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Best Local Crown Molding Carpenters Near Me

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Best Local Crown Molding Carpenters Near Me

This Step by Step Guide will Convince You that it’s Better to Hire Crown Molding Carpenters Near Me

A lot of homeowners looking to have crown molding installed are wondering if it’s something that they can do without the assistance of pros. They’re looking to save a little bit of money which is understandable considering the present state of the economy. Even homeowners who are doing well are considering going DIY for this project because who would say no to extra savings? Of course, you can save hundreds of dollars if you’re going to do the project on your own.

The question is – can you really save money going DIY? Also, is it a good idea to do so, or is it better to hire from trusted crown molding carpenters? This article will provide you with the general step by step guide on installing crown molding that will convince you that it’s a challenging project that should be done by professionals.

What is Crown Molding?

Basically, this type of molding is used to decorate the area where the ceilings meet the walls. This molding flares out gracefully (at least that’s the idea) to achieve a finished top edge. In addition to capping walls, it’s also used to cap cabinets and even pilasters.

This task is usually done by a finish carpenter and for good reason. As you can probably imagine, this requires precision and highly-specialized skills and tools. That alone should convince you to hire someone.

Why Hire a Professional

In addition to the need for highly-specialized skills and tools, you have to know that there’s a formula that needs to be followed to consider the right angle for the crown molding. Calculation is necessary, while taking the wall and crown angles into consideration. Also known as the spring angle, the crown angle can be bought in two formats – 38 degrees and 45 degrees.

In order to install crown molding properly, you need to cut at the perfect combination of two angles – bevel and miter. There’s a complicated formula that needs to be followed. It can be a pretty confusing and overwhelming formula and this alone should tell you that you shouldn’t go DIY for this task.

You just need to take a look at the walls. They’re often uneven which means that installing crown molding perfectly will be a huge challenge. Nailing in these areas will also prove to be difficult so don’t bother.

Step by Step Guide to Install Crown Molding

These are the steps that the a pro will do. Check them out for you to appreciate how challenging the task is:

  1. Make a sketch of the room and measure the walls. Check for the walls’ length.
  2. Buy crown molding pieces while taking the walls’ length into consideration. Each piece should be long enough to cover each wall. This will prevent the need to scarf pieces together which can be ugly to the eyes.
  3. Apply masking tape along the ceiling and the walls. While doing so, make sure to locate the ceiling joists and the studs.
  4. Start with the longest wall. Work your way around the walls in a single direction.
  5. Put together a marking gauge by measuring the run and drop of the crown molding and nailing 2 blocks together.
  6. Cut square the first crown molding. The best pros utilize a two-step process for measuring.
  7. Miter the crown. Make sure that your miter saw has the right extensions.
  8. Cope the molding.
  9. Ensure a snug fit by shaving in pieces using the miter saw.
  10. There will be small cracks. Make them disappear.
  11. Do the necessary finishing tasks before removing the masking tape.

If you go down the DIY route, this project can take you the whole weekend. You’re better off spending quality time with your family over the weekend so just hire carpenters to do the job for you. They’ll do it more effectively and efficiently.

How Much will it Cost?

It depends on several factors, of course. For starters, do you want to install a full set of moldings? In addition, how big is the area? Just to give you an idea, installing a full set of moldings in a master bedroom with a size of 12 by 15 feet will cost you around $3,200. If you’re just interested in having crown molding installed, it will cost you around $650. That is if you’re going to hire a professional. If you’re going to do it yourself, you can save around $490.

The question is – is it worth it? The steps above are just general steps but you can already see how challenging the task is. Can you really set aside a whole weekend to do the job, knowing that you’re better off spending the time with your family and/or resting? After all, you do have a day job.

Get in Touch with Professionals Today

At this point, you’ve probably realized that it might be better to hire someone rather than doing the job on your own. This is why you’re now ready to spend a lot of money to hire someone. Well actually, you can still save a lot of money even if you hire a finish carpenter to install crown molding for you. You just know where to look.

Fortunately for you, you’ve stumbled upon a tool that a lot of homeowners have used to hire an affordable contractor. You can also use it now. Fill up the form on our site with the basic details asked and send the form. What this will do is send a request to local crown molding carpenters near me for them to send you an itemized quote for their services. Since they know that you’ll be receiving up to 4 quotes from other professionals, they’ll be sure to send the best package that they can put together.

Best Local Crown Molding Carpenters Near Me

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