15 Proven Fun Activities to do with Your Kids for Every Budget

As parents, no matter if you’re mom or dad,one of your responsibilities is to bond with your kids. You have to maintain a connection with them, and you already know how hard it can be considering how technology seems to get in the way with kids addicted to the Internet and video games. Bonding with kids is a good way to strengthen the family ties.

This is not to say that you should throw money away on fun activities to do with your kids. If you’re on a tight budget or trying to save money, it’s a good idea to focus on fun activities that aren’t too expensive. Of course, there are also activities that may require you to spend some money, but they can be very worth it because of the fun that they’ll bring.

Try these Fun Activities

A lot of parents swear by these fun activities that they do with their kids. Have a lot of fun no matter what your budget is with these activities:

  • Play sports.

kids playing football

This is one of the best, if not the best way to bond with your kids. You have a lot of options. You can play basketball, soccer, volleyball and the likes. It can also be something as simple as playing catch with a baseball in your front yard, which is an American classic.

It’s a good idea to start early. In addition to bonding with your kids, you’re also planting seeds for their love of sports. Who knows? They can grow up to be athletes.

  • Play in the playground.

Playgrounds are not just for kids. They’re also for parents looking to bond with their kids. This is a good tip if you have younger kids. You can push them on the swings or guide them on the slides.

  • Play classic games you used to love as kids.

Kids nowadays are missing out on a lot if they don’t get to experience the games you played in your childhood. Make sure to play hide and seek with your kids! Yes, you don’t have to leave home just to have fun.

You can also play tag outdoors.

  • Ride bikes.

family riding their bikes

You probably gave a bike to your kid on his last birthday. Why not ride a bike with him? You can ride a bike with your kids and explore your neighborhood. This can help establish a habit. As your kids grow older, you can bike farther and longer. Soon enough, you’ll have weekend biking trips.

  • Play board games.

Encourage your kids to take a break from their smartphones and tablets and have fun the old-fashioned way by playing board games. Take out the dusty Monopoly game. Play Snakes and Ladders. Teach them to play chess.

  • Play card games.

There are a lot of fun card games for kids and the whole family. A snowed in Sunday doesn’t have to be boring. Take out the deck of cards and play Crazy Eights, Go Fish, 31 and more!

  • Bake pastries and cookies.

This is a fun activity that you can do with your kids. It can be a safe activity provided that you’re there to guide them. Best of all, you get to eat delicious pastries and cookies afterwards, which of course is another fun activity that you can do with your kids!

  • Go to the zoo.

family going to the zoo

Most kids love going to the zoo so it’s hard to go wrong with this activity. Depending on how big the zoo is, this can take the whole day so it’s a good idea for the weekend! It’s also very educational so this can be a productive activity.

  • Go to the museum.

While it’s true that some museums can be boring, it can be a fun activity if you’re going as a family! There should be a lot of kid-friendly museums near you. Interactive museums are always a hit with kids.

  • Go on a weekend hiking or camping trip.

It’s always a good idea to go on an adventure with your kids, and hiking and camping are adventurous and fun things to do. It can be for the whole weekend. You can take this chance to stay away from the chaotic city life and just be one with nature.

  • Go on a picnic.

Going on a picnic is a proven way to have fun with the whole family. Make a big deal out of it. Plan days in advance. Pack delicious food and bring board games and cards. Relax, eat and bond with the family!

  • Have a pillow fight.

This activity shows you that you don’t really need to spend a lot of money to bond with your kids. All it takes is for someone to throw the first pillow swing, and it’s on! You’ll be laughing and giggling the whole time.

  • Go gardening together.

This may be a chore for some people, but it can be a fun activity. Who knows? Your kids may have a green thumb that you didn’t know of.

  • Learn to play an instrument.

This is one of the fun things to do during school break. Have a productive school break by encouraging your kids to learn playing an instrument. You can teach them an instrument that you know how to play or better yet, you can learn together!

  • Visit family and friends.

You can also bond with other people while bonding with your kids. Your kids may be missing their cousins and other relatives so now’s a good time to go visit them! You can also visit friends, and traveling with your kids doesn’t even need to be a nightmare. Bring some food and lots of stories!

As you can see, there are a lot of different things you can do. Don’t be afraid to try a lot of them. With these many suggestions, you’ll surely find something that your kids will love.

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