activity using hand tools would cost between $155 and $190. This cost is for a 2.5-hr excavation work reaching up to 8 inches deep. This, however, is optional so it depends on your overall budget to add this type of service to the deal.

Concrete Slab Services – DIY vs Hiring Concrete Contractors

Errors should be prevented when dealing with concrete in general. Keep in mind that a concrete or cement stays permanent once it is formed and built. This is the reason why getting an expert is recommended so common mistakes can be prevented during the execution of the services including concrete slabs.

An expert specializing in services involving concrete slabs know the value of proper planning before executing any work especially in mixing the cement solution. Correct measurement is needed to get a durable concrete slab. Pouring of the concrete must also be done properly and safely. All these can be executed correctly through proper planning, which a specialist is trained to conduct carefully.

With proper planning, a specialist will be able to review the condition of the work area, the materials to be used, and other factors that may affect the smooth execution of the work. They will be able to assess any risks and challenges and address them even before they become an actual problem.

As mentioned in the section above, a professional concrete slab company will also be able to deliver various services other than installation. They can provide repair, replacement, dismantling and cleaning services depending on what the clients need. They also provide other services that involve other areas in the house.

They have many years of experience that will allow them to perform the said services professionally. Above all, a professional contractor will make sure to meet your budget requirements and complete the work within the deadline that you have set. All these are important to a client and the contractors being able to deliver just make hiring them truly worth it.

Overall, hiring an expert is more ideal than doing the work DIY because of the many benefits a homeowner will get from the former. Yes, you will be paying more but you will definitely get your money’s worth in the end.

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