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5 Styles to Consider When Hiring Local Gazebo Builders Near Me

When gazebos are mentioned, a familiar octagonal structure comes to mind. Since these garden structures are often designed with Victorian-era theme, it may be hard to imagine a different type of gazebo.

But, there are also other pavilion styles that you can apply to your landscape. Aside from the traditional design, there are other styles that you can choose to either match or contrast the existing design of your backyard. Depending on the structure of your garden and the theme that you are going for, you can opt for types that will match the design of your landscape.

Since gardens are often a place of imagination due to their ambient surroundings, it is ideal to experiment with various types of garden pavilions. It will allow your imagination to rule the theme of your garden while trying to incorporate the elements of your gazebo with the existing décor of your landscape.

Gazebo Styles to Mull Over

Here are some of the most common styles of gazebos that you can choose from. All of these are quite functional and the materials used are not really that hard to acquire, making them ideal for just about any type of gardening project.

  • Classic Victorian-Octagon

Of course, the first on the list is the most popular one – the Classic Victorian-Octagon. Most garden pavilions constructed are inspired by this style since a lot of installers are already quite familiar with it. This makes the construction easier and faster. You won’t have to explain every detail of the project since most professional installers are already adept in constructing this kind of gazebo. You only need to provide certain details as to the size of the tent and the color combinations that you want if you want to have the classic one.

Nonetheless, additional features can also be added. Since contrasting styles are also getting popular as it adds character to a structure, you can also put in pieces that are not often used in a Victorian-themed pavilion as a focal point.

  • Contemporary Pavilion

Contemporary Pavilion is gaining popularity due to its minimalistic style. The simplicity of the design contrasts to the luscious greenery surrounding the gazebo sprouting in the middle of the garden. The lines are flat and clean and the color combinations are neutral. This type of gazebo is also often made from steel and vinyl instead of the traditional wood panels and posts.

Contemporary furniture is also often included in this type of pavilion. Stainless steel chairs, glass tables and simple lighting fixtures often make up a modern gazebo to add to the effect of simplicity and modernity.

Even though contemporary styles are simplistic, the construction cost is not always cheap. Since steel is often pricier than wood, constructing a Contemporary Pavilion style gazebo can sometimes cost more than the Victorian one. Hence, it is better to look at the prices first before making your decisions to avoid getting committed to a project that you can barely afford.

Professional builders will provide you with an estimate, which will help you determine if you can afford a project early on. Do not hesitate to ask for a computation so that you can determine which type of material best suits your budget.

  • Lodge Style

Lodge Style gazebos are quite appealing since they give a rustic feel. And since pavilions are located in the middle of a garden, a rustic structure is often an appropriate one.

Lodge Style pavilions are sometimes not made from genuine wood, though. Fiberglass resin is shaped to look like authentic wood to make the gazebo look natural without using actual wood. Since thick wood posts are heavy and are hard to obtain and install, artificial alternatives are getting popular. This alternative material also costs less, making it an ideal option if you are looking for a cheaper option without compromising the appearance of your pavilion.

  • Faux Timber Style

Faux Timber Style gazebo, as the name implies, is made from fake logs. Since logs are too heavy and are not that easy to acquire, especially if you are located in the middle of a city, fiberglass resin is used in its place. This makes the material easier to obtain, making the overall installation price cheaper compared to the real deal.

There are gazebo installers that will produce a faux timber one specifically for your project while others offer ready-made ones that can be assembled in your garden in no time. Depending on your preferences, whether you want a custom-made one or not, you can have your gazebo specially made or manufactured on a standard approach.

  • Water Gazebo

Water Gazebos are two-storey gazebos constructed beside a body of water. These are often built beside a lake or river to allow homeowners enjoy the water while relaxing inside the pavilion.

The first floor of the gazebo serves as a dock for small boats and for feeding ducks and fish in the water. The upper floor is used for relaxation and gatherings most of the time. It is also a good spot to watch the body of water or the surrounding greenery.

Even though this type of gazebo is probably the most expensive one to build, it is appealing to homeowners residing near bodies of water. Since this structure can serve multiple purposes, it is an ideal project that provides functionality and beauty.

Before hiring local gazebo builders near me, make it a point to learn more about different types of gazebos. This will allow you to choose the best design suited for your needs and preferences. Knowing more about different gazebo styles will also allow you to create a wonderful design that you can create on your own.

Form and functionality are the most important features of a gazebo. Hence, you should ensure that your pavilion has both. Ask for professional advice from experienced and knowledgeable gazebo builders so that you can get the best suggestions for your project. This will not only enable you to save money on your construction project but will also ensure that you will appreciate the appearance and purpose of your new gazebo.

5 Styles to Consider When Hiring Local Gazebo Builders Near Me

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