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Important Things You Should Know When It Comes to Masonite Siding Replacement

If your old wood siding is showing some signs of cracking and swelling, and that it constantly needs some repainting, then you may want to consider switching to Masonite siding. The Masonite boards are made from a mixture of wax, wood fibers, as well as other resins. While they are being manufactured, the elements bind together by means of a process of pressure and heat and will fuse these components to become a smooth and durable hardwood that is very dense from all angles. It is just remarkable how much the product resembles the look of a traditional lumber when it comes to its looks, yet, it does not have the flaws of a real wooden siding because of its strength and durability.

Avoid the Hassles

The very reason why a lot of homeowners would choose the Masonite siding is simply because it resembles the look of the real wood but it does not have all the troubles that come with having the real wooden siding installed. Due to its durability and strength, you will not have to deal with swelling, cracks, blistering and shrinking.

The material can still retain its traditional classic look that’s similar to a real wood. However, it is much cheaper than lumber, which cuts down the siding replacement cost. In addition, since the material is somewhat synthetic, it leads to a lesser impact on the environment because it makes use of fewer trees on its initial production. And because of its artificial nature, there will be lesser risk of infestation of insects.

You Will Have Plenty of Choices

If you opt for the Masonite siding replacement, you will be glad to know that you will have plenty of choices. The Masonite boards come pre-manufactured and this means that they are available in different states – pre-primed, pre-stained and pre-painted.

Those who want to totally avoid painting can choose from a wide assortment of colors. Thus, once the siding contractors arrive, all they will do is to nail the pre-painted Masonite boards. The manufactured material is also known for providing a strong paint support, thus, if you have a certain color pallet in mind, then you can purchase it pre-primed so you can do the installation job yourself.

The Masonite boards are also available in a wide range of textures that would match with the look of a real wood. However, unlike the lumber, the paint on the Masonite boards will not chip or crack easily. But this is not to say that it will not ever have to be repainted. However, you may only need to hire a painter after every eight to ten years.

Keep an Eye Out

During the 1980s, the company behind Masonite boards has encountered some problems. The company was in fact taken into court for a class action lawsuit after several of their customers complained about the swelling and mold problems they have encountered with the siding. Between the years 1980 and 1998, the company has started producing low quality boards that were not compressed or installed properly. As a result, the boards have not retained any of the benefits that you were supposed to get with Masonite siding, and this has actually led to the recall of some Masonite products.

Thus, if your house has been built around the eighties, you might as well hire a contractor who can do an inspection on the exterior and check for any discoloration, rotting, blistering, buckling and deterioration on the Masonite siding, as this might be part of the recall. Corrosion can also be prevented by means of caulking and repainting, but these are not permanent fixes so you need to make sure that you address the problem immediately in order to avoid further damaging your house. If not addressed well, this can lead to cracking, leaking and warping.

A lot of siding companies out there can provide siding replacement services for your Masonite siding in case any of these problems would happen. However, if you are in the process of building a new house and you want the Masonite siding, then you must make sure that you purchase only from a local Masonite siding replacement contractor near me that also offers warranty on their products and services. Make sure that you only hire a siding contractor who has a specific knowledge on siding installation and will guarantee their work.

The Cost of Masonite Siding

For an area of 500 square feet, the approximate cost of Masonite siding installation is at $850 to $1,500. Top designer varieties could cost as much as $2,000 for the same area.

Take note that the biggest factor that could affect the pricing of the Masonite siding is the type. Different manufacturers usually have slightly varied processes in the construction of the siding and this also results to varying finishes and looks.

But generally, there are only three subtypes available when it comes to choosing a particular look of a siding. The shiplap edge panel siding has to be installed vertically and makes use of shiplap joints on long edges. The lap siding is considered the most common look and is usually made from horizontal boards that will overlap with the board that’s beneath it.

Finally, the square edge panels are being applied in sheets in a vertical manner. The differences are mainly about the desired look for your house.

Advantages of Masonite Siding

A lot of people will generally choose Masonite siding if they want their siding to have the look of the wood but would rather prefer a much cheaper alternative. As mentioned, Masonite is very much similar to real wood but it is way cheaper than cement board and vinyl and these are similar options. The Masonite siding makes use of fewer trees unlike the solid wood and can withstand all kinds of insect infestations. Lastly, this siding material is available in a wide variety of colors.

Disadvantages of Masonite Siding

Just like with other siding materials, the Masonite siding is not perfect. It also comes with its own flaws. First of all, the material has a somewhat tarnished reputation due to the period of poor manufacturing as discussed above. This is due to the company’s decision to take shortcuts in order to slash their production costs.

The Masonite siding of today is still prone to some problems, but they have now used a much better manufacturing method that can help to prolong the life of the siding to a more reasonable period. It does however need to be checked each year for any signs of discoloration and blistering.  If there are, then immediate repair is necessary.

Important Things to Know

Although the Masonite siding is a really great product, homeowners still need to take some precautions when choosing this siding material. You should consider hiring professionals for the installation since proper and careful work is necessary in order to prevent any costly repairs in the future.

It is also important that the installers will make use of corrosion resistant nails for the installation, along with high quality paint that is oil based during painting. It is absolutely important to maintain the paint job since the paint helps to protect the siding from wear and tear, as well as insect damage.