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5 Things to Expect When Hiring Local Hardwood Floor Refinishing Companies Near Me

When hiring local hardwood floor refinishing companies near me, you need to know what you need to expect from the workers. This will enable you to determine whether you are getting a satisfactory service or not. Since you know what they should be doing, you can see if the employees are truly doing a good job at refinishing your floor.

Though you have someone else doing the work for you, you should learn what you need to do as well. There are preparations that you need to do to enable the refinishing experts to do their job efficiently. This will also lower the overall cost of the project since there are no extra work to be done before the refinishing of your floor can be accomplished.

Things to Expect When Hiring Professionals

Listed below are some of the things that you can expect when hiring professional floor refinishers. Make it a point to check this list to help you evaluate the quality of work of your workers.

  • You can expect the work to last the entire day plus a week of curing.

You can expect the project to last the entire day even if you only need a single room to be refinished. Since the clearing of the rooms will take time, the project cannot often be done in a few hours. The flooring also needs to be sanded and cleaned prior to coating.  Hence, you need to schedule the refinishing of your flooring properly.

A day would be a good estimate for the refinishing itself since some coats will take 24 hours to dry. But, the curing time will take about a week. So, it would be better to expect that you can fully use your floor in a week’s time.

  • You will have refinishing options to select.

There are different types of refinishing coats that you can choose from. Depending on your budget, preferences and the type of hardwood flooring that you have, you can opt for selections that will suit you best.

Wax is one of the most common options in the market. It has no strong odor and penetrates the wood, which makes it ideal. But, it is not as durable as other types of coat.

Oil-based coats are another option that most professionals prefer due to its ease of application. It is also quite tough but it has a strong odor and takes a while to dry; around 8 hours. Acid-cured finish is very tough and dries as fast as 2 hours but it is highly expensive and you cannot use other options on the same floor once you use it.

  • You have to do some preparations on your own.

Preparing the room where the floor will be refinished should be done beforehand. Even though the workers will be the one to move the stuff in the room for clearing, you should still do some prepping.

Remove important art pieces and personal belongings in the room before the professionals arrive. This will prevent your things from getting damaged or lost. You should also prepare a place where the furniture and appliances should be temporarily placed during the refinishing and curing time. This will allow you to move around the house while the refinished floor is not yet ready to be use, if you chose to stay during the procedure.

  • You might have to move out temporarily while the job is being done.

Even though you can stay while a single or multiple rooms in your house are being refinished, you might want to move out for a while. Since the fumes from the refinishing coats are strong and can cause health problems, you might want to get children and pets out of the house while the refinishing procedure is underway.

Moving out temporarily will also allow the workers to work freely. This will make their job easier and will allow them to do all their work without getting interrupted by family members going in and out of rooms. This setup will benefit both parties so if you have a place to stay or if you can afford to stay in a hotel while your floor is being refinished, it would be better to move out temporarily until you can use your floors.

  • You can opt for a touch-up or an overhaul.

There are basically two types of floor refinishing – touch-up and overhaul. A touch-up is a process where only the problem areas are refinished. The areas where the coating is not yet affected with scratches or wear and tear are not re-coated to keep the work and cost minimal.

An overhaul is as the name implies. The entire flooring of a room or the whole house is refinished. This is more applicable for old floors that are already damaged. Since repairs are often needed, the entire floor is stripped of its coating and is sanded to reveal bare wood.

Repairs are done before the floor is cleaned and coating is applied. The cost is, of course, higher but the end result is quite satisfactory since the entire floor will look new again. The damages are also repaired and you won’t have to worry about hidden problems for a longer period of time.

Knowing what to expect during a floor refinishing job will allow you to make sound decisions. Since you are aware of what will happen, you can choose options that will provide you with more advantages. Of course, make sure that you ask your preferred contractor about the details of the work and the benefits of the selections presented to you. This will give you more info that will enable you to choose the best one for you and for your flooring.

Learn to cooperate with professionals since they know what they are doing. It will be harder for them to do their job properly if you won’t allow them to do their work. If your expectations are not met, ask about them and determine if it will affect the outcome of the project to avoid conflicts and to ensure a successful floor refinishing job.

5 Things to Expect When Hiring Local Hardwood Floor Refinishing Companies Near Me

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