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Gazebos are wonderful places outside that can be used for just about anything you could desire outside. They’re cozy places where you can sit and enjoy a drink all day with the ones you love the most. Getting the help of gazebo builders near you can make your outdoor dream come true, and turn your space into your own little paradise.

While we mostly associate the design of gazebos with something that looks like it was built in the Victorian-era, there in fact are more designs for you to consider. The one that you choose is obviously the one that will best complement your home and landscape and should have the design you love. In addition, you can work with landscaping companies too help facilitate the best surrounding environment you could dream of.

Your garden is where you can get lost with your dreams, and have big and small conversations with your loved ones. You can also talk to the gazebo companies and hear what their recommendations are.

Even if these things are very popular in public parks, they’re also making their ways into residential homes that have the backyard to feature one of them.


Although gazebos are commonly known for being made out of wood, it is in fact not the only type of material you’ll be able to have them built in.


When you think of a gazebo, you probably think of one made in wood. The one made from cedar is probably what you’re thinking of right now, which can add a visually pleasing element to your backyard. Even if cedar are the most common types, you can choose whatever type of wood that you would like.


Metal will give your gazebo a more sturdy feel. When you choose to get a metal structure erected in your backyard, you need to look into the different options. The cheapest of those is aluminum, which is also lightweight, but not the strongest material you can imagine. Other types of metal commonly used include wrought iron and steel, which both will be more durable than aluminum, but also harder to have installed, since you can imagine the difficulty in lifting and accurately installing even heavier objects.


Vinyl is one of those materials that did not previously tend to get used for gazebos, but has managed to gain some popularity lately. They can commonly be found in parks and other public spaces where they stand the test of time with very little maintenance required. You can get almost the same charm using this material as you can with wooden ones, but with a lower price tag and less maintenance too.


Although the gazebos come in different materials, they’re also available in different styles for you to consider.

  • Victorian-Octagon

This is the one you think of when you think of a gazebo. It is the most popular type out there, and if you ask an installer they’ll be very willing to help you set up one in this style, and they have probably done hundreds if not thousands of them for other homeowners too. Because it is a type they’ve made so many of before, they’re familiar with all the different steps, and it can then be set up pretty quickly too.

The installer will work with you on choosing the right measurements depending on how big you want it to be.

Make sure to contract with a pro who seems to understand your vision for the project and is working with you to do exactly that. You can add all the different customizations and features you might like, and have your contractor find out the right way to incorporate them.

  • Contemporary

Contemporary gazebos are different from the Victorian-styled ones with their minimalist look and feel. Contrary to the previous style mentioned, these will not have all the same little attentions to detail that it seems the Victorian style has. Everything is clean, and they’re usually made with neutral colors as to not stand out excessively. It’s not uncommon to see this type in the different materials we talked about in this article.

When you get this style, you will also need to find matching type of furniture, which means you can’t have a beautiful and modern gazebo and old-looking furniture. The simplicity of the gazebo should be complemented by the simplicity of the design of your chosen furniture, or things will be looking inconsistent. You will probably tend to go with a glass table, stainless furniture and other complementary items that will look good in your backyard.

You might think that given its simple design, it is a cheaper option, and while we wish it were so, if you choose steel for this style, you may end up paying more, simply due to the price of steel and how heavy it is to have installed. Before falling in love with a specific type of material and style, you need to make sure it is within what your budget allows.

Your best bet at not only getting what you want but also at the price you want is to talk to different installers and hear what they have to say in terms of cost. We have made that very easy to do, since all you’ll need to do is simply fill out the form on the page, and the contractors will be getting in touch with you and provide you with quotes that meet your wishes.

  • Lodge Style

Lodges are different from both the Victorian and Contemporary style with their rustic look.

Instead of using real wood, these can be made from fiberglass resin and be made to look like wood, without the maintenance aspect of it. The same way that aluminum is a lighter alternative to steel, the fiberglass is so to real wood, which also makes it easier to install. The overall cost of the project will likely be lower than if you were to choose genuine wood for it.

  • Water Gazebo

These can either be built on the water or next to it, using a little bridge to allow you to easily go there. If you choose the kind that is actually on the water, there will not just be a good amount of maintenance, but you will also pay a rather large sum to ensure it is properly fastened to the bottom of the water you’re installing it in.

The alternative is to make it right next to the water and allow small boats the possibility to sail right up to it so they can get out and stand in the middle of the gazebo. If you have a property on the water and you have the budget to have this done, it can truly be an impressing thing to install in your home.

Before you sign a contract with one of the local gazebo builders, you should ensure you have all the information you want and find out the style and material you choose to go with. Contractors that have made hundreds of these will be able to provide ideas given what it is you wish to make, thereby making sure you have a wonderful design in your backyard.

We have made the process of getting quotes a lot easier for you. All you need to do is simply go to the top of this page, fill out the form, and you’ll receive quotes from up to 4 screened contractors.

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