Copper [Cu]

Copper is a type of metal that is sometimes used as a roofing material due to its many advantages. You can also read more about copper roofs.

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electrical resistivity = ( electrical resistance * cross-sectional area ) / longitudinal length
Electrical Resistivity (rho)
0.0000000168 ohm.m
Area (A)
acre (ac or A)
hectare (ha)
square centimeter (cm2)
square foot (f2)
square inch (in2)
square kilometer (km2)
square mile (mi2 or sq mi)
square millimeter (mm2)
square yard (y2)

Longitudinal Length (l)
astronomical unit (ua or au)
caliber (cal)
centimeter (cm)
chain (ch) (Gunther’s) (U.K.)
chain (ch) (Ramsden’s) (U.S.)
decimeter (dm)
Didot point
fathom (fth or fath)
foot (ft or ‘)
furlong (fur)
inch (in or “)
kilometer (km)
light year (ly)
line (li)
link (for Gunther’s chain)
link (for Ramden’s chain)
meter (m)
micron (µ)
mil (U.S.) or thou (U.K.)
mile (mi)
millimeter (mm)
nanometer (nm)
nautical mile (nmi or NM)
parsec (pc)
pica (pi) or em
point (pt) (British & American)
yard (yd)

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